Back to Life, Back to Reality (and I LIKE IT!)

After being on vacation for nearly a week and a half, it was not easy to get up for work this morning… I had been dreading this day since last week…actually, since two Thursday’s ago when my holidays started.

But it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Being back at work catching up with everyone (and everything, holy emails Batman) gave me a sense of comfort.

Sometimes when I am not in my usual routine I feel a bit weird.  As great as it is to be off and doing my own thing, I actually enjoy structure.  I think I might need structure.  Otherwise I may just leisure all day. I am excited to get back into my schedule, my regular eating and workout habits, and my regular blogging habits!

Recap posts of my adventures are fun to write, but they take a lot longer and I struggle with not making them just a running commentary of what went down.  I really prefer to just write about every day activities.  Those posts are much shorter, and I like that I can really just concentrate on the little things, and make it more funny.  One of my favourite posts I have written was Hide Ya Lunch, and that was just a solo incident about a lunch thief that was loose in my building.

Lunch Bandit

Also, I did not work out last week at all.  No running, no BodyPump, no gym, nothing.  I swam for basically an entire day, if that counts.  I hiked a few times, did yoga on the dock, went kayaking for a few hours, and cut some seeeerious rug on the dance floor.


I squeezed in active activities where I could, but I didn’t actually exercise.  No BodyPump, no running, and no gym.  I’m not sure when last week I decided I was going to be all lazy-pants and take a week off, but as of today I am baaaaack.  I will be going for a run tonight, and I’m sure it’s going to suck, but I’m doing it!

I also ate pretty crappily.  I snuck in some healthy meals, but I snacked like nobody’s business.  Many foods that I typically do not eat on a regular basis made it into my belly, like chips, and packaged cookies.

But today I welcomed healthy eating back into my life with open arms, starting with breakfast.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

A toasted whole wheat English muffin topped with PB & Ando’s grandma’s strawberry jam, with an unpictured banana on the side.

Salad fo' Lunch

And for lunch I topped a big ol’ salad (including baby spinach, romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sliced red pepper and goat cheese) with a cut up fire roasted chicken burger (from M&M Meat Shops) that Andmo and I enjoyed last night for dinner.

Chicken Burg

We had leftovers so I packed one along with my lunch today.  It definitely kicked my salad up a notch!

All Shaken Up

Sure, I am already excited for the weekend, but being back to normal feels good.

How do you feel when you come back from vacation?


6 responses to “Back to Life, Back to Reality (and I LIKE IT!)

  1. Welcome back to reality! I know what you mean about having some structure, I’m a little like that myself.

    I have just sat down today and caught up on your blog. I haven’t read since Stephanie’s guest post, but that’s because I haven’t had the time to sit and give your blog the attention it deserves. I hate just skimming through I like to grab a cup of something, sit down and take my time reading. Those pics you did for Alyssa were hilarious (as always) and I loved that pic of He-Man Ando lifting the tree trunk 🙂 In my opinion, you have had the best vacation ever! Who needs 5 star room service when you have nature at your back door.

    The wedding photo of you when you had your hair and make-up done is absolutely stunning 🙂 I would love it if you could share how you did it. It wasn’t over the top, still light and perfect for the occasion.

    Good luck with your run tonight. I am sure you won’t have any trouble getting back into your routine. Have a good one 🙂

    • Aw Jane, you write the best comments. They always make me feel so nice. Thank you!
      I can’t stand wearing a lot of makeup, because I just feel like I’m wearing a lot of makeup 😉 I just tried to type out how I did it and it was kinda confusing… Maybe I will do a video tutorial! hehe.

  2. At least you did some pretty cool outdoor calorie-burning activities!
    But it must feel good to get back into a routine and have all the yummy, healthy eats! When I go back to school, I’ll be back into a routine that will make it 100x easier to make time for workouts, etc.
    That lunch memo cracks me up… I have done that before! lol

  3. Coming back from vacation is always hard, but I too love routine. I just got back from a three day weekend and even that was rough. Time to get back to work and stop it with the lazies.

  4. My life is in a constant state of abnormal with the new baby. It is hard. We are creatures of habit. Even Hudson who is only 7 weeks old is forming habits. It does feel nice to have routine.
    We were away on vacation and ate badly. This was coupled with general bad eating (my least favourite of the Generals, heehee) from having a new baby. We vowed that now that Hudson is a bit older, we can go back to eating healthy as we have a bit more time to prepare food.

  5. I wish I studied Greek instead of New Testament Greek, which I have no grandiose ideas
    of ever being a size 2.

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