Last Hurrah with my BFF

Hi friends, I hope you’re having a great weekend!

My Bestie Lisa has been visiting from Calgary for the past two weeks, and is currently on a plane back there, so it was my plan this weekend to soak up as much time as possible with her.

Lisa Beesa

I had Friday afternoon off work, so after the nunga talk, I headed up to her parents’ cottage to spend the day with her in the sun!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch out on their deck that overlooks the lake.


A homemade barbecued cheeseburger topped with hamburger relish, sweet corn relish (so good), pickles, ketchup and mustard.

The best part of this burger was that it was on a cheese bun!

Cheese Bun & Chips

And the best part of this lunch was the view:

Lake View

And obviously the company.

After lunch, Lisa’s parents took us out on this bad boy.


Lisa’s dad is actually president of the sailing club in their area so he knows his way around that thing and took us on a sweet tour around the lake.

Sailing looks like quite a bit of work.  Thankfully, we didn’t know what we were doing (or I didn’t, at least), so we mostly just leisured up in the bow of the boat and enjoyed the view.

It was the ultimate leisuring experience.



Lisa’s mom is so cute behind me, hehe.

It was so relaxing that at one point we were both laying down on the bow and we fell asleep!  I grew up on this lake, so being on it gives me a sense of comfort :).

Later that evening we headed back to my house to hang out some more.  We had tons of girl talk, along with this:

Skinny Girl

Lisa’s cousin Katie gave us each a bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita’s when we went out for sushi last week, which Lis and I were both eager to try.


We thought the margarita was a little strong on its own, so we mixed it with a splash of Perrier to tone it down a little.  We made a drink for Ando and his friend Cam as well, who we made honourary skinny girls for the evening.  They actually liked it :).

I think I would have liked it a whole lot more if it wasn’t tequila, but I’m definitely not a big tequila drinker and it definitely had a tequila taste.  Not bad though, I’d probably drink it again!

In the morning, I made Lis and A-Rod oatmeal pancakes for breaky.

I topped mine with peanut butter and maple syrup and dug in.

Lisa was a big fan of them!

Yay for Pancakes

I followed the same recipe as usual, only I added some Enjoy Life Mega Chunks that the company sent me to sample.

Enjoy Life Mega Chunks

These were an awesome addition, and we all commented on how chocolatey and delicious these little chunks were.  They made the pancakes extra yummy, and we were surprised at the ingredients, only brown sugar, cocoa and cocoa butter!  It made us wonder what else is usually in chocolate…

Chocolately Deliciousness

I’ll have to see if I can find these little chunks around, because they may be my new fave chocolate chip.

More Cottage Time

Anywhoozles, after breakfast Lis and I headed back up to her cottage to spend the day doing what we did for countless summers when we were growing up.  Suntan by the lake, swim, and read.

Lisa is one of the only friends that I can just sit around and read with.  It is something that we have always done since we were little and reading Archie Comics and RL Stine Fear Street books (remember those?!).  We were huge nerds growing up and both LOVED to read.  We would read together (but our own books, separately), for hours, talking occasionally if anything exciting was going on in our books, or if our books reminded us of something we wanted to talk about.

We both consider it quality time :).  It is our best friend ritual.

We also took this little boat out for a spin across the lake.

The Sea Flea

The Gals

The View

So much fun.

Annnnnd we enjoyed some delicious eats.


Barbecued sausage, roasted potatoes, and a big salad beast that Lis and I made.

We spent the entire day just talking, and reading and leisuring and swimming, and it was really awesome.  I was so sad when I finally had to say goodbye, I’m going to miss this girl!



But I know I will see her again soon, and that she is just a phone call away!  I’m so glad I got to spend a lot of time with her though.

What is your favourite thing to do with your best friend?
Mine is lay on the dock in the sunshine and talk about the things that you just can’t talk with anyone else about 😉


13 responses to “Last Hurrah with my BFF

  1. “The Gals” I envy YOU 😛
    And sailboating sounds amazing! That looks like so much fun.
    You can get SkinnyGirl Margaritas in Canada?!!! I did not know this. Margaritas are my drink of choice next to wine. I have to try this.
    That sucks that it was your last day with your BFF 😦 My favourite thing to do with my best friend is going for sushi then walking by the river & people watching, but we could seriously do anything & have fun. Girlfriends are da bomb.

    • hahaha, I wasn’t referring to those gals!!
      I haven’t seen SkinnyGirl in Canada, but Lisa’s cousin works for a mag and got a bunch of bottles of it for free. If you like margaritas you’ll probably like it!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Those pancakes look amazing!! Adding chocolate is the best thing ever :). I love to just hang out with my bff. We don’t even have to go anywhere but we always have fun!

  3. im in love with the idea of a hamburger that utilizes a cheese bun versus a regular wheat bun!!! ❤

    ooo and skinny girl margarita to top off the day!

    Awee but its so sad that you have to say goodbye for now!! 😦 😦
    I love spending time with my bestie anywhere and anytime- especially when it involves sunshine and nature 🙂

    xoxo ❤

  4. AGH! Cheese buns, pancakes, sailing, Skinny Girl margherita’s….I’m dying here! So happy jealous for you 🙂


    I’m so glad you agree about the skinny girl marg.. I’m honestly not a fan and I think myyyy recipe is better. 😉 (so conceited, right?) I actually added splenda to mine to make the sweetness take away the too-strong tangy flavor.

  6. Aw looks like you two had such a fun time! I love visits from good friends. Those are the best. I think my favorite thing to do is just hang out, drink some wine, and watch chick flicks. My favorite part of having best friends around is not feeling like I have to try super hard to entertain them. Sometimes the simple things are the most fun!

  7. I’m not a big tequila fan, either, so I probably wouldn’t have liked the SkinnyGirl margaritas, either. I’m definitely more a daquiri fan! Yum!

    I definitely need to get back into reading again. I used to read all. the. time. and I miss it!

  8. I agree 100% with your SkinnyGirl review. I had to water it down a bit too!

    Glad you and your bff are having a great time!

  9. Totally not a fan of tequila so I’m not sure I would like those!

    Looks like such a fun weekend. I love being out on the water, soaking in the sun. SO relaxing!

  10. Awe, BFFs. I love just goIng out for food and chatting with my BBF. She is awesome. When you were talking about just laying around in the sunshine reading, I was reminded of my Bestie and when we were young and went to her cottage. We totally used to do the same thing!
    So great!

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