A Little Boot Camp Recap (Sans Hair Tie)

Heyo friends!

Before I get into my adventures on this fine Wednesday eve, I just want to say I noticed a HUGE typo on the title of my last post.  Monstosities?  What is that?  No one commented about it so I don’t know if you guys noticed, but it should have read Monstrosities.  Like a monstrosity.  You know.  With an “r”.

That really bothered me when I noticed it (not until this evening), as I am quite anal about spelling and I will delete my own Facebook posts and re-send emails if I notice a mistake.  Did anyone notice?

Actually, while I am on pet peeves, ya know what else really bothers me?

What The Eff?

What, exactly, is that supposed to say?  I get that Facebook needs to make sure that I’m not a robot, but c’mon.  I do not have compound eyes.  How am I supposed to read that?  Silliness.


In Other News…

Today was an exciting day for me on the workout front.  I had a hot date for an outdoor boot camp class that I signed up for through TeamBuy.  I have 10 classes to use up (has to be in September), and tonight was class numero uno!

I wouldn’t say the class was killer, and it didn’t quite slay me in the way I expected, but I am definitely going to be beautifully sore tomorrow (I love being sore after a workout – it means something went down!)

Signing up for this boot camp was definitely out of my workout comfort zone.  I signed up by myself, barely knew where the place was, and I didn’t know anyone there.   I also usually stick to either running, BodyPump, yoga or spinning, and I haven’t really branched out to a lot of other classes or types of exercise.

I haven’t taken a boot camp class for at least two years, possibly three, and I don’t remember enjoying it.  However, I have a new found appreciation for exercise these days, so I found this class much more enjoyable than I think I would have back then.

It was basically a ton of cardio, a ton of plyometrics, and a ton of core work.  This was A-okay with me, as my core is definitely something I tend to neglect…I may have to work that into an October goal.

One casualty?  My hair elastic broke .2 seconds into the warmup.  If you read my first survey I did on my blog, you know I love my hair ties.  If I do not have a hair tie around my wrist, all I am basically thinking about is where am I going to get my next hair tie?!  Hair ties are IMPORTANT.

Doubled Up

I did not double up for safety tonight.  When my hair tie broke, I had no backup.  I do not like my hair down when I’m working out, because it’s in my face the entire time and I have continuously throw my head around like a stripper to keep it behind me.  If you have long hair, I’m sure you feel my pain.

I managed, but I felt like Blake Lively in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, running on the beach (and playing soccer, wtf?!) letting my long hair run free and wild in the wind.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure exercise = hair UP.  Am I alone in thinking this?

It actually wasn’t as annoying as I thought it would be, but my hair definitely didn’t stay all silky and smooth like Blake’s luscious locks did.  It went pretty stringy and greasy.

Schweaty & Greasyyyyy

But lesson learned.  I will be doubling up on the hair elastics from now on!


I am getting quite lengthy here, so let’s just talk about dinner!

Chicken Dinna

This morning before I left for work I added boneless, skinless chicken breast to my crockpot, covered it with low-sodium chicken broth and let it cook on low alllll day long.  I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time tonight to make dinner, and with the help of my lovely crockpot, this dinner came together in no time!  When I arrived home, all I did was take the chicken out, shred it, cover it with barbecue sauce and serve it on a whole wheat sandwich thin.  Easy peasy!

Pulled Chicken

I also boiled corn on the cob and threw it on the side for a little veggie action.

And now, it is bed time.  I hope you all have a great evening!

A few questions pour vous:

  • When you work out do you wear your hair up or down?
  • Have you ever tried a boot camp class?  How did you like it?

26 responses to “A Little Boot Camp Recap (Sans Hair Tie)

  1. Oh that is comedy. I actually love running with my hair down in the winter. Like December-March. Lol. Other than that. Never ever!!! I’d love to try a boot camp workout, but I’m afraid because I can’t do a single pushup. Wah!!

  2. “I do not have compound eyes” OMG – I laughed like a lunatic at this – I know, small things! My family think I am really strange, I am actually still laughing about it.

    I totally agree with you and hair bands. It really used to bug me when the Bay Watch Babes aka Pamela Anderson would bounce, oops, run down the beach and dive into the water rescuing a drown victim with her hair flying about. I could never understand how their hair never got caught up around their armpits like mine did if I went swimming without a cap or hair tie. I can not do any form of exercise without my hair out of my face – it really drives me insane, plus I don’t want to look like a stripper either 🙂

    I thought about what you said about moving and your shin splints and I think you are right. I have noticed that on days when I have had to move around a lot more my back seems better!!

    • that’s exactly what happened to me! We were doing these crab walk things and my hair kept getting caught in my armpits! So annoying.
      funny that I said that, because this morning when I woke up my upper back was hurting! Not in a good sore workout hurt, but in a “you slept on me wrong so you shall be punished” kind of hurt. I wonder if running would have helped that out?!

    I curse it under my breath every.single.time. I am not a robot, but a robot could probably interpret that gibberish better than I can.
    I tried doing yoga a few times with my hair down & it just ended up literally glueing itself to my back from sweat. It’s hair up or bust, and I always keep backup in my purse haha.

  4. Workout = hair up – ALWAYS! And Im the same way with the ties – I usually have at least two on my wrist, with extras in my purse. I’m lost without ’em!

  5. My hair is always UP when I work out! If even one strand of hair gets in my face I start to freak out. Sadly, I’m not even kidding!! In fact, I usually use hair ties, head bands and bobby pins (plastered down with some hairspray) to make sure it stays put. It also always bugs me how a lot of women in workout vids have their hair down and all curled or perfect looking. Um…no. That’s so unrealistic!

    Also, totally did not notice that typo in your title, so no worries!

  6. Omg, I did notice it, but I was like ”What the crap is that??”. lol You are so freaking funny!! Oh and I always have my hair pulled back when I work out. I don’t like it to touch my neck and be all greasy! Yuck! And another thing is that I have been dying to try the chicken in the crockpot for a little barbeque sammy action, then seeing yours made my want it even more. I swear we eat the same food all the time!

  7. Ugh, i hate catching my own spelling mistakes and it happens way too often! Totally didn’t catch yours yesterday though!
    I’m the same way only for me its bobby pins to pin my bangs back, i hate having them flop around while i’m trying to squat and sprint – once i used a lululemon tie from my hoodie and it was like i had a horn but i didn’t care, oh no i was just happy to be free of the floppy fringe 😛

  8. Oh no!! I HATE when that happens!!! I have a ton of hair which makes it pretty much impossible to exercise when it’s not tied up. Props to finishing your workout sans hair tie!

  9. Haha…blake lively was probably only running for like 0.2 minutes anyway. And yes, I always wear my hair up- I can’t stand it being in my face! I haven’t ever tried a boot camp class, but I would love to sometime 🙂

  10. 1.) I noticed the spelling. But I’m too nice to say anything. ; )
    2.) w/o a hair tie, no workout for me. I’d just throw in the towel. I’m insane about it. I loop my ponytail b/c I don’t like to feel it bounce against my neck. I don’t want it to move at all. then I pin back my bangs and wear a stretchy headband b/c I can’t stand to have any hair on my face. I’m a complete nutso about working out hair and clothing-everything has to be a specific way that I have discovered through years of exercise.
    3.) my boot camp isn’t very much like that. we only do cardio/tabata intervals like that maybe 2-3x month. We usually just do a bit of core in the beginning and the end. yesterday we did: shit ton of pushups, bicycle crunches, reg crunches, ran about .1-.2 miles, then did 2 circuits with kettlebell squat presses/squats and shoulder press with bands/TRX rows/squat and pulls with bands, then the same loop running, then another circuit but with lunges/trx upper back things and trx jump squats/lateral shuffle with bands around our waists attached to a pole. So it is a mixture of cardio and weights. We would get little 30 sec breaks every so often and each circuit was about 45 sec-1 minute.

    This was a long and boring ass comment.

    • I loved every word of this comment!
      I’m pretty insane about it too, and also do the ponytail loop.
      My boot camp was actually EXACTLY like that minus the kettleballs and the TRX bands. I don’t know how to explain workouts very well. I’m still learning the lingo!

      • I am not really sore anymore. But when I first started what would make me sore was usually a combo of too much weight for a lot of reps (like just b/c I can lift this doesn’t mean I should do that for 4 circuits as fast as I can) or doing exercises that were out of my norm. Like the second day I was there we did assisted pushups-you have a spotter and she basically helps you lower and lift yourself with a band wrapped around your hips. at the time I couldn’t do very many modified pushups. He had us do 4 rotations (where you are the pushupper or the spotter, which still uses your arms) until fatigue. And when I say fatigue, I mean he would make us do at least 30 and then if we were dying (yes, I was) tell us to do 5 more. I couldn’t bend my arms past 90 degrees. I think I sprained my elbow.

  11. Hhaha I did actually notice the spelling but for some odd reason didn’t tell you about it! I guess I saw it and then proceeded to forget about the error 😦
    I see women running without hair ties sometimes and I wonder how the heck they do it… or whyyy for that matter! I could never.
    And yes, I love boot camp! Those are the types of workouts I did over the summer for my internship 🙂

  12. I’m a BIG boot camp fan. The closest thing we have at my gym right now is “Military Tone,” which I do every Saturday I can. And I am SO with you on the hair up/working out thing. Not only would I be totally annoyed, but I would also be totally sweaty with my hair down. I occasionally see people working out this way, and always wonder, HOW and WHY? Loved the Blake Lively commentary. 🙂

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  14. That is so annoying x2! I totally agree! I can never figure out what the wierd lettering is saying and I’m always getting it wrong. And I cannot workout without my hair tied back. You must have been going nuts! I always think that in movies when girls are working out, or running around chasing, or running away from bad guys. I think, honestly?! You don’t have a hair tie?! You obviously have long hair and you obviously workout on a regular basis due to your muscles, how can you not have a hair tie?! I guess it’s all about suspension of disbelief. Cause that would never happen in person in real life.

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