Making the Most of Vacation Time

Hola!  I am currently blogging from the future!  Ando and I are at our friend Woody’s cottage today, so I have set this up in advance to post today as I am without internet access.  I want to do a little recap of yesterday’s adventures!

It seems as though Ando and I have been bitten by the outdoor bug.

Hooray for Outside!

We are both on vacation this week and we definitely have a ton of stuff we want to get done around the house (such as vacuum, eek), but it was so absolutely beautiful yesterday that we were just not feeling chores in the least and all we wanted to do was get outside!

After a decent breakfast of a toasted bagel thin topped with goat cheese and Andmo’s grandma’s delicious strawberry preserves…

Goat Cheesy

…we headed to Darlington Provincial Park.  It is the closest provincial park to us (only 20 minutes away!) and though it isn’t the most secluded park (you can hear the highway a bit from the campground and even on the hiking trails), it is still pretty nice.


We did all three of the hiking trails, which totaled about 6k.  Not too shabby!


I have really been slacking in the workout department this week (and last too). I’m really finding it hard to stay motivated to exercise in the summer when there are so many different things going on.  Especially being on vacation this week.  No regular routine makes it hard to keep up with the working out, so I’m happy I can squeeze active things like hiking into every day fun stuff.

We even made it down to the beach!

J'adore le Beach

It’s pretty down there, but we just waded around a bit.  I wore my bathing suit just in case but I’m not really keen on swimming in Lake Ontario in that area…there’s a bit of a stigma attached to it.  Although I saw some peeps swimming and they seemed to be free of any extra limbs.

When we got back from our hiking adventure, all I wanted for dinner was salad, so I made myself a big one, jam-packed with goods.

Healthy Yumfest

But then I balanced it out by annihilating a peanut butter Snickers.

The Real Yumfest

I saw those while we were grocery shopping and couldn’t resist… I felt kinda gross after it though, which reminded me why I don’t ever buy chocolate bars (except Reese Peanut Butter Cups, but those are different ;)).

Annnnd I’m out!  Enjoy your Wednesday!


8 responses to “Making the Most of Vacation Time

  1. I wish it would cool off here a bit so I could do things outdoors. I guess I have to wait until October for that. One minute out in the TX heat and I want to dieee!!

    So wait, what’s wrong with swimming there?! I’m assuming it’s polluted or something like that? Sounds like lake Erie or most of the rivers in Ohio. I never dared to go in them!

  2. It looks like you guys are having a ton of fun.
    I saw an ad for those snickers and have wanted to try them. I’m not a huge snickers fan but I love peanut butter.

  3. I think the best workouts are the ones that are not intentional! I love going on a hike! Looks pretty too

  4. I am jealous of all your outdoor adventures! That trail looks so cool!
    I haven’t had a real chocolate bar in ages (I think you know I’m much more of a candy girl!) but that one looks ridiculously good. The Justin’s brand has their own peanut butter cups that I’m dying to try though.
    Have fun at the cottage!! 😀

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  6. Workouts come in many forms! Don’t worry about it and just enjoy the summer fun!! Soon it will be fall and work and scheduled workout times.
    Love that about Whitby; nature is so close by! Miss that about Mark not living there any more.
    Also love that Ando is wearing an OOYA shirt. Mark gets all my “too big” free swag. he could have a full wardrobe of t-shirts!
    Swimming in Lake Ontario has a bad rep but they have really cleaned up the lake. I used to go swimming twice a week in the Beach in Toronto when I was training for triathlon. You just need to check the city website. They test the water and rate it every day. And it passes pretty much everyday unless there is a really big rain. And they have a really tough rating system. In Europe it is much more slack, eeeewwwww.

    • You are right, I’m trying not to be too concerned about it.
      I really don’t have a prob with swimming around there, if it was earlier in the day I would have done it for sure. I grew up on Lake Scugog, which also has a bad rep, but it’s fine!
      I know Ontario has the cleanest lakes in the world 🙂

      I totally forgot about your triathlon, I wish I appreciated running and stuff more when you did it! You were awesome.

  7. Awe, thanks! I ran on a treadmill in Florida and it was great. I’m going to start running again when I get home!! So excited maybe we can run after work some day together.

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