LL Cookies (Lindsey Loves Cookies)

When I arrived home from work yesterday afternoon, a big package from Enjoy Life was sitting on my doorstep.  I cannot express to you how much I enjoy receiving even a letter in the mail (that’s letter, not bill).  Getting a package is kind of a big D, and makes me giddy with excitement!

I opened it immediately and saw possibly the most glorious sight of life.


Oh hello FREE COOKIES!!!!

Four different kinds of Enjoy Life cookies.  Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Sugar Shortbread, and Vanilla Honey Graham.  Oh sweet baby cheeses, I thought I was dreaming.

I am a self-proclaimed cookie connoisseur.  I have no shame in admitting that cookies are my ultimate weakness.

In fact, when I was deciding on a name for my blog, Lindsey Loves Cookies (or LL Cookies for short, haha) was one of the names I was tossing around in my head.  Because I do LOVE cookies.

But I think Happy or Hungry is a better fit.  I love many different kinds of food and I don’t want to discriminate.  And I think it describes me better.

Anywhoozle, I have been known to be kind of a cookie monster, so what do you think happened when I opened the box?


(Please ignore the sad state of my nails, yikes)

I busted into all of the boxes and tried all four kinds of the cookies immediately.  Honestly, they were all delicious.

Let me just say that Enjoy Life is not paying me to write this.  They asked me if I would be interested in trying out their cookies, and I basically said “Free cookies?!  Um, YUP.”  Only more professionally.

Let me also just say that I don’t typically like packaged cookies.  Well, I’ll never say no to President’s Choice Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies, but that’s about it.  Soft, chewy homemade-tasting cookies are my very fave.

Since these cookies are all called “Crunchy Cookies”, I knew soft and chewy wasn’t the texture I should be expecting.  But they were good, and surprisingly the inside of them was a little chewy.  Not in a homemade sort of way, but almost in a toffee sort of way.  I was a big fan.

Normally my fave cookies are always chocolate chip, but I was favouring the Sugar Shortbread and Vanilla Honey Graham flavours of these – loved them!

As with all of Enjoy Life products, these babies are gluten-free, and free of the most common allergens like nuts and dairy.  If you have food allergies, or even if you don’t, check these out!  They’re available at Superstore and Loblaws.

Well, I am off to the vet.  Please say a prayer for this saucy little minx for me!

Little Winnie Muffin

Winnie is feeling under the weather so I am taking her in to get checked out.  She is the best little kitty in all the land, so fingers crossed that all is well.  She may be almost 16, but she is still spry and I know she has a lot of life left in her.  Positive thinking!

Have a great Saturday!


17 responses to “LL Cookies (Lindsey Loves Cookies)

  1. Agreed, the rest of the treats would feel left out if you chose solely cookies…that being said, those look so good! Gotta love free stuff 😀
    I think the vanilla honey graham looks the best… I would definitely crumble that up over greek yogurt for a cheesecake like thing. Please do that so I can eat vicariously through you… lol
    Awwww, I hope your kitty is ok! 😦

  2. Mmmmm cookies, i always think of the cookie monster song when i go a little overboard on the round morsels of goodness 🙂
    Yay for free food and they all sound crazy tasty!
    Sending healthy, positive vibes to the kitty!!!

  3. Sending loving vibes to Winnie.

  4. Aww I hope Winnie is ok!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
    Love the pics! You’re so cute! And one day, I’ll have to bake u my grandma’s awesome gingerbread cookies…they’re amazing. awesome to know there are other gluten free cookies out there!

  5. I am totally picking up some of those cookies today! I was diagnosed with celiac almost 2 years ago. At first I took a lot of chances with trying new gluten free food, but that (almost) always left me disappointed, broke, and wasting food that I didn’t like! Thanks for the info girl 🙂

  6. Aw I hope your kitty is okay and feels better soon! She is so cute! And those cookies look awesome :). I’ve actually never had a gluten free cookie though, so I don’t know what to expect haha.

  7. Woo yay for free stuff! I have never tried gluten-free cookies so I dont know what I would expect! These sound interesting though
    I hope your kitty feels better, she is adorable!

  8. Those PC cookies were on sale at the super store yesterday! haha…

    Also – I love the cartoons that you post! They make me smile every time!

    LLC – I like. But…I really like Happy or Hungry! That’s the name I associate with you!

    Enjoy your Enjoy Life cookies (er…that may have been too many “enjoy”s in one sentence)…

  9. I really hope your kitty is ok!

    Also – gotta love free cookies!

  10. LOVE cookies!!! I can’t make them unless I have someone to give them to because I’ll eat the entire batch. And the boyfriend hates cookies. Crazy!!

    I hope your kitty is ok!!

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  12. Wow! I know how much you LOVE free stuff and cookies. So, both together is pretty amazing. I also love cookies the most and need them to be chewy. I always get the baked cookies at the grocery store. I also love the Prez Choice Decadent cookies. Have you tried their cookie-dough ice cream? A-mazing.
    Hope Winnie is ok. I love my little Marbles, so I understand your worry. Sending good kitty vibes.

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