Hiya cheeky minxes!  Happy Monday! 🙂

First of all, I meant to mention this yesterday, but thank you so much for all of your comments on my sports bra/big nunga post.  I think my favourite compliment to hear about myself is that I am funny, so all of your comments left me feeling warm all over and totally made my day.   Merci for that!

So instead of eats today, I want to talk houses.  It’s kind of a big date today over here.  Three years ago today we got the keys to our new house!

New homeowners in our new master bath, what what!!!

Once Ando and I graduated college and scored grown-up jobs, it was time to make the decision to continue renting, or to consider buying a house.  We weighed our options and decided hey, if we can buy a house we should do it.  Our mortgage payment is not significantly higher than rent would be, so if we could save up enough for a decent down payment we could stop throwing away our money on renting, hooray!

We were lucky enough to be able to move in with A-Rod’s awesome parents for a year to save moolah.  This was an absolute lifesaver for us, as they charged us a small amount of rent and we saved a ton!  We never would have been able to buy our house without them.  I will be forever grateful.

We chose to buy a new townhouse, and as it was being built we stalked it pretty much weekly…

Kitchen, Before Being Finished

Kitchen when Done!

I was so excited for the day we finally got our keys!  I wish I had been blogging then so I would have got a picture of our excitement, but sadly it went undocumented.  It is probably the most excited I have ever been about something.

My favourite part was seriously unpacking the kitchen!  Though I loved living with Andy-roo’s parentals, I never felt completely comfortable making stuff in the kitchen…ya know?

It was so nice when I finally had my own 🙂

What definitely did not go undocumented was celebrating in our new house.  We were one of the first of all of our friends to make the leap from renting, so it was kind of a big D.  We threw an unofficial party soon afterwards with some of our friends…

We really got into celebrating the new house, and dance partied in our new shower…

And rocked out in the master bath…

Fun times.

We also had an official “Stock the Liquor Cabinet” housewarming party (everyone had to bring a bottle of booze), with most of our closest friends.

Stock the Liquor Cabinet!

That was actually taken at the beginning of the night and not an accurate representation of our haul.  It was pretty impressive by the end.

About 30 people showed up (I’m sure our neighbours loved us), and it was probably the best parties I’ve ever been to.  And I’m not just saying that because it was my own…

Anywhooz, I’m sure you guys are nosy and want to see pics!  Here are a few (though these are all from shortly after we moved in and things have been rearranged and updated a bit since [like we now have curtains]).  But enjoy!

Living room + dining room (from kitchen).  So the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom (and bathroom) are on the second floor.  It’s a bit if a unique setup (the basement just has a bedroom, a bathroom and a furnace room).

Main floor family room.

Family room again (bathroom and office to the right)

Master bedroom (+ kitty)

I can’t believe it’s been three years!  The time has seriously flown by, it feels like yesterday!

I’m off to squeeze in a run.  Back to your regularly scheduled food blogging tomorrow!

Are you a home owner, renter, or live with parents?  When do you plan on buying your first home?


10 responses to “Homeowners

  1. Wow your place looks amazing! That kitchen is awesome! Um, I live with my parents when I’m home and I rent when I’m at school. Can’t wait for the day that I own though!

  2. First of all congratulations!
    Second of all – I LOVE the house. Your decorating skills are amazeballs and you’re welcome to be my decorator anytime.

    I’m excited for your kitchen and uninhibited cooking! 😀

  3. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already!
    The best pic is the bedroom where Dexter is on the bed……..of course the cat has to get in on the pics. Bentley is the same way. 🙂

  4. Wow, your house is beautiful! I’m especially in love with the kitchen. Dark cabinets are my faaav.
    I live with my parents, but I’m planning on renting an apartment once I graduate and move to a different city. I absolutely cannot wait for my own space. Yours is so cute! Congratulations on your 3-year home anniversary 😀

  5. ahhhh I love your townhouse! The orange wall makes me instantly happy and the kitchen is just baller! =) I really hope you have that TUB photo framed =) perfection my dear! happy anniversary of your homey home! mwah!

  6. Ohhhh, love your place!! I can’t wait to own a place of my own. Literally, can. not. wait!!! I often search listings online whenever I’m bored at work or feeling day-dreamy. I hope to own something in the next few years. I just have to get settled in one place for a decent length of time, first!

  7. Holy crap!! Three years!! I was just thinking, that’s a long time, then I remembered we got our house right after you! Our 3 year anniversary is Halloween.
    I remember coming to see it just after you moved in. Fun times. Congrats!!

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