Weekday Hike

Hello friends!

Pretty standard eating went down up in herrrre today.

Banana Burrrrrger

A banana burger for breakfast 😉 (with peanut butter and a sliced frozen banana sprinkled with cinnamon).

Salad Beast

Salad beast for lunch, followed by a sexy little Vitatop for dessert.

Chocolatey Yumminess

And if you like me on Facebook, you may have seen me profess my love for salad beasts today.  They last forever!  Normally I am a super fast eater, but salads typically take longer for me to eat, especially when I throw so much random stuff into my salads.  This is alllllright with me, because I feel like I can stretch my salad out to last me into the afternoon, and then there isn’t a lot of downtime before my afternoon snack! (an apple today)  Less downtime = more eating time.  Win win.

And for dinner…

Porky Dinner

Pulled pork with barbecue sauce on a whole wheat sandwich thin, and steamed broccoli on the side.  I was home at 5:30, and with the help of my trusty crock pot, dinner was on the table by 6.  Excellent.

Today is really the first day since last week that I’ve felt like I’m back in my regular eating routine.  Nothing crazy, and nothing fancy, but generally good eats all around.

Weekday Hike

Last night after dinner, Ando convinced me to skip my run and check out Heber Downs, a conservation area that is pretty darn close to our house.  Neither of us had been there before, and since it is so close and we never really hear anything about it, I expected it to be kind of ghetto… I was picturing just a big field.

Little Lake

Not the case!  I was pretty impressed with this place, it had various trails that totaled about 7km.  Not too shabby!


We took the main trail that is 2.5k, and then another trail which was just under 2.5k, so a bit less than 5k in total.

It was a great little urban adventure, and at times I felt like I was in serious bush.

Ando in ze Bush

Camera fail.  This camera takes better under water pictures than it does on land…

Not as good of a workout as running, but I am loving squeezing these little hikes in.  It makes me feel like I am in the wilderness :).

Right now though, I am off to RUN!  Catcha lata!

Do you ever take advantage of your local conservation areas?


9 responses to “Weekday Hike

  1. I don’t take advantage of local conservation areas nearly as often as I should! I love the name banana burger…just too cute. And I am mildly obsessed with Vitatops…aren’t they just the best?!?! I am seriously bummed though that you can’t get the chocolate pb ones in Canada anymore. 😦

  2. You’re so cute in this pic 🙂

  3. I am loving that banana burger, never seen something like that before! Well I just found what I am having for breakfast 🙂
    We have tons of trails around where I am, but I don’t use them as often as I should.. I really ought to change this!

  4. I lurve huge salads with absolutely everything crammed into it… so many different flavours & textures! I’m a fast eater as well, so I like when my meals are drawn out.
    That trail looks beautiful! What a cute thing for you guys to do in the middle of the week 🙂

  5. I love outdoor walks or hikes! I’m going to miss the trusty river trail that runs behind my apartment when I move. I’ll just have to find a new place I guess!

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  7. I will have to try these Vitatops. They sound awesome. I can’t believe I didn’t know about them.
    You also reminded me that I need to use my crockpot. You are so good at using yours. Any suggestions on where to get recipies?
    I actually live right by a big area with lots of trails which is amazing in a big city. But the city is actually filled with these trails. Used to use them a lot when I biked but not so much any more.

    • I subscribe to the Crockpot newsletter through AllRecipes.com, so I get a lot from there! I also like to use my crockpot for spaghetti sauce and soup and stuff… so for those I just throw everything in there and hope for the best.
      Toronto is so good for that!!

  8. I see. Thanks!

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