Like Warm Blueberry Pie

Hello friends, happy Sunday!

When I awoke this morning, I had only one thing on my mind…pancakes!

Yummy Little Cakes

I’ve been making the same oatmeal pancake recipe for a while now, so today I thought I would switch it up a bit.  I bought a couple pints o’ blueberries yesterday so I thought blueberry pancakes would be the perfect way to use some up.

I didn’t want to throw blueberries into any ol’ pancake mix though, I wanted a healthified version, so I browsed around a bit before settling on a recipe for Blueberry Pie Pancakes from Chocolate Covered Katie.

They truly tasted like blueberry pie in pancake form.  So delicious.  And with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, and more than a cup of blueberries in these babies, they are a healthfest as well as a yumfest!

Like Warm Blueberry Pie

I followed Katie’s recipe exactly, except I used brown sugar to replace the stevia, and my mix was looking a little dry, so I added an egg.  I am not vegan, so this worked out well for me.  I also doubled the recipe to make six insanely thick pancakes instead of three.

I layered mine with PC honey Greek yogurt and pure maple syrup and dug in!

Impossibly Yummy

Perfect Sunday breakfast.

I just want to quickly share a video with you guys.  I heard a new song on one of the satellite Galaxie stations the other day and I liked it immediately, so I looked up the video, and my like quickly turned to love!

I love simple videos that actually have something to do with the lyrics.  And I love that these guys used all their friends to make this.  Sounds like something I would do… I have a feeling Acres of Lions is about to blow up in a big way.

Enjoy your Sunday!

What are your favourite kind of pancakes?


9 responses to “Like Warm Blueberry Pie

  1. My favourite pancakes are my Mom’s!!! 🙂

  2. Oh my doe these look glorious! I love the layering you did… like an amazing pancake sandwich 🙂
    My favorite are either blueberry, banana or chocolate chip! Classics but perfect

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    That looks like some kind of brilliant ice cream sandwich 🙂

  4. Oh my — those pancakes look amazing!!! You’re definitely a better flipper than I am. That pancake sandwich looks to live for.
    My favourite pancakes are dark chocolate chip with banana slices!

  5. Believe it or not, I have never had a pancake with fruit in it. I am so boring when it comes to pancakes, I like them plain with…..Vegemite. Yes, I know, I am a little odd when it comes to pancakes. Even my Vegemite loving family and friends would never have it on pancakes – It’s my mother’s fault. She used to put the stuff on my dummy (pacifier?) when I was a baby.

    I have never heard of a Jack & Jill, but they sound like a fantastic idea and look like so much fun.

    I love how you get more work done at home rather than at work. I think if we worked together we would never get anything done and get fired. In my old office job, I was actually banned from other peoples offices and work areas because I was “too distracting”. One of my supervisors actually moved me away from everybody else once because a friend and I were telling jokes and laughing too much, he grabbed my chair, wheeled me into an empty office, brought my work into me and I wasn’t allowed out for the rest of the day – I miss work!

  6. BTW, I was wondering if you have a Q & A section??

  7. Glad you like our video! It was really fun to make.

  8. Your pancakes are making me drool…..
    My favorite are blueberry!!

  9. Awe man, I want blueberry pancakes! What made them taste like pie?
    I love the sandwich. I looks so much like the ice cream variety. Yum!
    My fav pancakes are chocolate chip. I love melty chocolate!!

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