Selectively Busy (+ Pork & Broccoli Stir Fry)

Holla holla!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I was having quite the love burst for my lunch today.

A while back I made these delicious little pita’s filled with cottage cheese, Prego pasta sauce, mozzarella cheese, and baby spinach.  Because of my work’s beautiful toaster oven, I was able to recreate this dish fo’ lunch!

Pita Za

I wasn’t watching it while it was in there and it almost got burnt (I really can’t stand the taste of burnt, at all), but it was just a little blackness and I was able to scrape it off.  Phew.

This lunch hit ze spot!  Who says packed work lunches have to be boring?!

Yummers in my Tummers

Also, isn’t my plate cute?

Minus being backwards?  Silly computer camera.

I found it in our lunch/storage room.  I know I’m not using it properly (and I think it is old so I don’t know how “proper” it is anymore), but I like it.

I also had a leftover cob of corn from last night’s dinner on the side that went unpictured (and should have gone on the vegetable slot).

Selectively Busy

A few of my friends have commented lately on how busy I am, or I guess how busy I seem to be.  While this is true, I am a busy beaver (especially at work right now – it is almost overwhelming), I have to confess something.

I am selectively busy.

I purposely do not make a lot of plans during the week.  I am rarely busy at dinnertime, for example, because I like to be home for dinner.  If I’m not home, or I’m out late, chances are I’ll eat crappily.  This is cool once in a while, but the majority of time I just like to be at home, eating my own dinner that I made.

I am lucky enough to get home from work around 5-5:30 pm, and that is just the way I like it.  This is why exercising right after work doesn’t really work for me.  If I do that, I may not get home until 7, and that is just too late for me to eat.  My hunger monster will surely make an appearance and I will eat everything in sight without thinking twice.

I eat at 6, it works for me, and that’s how I like it.  I like my routine.

I also don’t enjoy feeling like dinner has to be a big rush because I have plans later.  So I may skip out on coffee with friend or something, but it may not be because I’m “busy.”  It is probably because I just want to be at home eating dinner.

So I will never be a chef, because I like to be home for dinner, making things like this:

Stir Fried Deliciousness

Pork and broccoli stir fry!  This was tonight’s dinner and it was simple and a big yumfest.  It was kind of like pseudo Chinese food!

I stir fried strips of pork loin with a bit of olive oil, garlic, broccoli and green onions, before adding chow mein noodles to the mix.  I threw in about two teaspoons of soy sauce to give the dish a little flava, and it was good to go!

And Again

Ando said he really liked this dish because it wasn’t too saucy.  If he ever complains about something I make (minus it having too much cilantro), it is because it is “too saucy”.

I am a saucy little minx for sure and I typically eat things FOR the sauce, but ol’ Andy-roo likes his food to be a bit more on the plain side.  I have learned to tone my sauciness down a little ;), but since sauces are where all the extra calories are typically hiding out, I guess this is for the better.

I am outta here, but I hope you all have a fab ALMOST Friday!!!

Questions of the Evening:

  • What time do you eat dinner?
  • Do you purposely not make plans during the week so you are home at dinnertime?

13 responses to “Selectively Busy (+ Pork & Broccoli Stir Fry)

  1. I normally eat around 6 as well. I never make plans during the week. Prefer to be at home. Especially with all the good shows coming back to tv. 🙂

    But…Sam does have swimming class one night during the week and it is a mad rush to get home, inhale something quick and easy for dinner and get to swimming. But it’s all good!

  2. First of all, yum! And second of all, I prefer to eat my meals at home too. Although sometimes that just isn’t practical for me. I tend to eat between 6 and 7pm, but during the school year if I’m studying I tend to get hungrier earlier- probably because I’m bored haha

  3. I am with you on being home for dinner…that’s where I like to be and know I’ll eat best! And both your lunch and supper eats look delish! I’m a teacher, so next week is back to school (and packed lunches) 😦 so I’ll take all the inspiration I can get!

  4. I usually eat dinner around 6pm. I know that’s not the “cool” thing to do, but I’ll never be a super late eater. I’m always starving by the time I get off from work, so even making it until 6 is big for me.

    I also tend to keep my nights free during the week b/c I have to have my down time. I really enjoy going home and making dinner and then being able to run errands, or read a book, or whatever. If I plan too much during the week I always end up getting burnt out!

  5. If I have a priority during the day (school, work), I generally like to have the rest of the day to myself to do what I want. I get oddly stressed out if I have plans for the day with someone else. Weekends are cool, but during the week I just feel like my alone time is so limited.
    And I eat dinner at 5, usually. I’m a senior citizen 😀

  6. I also need to take a moment to appreciate that pita pizza. That’s like a pizza pop. I need to do that!!!
    When I was an intern, I tried to make a pizza in the office microwave….. Lol. Huge fail.

  7. That stir-fry looks delicious and I will be making it next week. Have the last of the pork in the crock pot as we speak. I have had the best afternoon catching up on all your shenanigans – I had to go back 4 pages, but you know it’s cause I luv ya and I can’t just skim by. I like to take my time reading your blog.

    I am glad you explained that the cat was behind you in a running pic. otherwise I would have thought you had a giant fury caterpillar on your leg and speaking of cats, how is Miss Winnie doing?? I love how you and Ando were “silent scream” laughing at the poo on the vet, but I seriously don’t know how you held off until he left the room. I would have just started laughing in his face while trying to apologise 🙂 and then my husband would have left me out of embarrassment.

    That video with Pheobe running had me in stitches. I watched it about 50 times in a row and then I made my oldest son watch it another 50 times with me – you do an awesome impersonation.

    Your pizza pocket looks fabulous as well. I often check out your recipe page and try to re-create what you have done especially your Mexican and pizzas – yummo!

    • Jane, you are awesome. I love your comments!
      Thanks for asking about Miss Winnie Kitty. She is doing better, but still not 100%. The medication helped, but I think something else may be wrong 😦
      Oh man, we were dying about the poo. The vet had such a look of shock on his face, haha.

      I love the Phoebe run! Kills me every time.

  8. That pita lunch sounds really good! I’m always looking for creative work lunchs to keep it from getting boring.
    I don’t purposely not make plans, but if I’m out of the house for a couple days and feel like staying home the next night to catch up on things, I won’t make plans then.

  9. I eat super late but I’m hoping with school I’ll have more of a set routine around dinner time.

    Yours looks delicious! If I bring banana bread, will you make it for me? 🙂

  10. You found that plate in the storage room?! So jealous. I have never seen that before.
    I’m also jealous of you not doing anything nights during the week. Mark is totally like this. I’m always running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
    Mark likes things more au natural. I too am a minx Of the saucy variety.

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