A Sneaky Culprit

Hola cheeky minxes!

So this morning when I woke up, I didn’t feel very sore.  I had anticipated my boot camp class leaving me with that awesome next-day workout sore, but no such luck.

However, I did wake up with a terrible kink in my upper back/lower neck area.  It wasn’t a good exercise-induced type of hurt though, it was a “you slept on me weird so you shall be PUNISHED” kind of hurt.  I’m sure you guys all know that pain.  Where it hurts to turn your head more than 10 degrees in a certain direction?  A-Rod has been calling me Frankenstein all evening, because I have to turn my entire upper body to look at him.

But I don’t think my kink is because of sleeping funny, if I am being honest… The more I think about it the more I am convinced the kink is from tossing my head around so much last night at boot camp, trying to keep my hair out of my face because of my lack of HAIR TIE!!!

So today’s lesson is, always remember your hair tie, or you may injure yourself.

I worked from home today because I have a lot of work to do and I get more done at home, rather than at work, funnily enough.  No one calls me, or pops into my office, and I can ignore my email.  Though I did have this nonsense to put up with…

And when I didn’t give in…

Silly Dexter.  I know another little kitty who likes to do the same thing

I worked non-stop basically from 7am – 5pm, but of course I broke for lunch…

Yummy Scrumboes

Two whole wheat tortillas topped with leftover chicken from last night’s dinner, shredded cheese, salsa and lettuce.  I love being home for lunch, though I could have easily created this at work.


My neck was hurting basically all day, and it was difficult to find a position I was comfortable working in.  With my hurty neck, lack of people to talk to (besides my kitties – Andy was off work today but he was out golfing), and staring at my computer screen all day wishing for my magazine to lay itself out, I felt a little cranky and restless by the time Ando returned from golfing.

After he asked me if I would mind removing my grumpy (read: pajama) pants, I decided something had to be done.  So around 5pm, I changed into my running clothes and headed outside for a run.

Schweaty Time.

With a hair tie!  And yes, I wore those super sexy glasses.  I didn’t feel like making eye contact with anyone.

That quote about being one workout away from a good mood?  So. True.  I feel like I ran all the crankiness out of my mind, and the kink out of my neck (well, almost).  Sometimes I feel like body aches can actually be cured with more exercise.  Don’t take my advice, I am not a personal trainer and I probably don’t know what I’m talking about!  But when I first started running I got pretty bad shin splints, and the more I ran, the more they went away.

I ended up completing my usual 4.5k loop route.

So anyway, I am feeling much betta now, and I am off to watch Big Brother!

Question of the Evening

  • Do you find if you have a MINOR injury you can work it out of your body with exercise?

13 responses to “A Sneaky Culprit

  1. You have a skinny runner tee-shirt!! I love it!!

    Also…I saw that Tweet and wondered – makes perfect sense now 🙂

  2. Hahahahahaha you totally messed up your neck because of that hair tie. I don’t know how you managed without one! I would die.
    Your cat is adorable!!!!!!! I feel sometimes when my back is sore it feels better if I get up and moving- running, yoga, etc! 🙂

  3. Oh no I am so sorry to hear about your neck! But uhh yeah, that is probably the reason!!
    And your cat is adorable, my cat Midnight does the same exact thing and looks just like yours 🙂

  4. hhaha. “I didn’t feel like making eye contact with anyone.”

    umm.. here’s a story. I have a player on my MS field hockey team who refuses to put her hair up. ever. absolutely refuses. it fathoms my mind.

  5. I’m sorry about your neck pain! Cricks in the neck are THE WORST! I had one once and I couldn’t turn my head for almost a week! I’m glad you felt much better after your run!

  6. Well, you know I feel your pain as I had a crick in my neck for about a year. Yay to baby and breastfeeding hormones!
    So funny it was because of your hair tie!
    Congrats, the boot camp didn’t hurt because you are really in shape!
    Oh kitties. I wish Marbles was like that. She is the alloof kitty. Though she is really keen with me being up in the middle of the night lately and always comes for a snuggle when I’m done feeding the baby. of course this is when I’m least interested due to my current sleep deprivation.
    I find with working out, that there is a difference between injured and just sore from another workout or something acute. Working out when sore from another workout or acute injury is fine, but chronic injuries should really be taken seriously and working out should be based on the advice of a health practitioner (doctor, physio, massage therapist).

    • I can’t imagine having a hurt neck for that long… I hope you are pain-free foreva!
      haha, the aloof kitty. At least she is cute!
      Yeah, that is probably true, I have never had a “real” injury (knock on wood), but if I did I’d probably get it checked out before I messed myself up further.

  7. Ughh I hate those pains. There isn’t much you can do about them either. I woke up with a sore shoulder & I knew it was from sleeping on it wrong. The only thing I find that helps if my back hurts is to do some yoga backbend stretches to crack it.

    I want those sunglasses right meow.
    I always wear sunglasses when I’m outside exercising.

  8. Aaah the disappointment of looking down and realizing trusty hair tie is not on my wrist where it is clearly meant to be.

    (Also don’t understand how some people manage to workout with their hair down and not get it all sweaty? If there is a secret I would like to know.)

    Glad you’re feeling better!

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