Cottage Shenanigans

Hi errrybody!

This week has been a whirlwind for me!  I have been off work all week so I have been trying to squeeze in as many adventures as possible before it is back to the grind (tomorrow :().  I have been home for about half an hour since Tuesday, phew!

Busy days will make your vacation fly by, let me tell ya…

Most recently I had my friend Beth’s wedding which was a weekend event, but first I want to talk about cottage stuff!

Fun Cottage Times

Brace yourself!  I have a lot to pack into this post so it’s going to be a long one!

Ando and I packed up the car early Wednesday morning and headed up to our friends’ Woody and Mel’s cottage in Dorset, Ontario.

Their cottage is BEAUTIFUL.  And everything I think a cottage should be.


Cottage Deck, Which Overlooks the Lake

In the woods:

From the Dock to the Cottage

And on a huge and gorgeous lake:

Beautiful View from the Dock

It is so, so nice, and I love going there :).  And it was a full house!  Not only were Mel and Woody there, but our friends Mike and Bri who we went camping with last week are also on vacation and arrived just after us!  Mel’s good friend Kara was there as well, along with her boyfriend Simone who was visiting from Germany (who caught his very first fish while at the cottage, played Pictionary for the first time, went tubing for the first time and was introduced to s’mores.  He was a lot of fun :D).

Ando and I made a quick stop in Dorset on the way up, which is an extremely small town with a population of approximately 400.  They basically have a liquor store and a grocery store, and I love browsing around the grocery store there because it literally carries EVERYTHING.

Attack of Alejandrew

Including bears.


And Yummies in a Jar!  Really wishing I bought these…

We arrived at the cottage during a huge downpour, so there wasn’t much to do except for EAT LUNCH!

Roast Beef Sammy

Andrewski and I had roast beef sandwiches on whole wheat bread with sliced tomato with cheese.  I also supplemented this with a nectarine.

As soon as it cleared up, Woody offered to take Bri and I for a ride in his sweet boat.

We're on a BOAT!

It has a pretty crazy motor on it for the size of boat it is, and it was FAST.

Wind Blown

Like super fast.


I know you can’t see the speedometre very well, but it is at 60 mph.  Pretty darn fast.  The speedometre actually broke just after I snapped this pic.  I had my lifejacket in one hand in case I suddenly flew out.  I love Woody’s face in the mirror also, he’s all “Yeahhhh, this is fasssssst!”

The lake Woody’s cottage is on is so big and beautiful.  I loved our little boat excursion, and Woody was an awesome tour guide who regaled us with stories.

Random Lake Cottage

And I wish that cottage was mine.

When we got back we literally dove right into swimming.

Mel and I

The Dock

We hung out in the water and on the dock until it was dinnertime.

Party Glasses


Dinner was an EVENT.  I don’t even think I could describe how amazing it was.  Woody and Mel’s neighbours and their kids joined us, and they brought ribs, pulled pork, and a vegetable and feta salad.

RIbs, Pork, Salad

AND Woody made this ridiculous beef stew (which I am going to do a post on and put up the recipe for, because it was delicious).

Woody's Traditional Beef Stew

Stay tuned for that, because it was amazingly delicious, and I’m hoping Woody’s Traditional Beef Stew has the same success that Mel’s Cool Beans (and Rice) has had (they are married after all, it’s only fair ;)).

After dinner we enjoyed some drinks, hung out on the dock, and played a lot of this.


That would be Simone, our new little German friend, playing Pictionary for the very first time.  It was girls against boys (it always is), and Simone and his team won the first game!


Simone actually won the game drawing “Side Door” which he is pictured holding above.  We were going to feel sorry for him and take it easy on him because of the possible language barrier, but he held his own.  No sympathy for Simone.

Also, please note their shirts.  Mike brought a bunch of Kellogg’s shirts that he has acquired from cereal boxes, which the lads all wore, of course dubbing them Team Kellogg’s.

Team Kellogg's

Don’t feel too sorry for us girls though.  We won the next game (and the game the next night), making us the real winners.

Girls Team

Thank you to the lovely Andrew for ruining our girls’ team photo.

Cottage Day 2

I woke up early the next morning, made myself a quick breakfast of a toasted bagel and cream cheese (unpictured), and headed down to the dock for some yoga action with Mel, Simone, and Kara.

Dock Yoga

Mel led us through a relaxing yoga session on the lake, which was the perfect way to recoup after the night before.  I wish I could do yoga on the dock every morning.  It was pretty incredible.  And as we were yoga-ing, some ducks swam up to the dock.  We think they wanted to join and were regretful they forgot their mats.


After yoga, I dove in and swam with chased them.

Duck Chasing

They must have liked it though, because they spent most of the day with us.

We spent the entire day on Thursday swimming and leisuring in the water.

Raft Leisuring

Eventually we all swam over to Woody and Mel’s neighbours’ cottage, who greeted us with Caesars (awesome) and welcomed us all onto their party raft.

Island Party

That thing is awesome.  I told Andmo that we are buying a cottage, and then we are buying a raft.  I had so much fun diving off of it, climbing back up (extremely ungracefully), and diving off again.

Their neighbs also brought out some amazing eats that we transported to the raft.

Smoked Pork

This was some of the best smoked pork I have EVER tasted.  I was absolutely dying for it.  It was a perfect afternoon snack on the water, and I just want to say that Woody and Mel’s neighbours are now my favourite (the ribs and the salad the night before already had me on the fence).

In the late afternoon, Woody swam back and got his boat and then picked us each up for a ride on the tube.

Boat Boys


It was a lot of fun, and I definitely got thrown off 😉 (you saw how fast his boat went!)

We bombarded Simone with questions pretty much the whole time, asking him how he liked Ontario, what previous knowledge he had of Canada, what is Germany like, and what is his favourite thing about Ontario so far.

His answer to his favourite thing was that you do not have to go far to be close with nature.  Amen Simone.  Amen.  That is my favourite thing too 🙂

Eventually we swam back over to Woody’s and enjoyed some early evening appetizers before dinner.

Appy Spread

Several different types of crackers, cheese, and dips.  I was a happy girl and definitely parked myself by the table and went to town.  Dinner was a burger cooked on the charcoal grill and salad, which I didn’t snap a decent pic of.

The night activities were basically the same as the night before, including more Pictionary.  But we were all so tired from our perfect day on the lake that we went to bed pretty early.

In the morning Ando and I basically packed up and cruised outta there, since I had to be back for my friend Beth’s wedding rehearsal and dinner.  I hope to recap all the wedding events and post it up tomorrow morning.

I had seriously the BEST time, and am so grateful to Woody and Mel for having us.  I cannot think of a better way to spend a few days in the summer than at a cottage!  So, so much fun.  I loved every minute.

Annnd, I’m out! (finally, phew)

I hope you all had a great weekend!


11 responses to “Cottage Shenanigans

  1. Sounds like you had a really great time! What category are Woody & Mel’s neighbours your favourite in? Favourite Friends’ Cottage Neighbours? 😉

    I can’t wait to hear about the wedding!

  2. Oh wow that sounds like an awesome weekend! I would love to own a lake house or cottage some day. That would be amazing! Pictionary is seriously so much fun! I’m horrible at it though haha. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your week and the wedding!

  3. Linds! It was so great to have you and Andrew for a visit-so glad you could come and stay longer than you originally thought you would. We got back from the cottage today and it was so hard to leave! But the fact that it was raining all morning made it a tiny bit easier. Our canoe actually dislodged itself from up on the shore this morning and floated away (even though the water was calm) and luckily a neighbour found it and tied it up for us at their dock…lession learned-always tie up the canoe!

    Awesome pics! I loved reading the re-cap and relieving the good times! Thanks for posting about our wonderful slice of paradise! So glad you enjoyed it with us. I hope the rest of your weekend was great! xoxo

  4. I loved this long recap post. Makes up for me checking your blog for a few days hoping for an update 😦 LOL.
    That raft looks so AWESOME. I want one, immediately. I also want a cottage. Cottage life is fantastic.
    And omg, tubing. Seriously, it’s the most fun ever. I’ve been thrown off a few times and once, sucked under because my dad thought it’d be ok to use a big tube with a hole in the middle :/
    Ahhhh, that looks like the most fun up north vacation evaaa.
    Glad you’re back 😀

    • It was soo fun. Why did my Dad have to sell his cottage?! Although swimming wasn’t the best there and that is the most important thing in my opinion!
      I gave myself an enema once when I fell waterskiing 😦 yowza.

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  6. You make me want to cottage it up!
    Love the “I’m on a boat” quote again.
    Party raft, genius!
    Dock yoga sounds amazing. I’m starting yoga up again this week. Yay!

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