Fit to Strip?

Tonight’s dinner was quick and dirty, just how I laaiiike it!

Quick & DIrty Dinna

Chicken, corn on the cob and leftover quinoa stir fry from yesterday’s dinner (could barely taste the cilantro today!)  I love corn on the cob, and it’s been far too long since it has tickled my tastebuds.  All the talk about summer earlier today got me in the mood for it ;).

I boiled the corn, and I seasoned the chicken with Mrs. Dash on both sides before cooking it on the griddle.

Juicy Chicken

The chicken was perfectly cooked and juicy.  Sometimes the simplest dinners work out the best.  This baby was ready to go in 20 minutes.  Hurrah.

Striptease Workout

So yesterday I mentioned that I was trying out a Hard Core Bootcamp class tonight with a coupon I had purchased through TeamBuy.  When I was reviewing my ticket this afternoon, I noticed it mentioned I had to email someone to sign up for the class.  Whoops.  Didn’t do that.  I tried to email, but it was like two hours before the class was supposed to start and I didn’t hear back.

No Bootcamp for me.

Not to worry though, I did my own bootcamp (ish) workout at home!

That would be disc two of Carmen Electra’s strip tease workout – Fit To Strip.  Ando went out to Canadian Tire after dinner to pick up a few things for our upcoming camping trip (I put him on a strict budget so he doesn’t come home with an entire outdoor kitchen or anything), so I cleared out space in the living room, laid down my yoga mat, and stripped my way to fitness!

Just kidding ;).  In this particular DVD of the stripping series, there is no stripping involved, and unlike the other ones (which I actually have as well), there is no striptease routine.  This DVD gets you fit to strip (if I ever wanted to strip, that is). It is supposed to make you feel comfortable enough to be seen in the nuddy-pants.

Carmen and a trainer go through a 50 minute routine that starts with cardio and then gets into plyometrics to work all the muscles in your body.

I just found the entire video on YouTube actually, so here’s a sample:

I have had these DVD’s for years and I haven’t done this one for over a year I’d say.  I forgot how good of a workout it is, I think I might be sore tomorrow!

When I first bought this DVD it was literally the only exercise I did (this was like seven years ago), and I tried to do it three times a week, so I kind of burned out on it.

But tonight, this was an awesome little workout at home!  Pretty sure Hard Core Bootcamp would have been more intense though ;).  It would probably also make me look good in the nuddy-pants.

Question of the Evening

  • What is your favourite workout DVD?

17 responses to “Fit to Strip?

  1. This particular one looks great! and fun 🙂 I have only tried a few workout DVDs but I do find myself enjoying the Shred the most

  2. I am not too motivated at doing workout videos at home but I have a kickboxing one that’s not bad.

  3. That work out looks actually pretty dang fun. I honestly don’t know if I could do it in front of anyone though!!! haha….would definitely have to be done by myself in my living room (with the blinds closed). I’m a prude, apparently.

    Also!!! Ah! I wanted to have corn on the cob tonight for dinner too – but I didnt have time to boil it. I’ve since learned I can make ’em in the micro; tomorrow’s dinner for sure.

  4. This reminds me of Pilates, but not gonna lie…he creeps me out. And I think he may come off of 90210.

  5. I have these DVDs haha. I kind of want to do them now! The 2nd one was my favourite. It was such a good workout.
    We’d be hawt strippers.
    I mean… hot bloggers.
    I also have the lap dance video.
    Why did I buy those when I was much younger? lol

    • 2nd one was always my fave too! It is a great workout, especially compared to the dance routine-y ones. And I have trouble sexy dancing, I just feel silly.
      I totally bought mine at Chapters when I used to work there and got a discount 🙂

  6. JACKIE WARNER! she’s a champ!

    AAAAND oh gosh, I WISH we could come up for champs! but our middle school team is so “begginer” that we don’t go to championships… it’s a lot less competitive. 🙂

  7. I can’t wait to hear about your bootcamp once you get started! I’ve always wanted to try one (and there are always Groupons for them), but I always chicken out!

    I have a massive collection of workout DVDs, but one of my favs is the Firm. I have the transfirmer series and I love it! There are about 4 different videos with varying intensity, so I never get bored.

    • I did one before for just girls called “Booty Camp” hehe. It was pretty intense, and this one sounds a bit crazier! Honestly I’m kinda glad I didn’t get an email back because I was feeling a little chicken… 🙂

  8. i would totally love to do a workout like this…well as long as my parents were out of town, that could get a little awkward otherwise lol

    xoxo ❤

  9. I don’t usually do workout DVDs…in fact the only one I own is the Shred and I never do it because Jillian annoys me haha.

  10. I gave Carmen Electra’s first strip dvd a go a while back and it was pretty fun! I felt a little unco-ordinated (dance and timing has never been my natural thing) but by the end of it… I was all yeaaa! In my scruffy pyjamas I might add. Haha!

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  12. Oooo, corn on the cob! Totally makes me think of summer. This is the only way I will eat corn. Weird how that is with some foods. It’s no different off the cob.
    I knew this DVD must be old because Carmen Electra is soooooooo 2004. I could never get into workout at home videos. I did have an Alyssa Melano work out dance video when I was a tween. I could never do any of the moves though. Who’s the Boss?! Tony Danza or Bruce Springstien, one of the two.

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