So Let’s Talk Nungas

Guess who has set their alarm every single morning this week for 5:30, anticipating a run?


Guess who did NOT wake up any of those times to run?

Yep.  I pulled a Little Run That Could NOT.  I squeezed in two evening runs this week, but none in the AM.

But this morning I did it.  I forced myself up and out of bed, into my running clothes, and out the door to run.

(that is my little kitty cat Dexter’s tail behind me)

Sports Bra Talk

Now there is something I want to talk about.  Sports bras.  Boys, if you are reading, I suggest you go check out this website and read about how to be a proper man or something, because this probably won’t interest you.

I am just going to make a general statement here and say…I have ginormous nungas.  It is a fact.

No one cares Heidi.

Having big nungas means I can’t wear cute little bandeau tops like this:

Oh okay Heidi, I know how well that worked out for you…

Strapless is not my friend, which is why I was so grateful to my friend Beth for choosing a dress with straps for her bridesmaid dresses!

Zero wardrobe malfunctions.  I was a big fan.

I have accepted that I am not a member of the IBTC and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I have embraced my chesties.  But this means I can not just throw on any ol’ sports bra and go for a run.

This is something that takes thought and preparation.  I can’t just run whenever I feel like it.  I can’t be out for a walk, and then just break into a run without the proper gear.  I need the girls on lock-down.  I don’t like them to run free and wild in the wind.

I have noticed that several people have been searching “big sports bra” and “running with a large chest” and “bouncy while running” on Happy or Hungry (seriously) so I thought maybe this would be a good topic for me to address for all you ladies who are also blessed (cursed?) in the chest department.

I have a feeling that my lack of owning a decent sports bra in high school contributed to me hating running so much back then, because when I finally got a GOOD one, I noticed a HUGE improvement.  I was so much more confident.

I used to double up, and wear a regular bra and THEN a sports bra over that to keep the nungulars in check.  Now I’m okay with just a regular sports bra, but it has to be a good one!

So here are my faves:

Moving Comfort

The two Moving Comfort sports bras I have owned have been the best bras I’ve ever found for running.

This was the first decent sports bra I owned, and it actually got stolen!

Moving Comfort Sports Bra in Fiona

I was sad… I went out and bought this one though (in black), and I like it just as much!

Moving Comfort Sports Bra in Juno

Both made me feel safe and secure, but not too strapped in.  It’s comfortable, yet super supportive for my gals.  AND my lovely lady lumps are not punching me in the face as I run.  Very important.


Lululemon is super expensive, but the prices of their sports bras I find are comparable to ones that are higher quality elsewhere (Moving Comfort, for example).

My fave bra of theirs is the Ta Ta Tamer.

Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer


Just like its name suggests, it seriously tames those ta ta’s.  And this is the best sports bra I have found for giving you zero uniboob.  Always a good thing, in my opinion.

For strength training and stuff, I do wear other cheap sports bras, but they are bad news for running.  I feel like I am just adjusting the entire time, and it’s annoying.

True that Heidi, true that.

What about you guys?  Do you have a fave sports bra?


38 responses to “So Let’s Talk Nungas

  1. You crack me up!!!! I just love your posts everyday! I mean Heidi acts like God gave her these big ole things and she just can’t do anything with them. bahahahaha! Wrong-O! When you have 10 surgeries in one day, I think you are just a complete weirdo!!! I have never seen those sports bras, where can I get one?? Super stinkin’ cute!!

  2. Ok this post is hilarious.
    And at least yours don’t look like planets strapped to your chest, a la Heidi Montag.
    I’m sad to say that I have never and probably will never own or need a sports bra (unless I go Heidi’s unnatural route) as I am a 34 AA LOL. the LOL is part of my bra size, thanks genes.
    But the built in bras in the lulu lemon tanks seem to do well!

  3. Haha love this post!! I hate sports bras. Mostly because I’ve never found a good one! I definitely do not have bit ta-tas, but I still can not find a bra that I like. I might have to give one of these a try!

    Ick, Heidi looks so horrible now. I have no idea what she was thinking!

  4. You seriously make me laugh, heidi is good for a giggle and then your pop up commentary makes it hysterical!
    I love lululemon 50 rep, they reign the girls in but they are a pain in the ass to pull off and on <- yes i'm that lazy 😛
    Great post 🙂

  5. I love the use of visual aids in this post!

    Ever since I had Pierce (almost two years ago now) I have been wearing stretchy nursing bras (so NOT supportive – at all!). Pregnancy & nursing changed my chesticles so much & now I have no idea what size I am.

    I’m with you on needing a good sports bra, though. I will have to check out the ones you recommended! I would also love it if you did a post on the bras you wear on a regular basis. I seriously hate bra shopping because I have such a hard time finding something that fits properly & prevents sag-age.

    • I used to REALLY struggle finding bras, but it’s gotten a lot better over the last several years. I usually hit up La Senza, and they’ve started stocking bigger sizes, so it’s all good!
      I will have to check out your blog!

  6. P.S. The post on my blog today contains a link back to your blog. You should come check it out!

  7. Oh my God, I am literally dying over here at the Heidi photos.

    I’m a cheap-o so I have two sports bras from Target that I bought for like $16 like…6 years ago. I don’t do much running, though, Not even if I’m crossing the street and a car is zooming at me. I would rather be hit by the car than look like an idiot (because I run like a baby deer that doesn’t know how to walk yet). And, bonus, if I ever AM actually hit by a car while crossing the street I’ll get lots of sympathy presents. I think it’s a win/win for everyone. Except maybe the driver, if he/she goes to jail.

  8. Mine aren’t huge, but they’re def big enough that I can’t just randomly go for a run without a sports bra either! I really like the one I splurged on at UnderArmour, but I also adore the halter sports bra I got from Nike. The halter does an oddly great job of keeping everything where it’s supposed to be!

  9. Haha you are so funny. I love the way you talked about your boobs in this post! I don’t have big boobs..and never have, so sports bras have never really been an issue for me. However, I still don’t like them to jiggle so I try to find ones that are more supportive! My favorite one right now is a Victoria’s secret vsx one that has underwire in it!

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  11. You have got to be the funniest chick out there. This post was hilarious! And I bet the guys wouldn’t have minded all the Heidi about to lose her top action. 😉 LOL

    I seriously need some better sports bras. I really want a moving comfort or tata tamer. I have heard those are the BEST.

  12. You are hilarious. Heidi is ridiculous ❤

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  15. 1) Is there some kind of blonde bloggers list?? B/c I need to get on it.
    2) I also have large-ish tatas. I also have an enormous rib cage, so I can look super wide. Awesome.
    3) I can not stand any boob movement when I’m running. None. It is completely distracting when I’m already thinking how much I don’t want to run and how each step is killing me.

    Right now my favorite are Champion ones from target-but they have thin kind of molded cups (so no nips which is good) built in. They are compression, but not as compressy and more bra-y. I know this makes no sense. They are made of a different material than the compression ones. They hold things pretty still, seams don’t chafe, and aren’t too uni-boob. And! best part! like $16.

    I also like Target’s champion compression bras. I buy a small (which: lol) and they squish them down pretty well. Actually, the newer ones aren’t as effective. They are stretchier or something. Oh, and I hate the seams on the tops of most of them, so I wear them inside out. I have been known to double up on non-supportive ones.

    • haha, I noticed that also about the blonde bloggers. You and I are going to have to change our blog names to get on board! Confessions of a Blonde Dietitian. Blonde or Hungry?
      Okay, Canada needs a Target asap. This is not the first I’ve heard about their wonder bras. I need to check them out!

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  17. The Ta Ta Tamer is my best friend for life. I highly recommend two of them though because with nungas as large as yours, they lose their elasticity. I really need to get on round number two as my iron maiden has been on the job for well over a year. Thanks for the other suggestions though, you never know what you will find on sale.

  18. Love all the captions and the comment about your boobs punching you in the face! So funny.
    I too love the moving comfort bras. I wear Sugoi bras. Just your regular everyday running bras. Though, just like that other girl said, I have no idea what size I am now or will be in the future due to nursing my bambino. Might be time to get some new bras. Might try the Lulu.

  19. Moving Comfort Juno is amazing. I want one in every color but I think I’d only end up wearing the pink and green ones. I find that I need to get more of them because I end up sleeping in mine. I get sore tatas in the mornings if they aren’t supported when I sleep (read I thrash around like a crazy person).

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  21. I am new to reading your blog. I would just like to say that I read this twice and couldnt stop laughing..its all so funny. I also have a large chest I refer to it as large and incharge (the kiwanas) , and its hard to find an inexpensive sports bra. Thanks for the laughs. glad Im not the only one

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