Busy but Healthy

Hello lovers from other mothers.

It’s FRIDAY!  I have never been so excited for a weekend, ever.  Working 12+ hour days will do that to you.  But thankfully my stretch of being ridic busy is pretty much over.  I’ll be busy, but not crazy don’t-talk-to-me-or-I-may-roar-at-you busy.  Today at 4:00 was the light at the end of the tunnel!  Phew.

And you know what I’m doing tonight?  NOTHING.  Not a thing.  I’m not even making dinner.  My own lover from another mother and I just ordered pizza, so I am annihilating that and then I am sweatpantsing it up and catching up on leisuring, hardcore.

I hope you guys enjoyed Dawnald taking over my blog for the last couple of days as much as I did.  New Orleans looks like a good time!  Although I will say, veggies looked pretty darn elusive down there.

Oh right, besides turnip greens.

I love healthy eating and the way it makes me feel, but when there is chance to indulge, I take it, so I’m sure I would have been all up in that beignet’s grill and all over those deep fried dishes.

On the reg though, I like to keep it on the healthy side of things.  And something that I have been thinking about this week is that making healthy eating a priority takes a bit of prep time.

I’m sure me talking about being busy is annoying, because everyone is busy, so this is the last time I’ll mention it.  But being busier than usual means things fell by the wayside for me, like house chores (hi dishes, I WILL do you), and keeping my office organized…

Trashed Office at 7am

I am cleaning that sucker first thing Monday morning.

But something that did not suffer was my eating.  Healthy eating is important to me, so I carved out time specifically for food prep and let other things slack.  Priorities.

Luckily I was still at home or at work, and not just OUT, so healthy eats weren’t as tricky as they could have been.  But it would have been easy for me to just eat out after working all day (um, like tonight), or throwing a sodium-packed frozen dinner in my oven, or running downstairs to the convenience store (yes, there’s a convenience store IN my building) at snack time and grabbing a chocolate bar instead of a healthy snack I packed for myself.  It takes a bit of extra time, but for me, it is worth it.

So let’s get to my busy eats!

Yog Bowl

Greek yogurt bowls with fresh fruit and All Bran cereal worked for a couple of breakfasts or a snack! (I made that one tiny box of All Bran last for four separate yogurt bowls.)

Oh, and PS, when the peaches are sliced up like this they don’t hurt my lips.  But since you guys were so darn curious about that, I’ll probably do a post on how the fuzz hurts me.

An easy work lunch:

Bagel Party

Cheddar cheese melted on a whole wheat bagel (broiled in the toaster oven, actually) topped with tomato, and sliced cucumber on the side for yesterday’s lunch.

On Wednesday my building had a hotel tradeshow offering a free Subway lunch, so I abandoned my packed lunch, ran downstairs for .2 seconds, made eye contact with no one, and just grabbed this:

I ❤ Subway

A yummy veggie sub.  Oh, and a cookie…

And I Lurrrrve Subway Cookies!

Because I can’t resist Subway cookies.

And peanut butter smeared on a heated whole wheat tortilla makes a quick and filling healthy snack!

Lots o' PB fo' Me

Fiber + good fats = win.  I folded that baby up to make a peanut butter quesaDILLA.  Add sliced apple or a banana to this baby to amp it up even further.

And a big ol’ salad makes an easy, nutritious dinner.

Here's da Veggies!

Pretty healthy eats all week long!

But I had a big meeting today, and I finally went a little crazy and indulged 😉

Morning snack:

Lil' Pastry Action

x2, whoops!


Ginormous Lunch

Chicken souvlaki + rice + veggies + salad = YUM. FEST.

Annnnnd then dessert:

Dessert Time

I had to reward myself for all my hard work, you know 😉

Well friends, I am outta here!  Let the leisuring begin!

Have a great night!  HAPPY FRIDAY!

Questions of the evening:

  • When you are busy, do you find the time to make healthy eating a priority?
  • Do you have any go-to meals or snacks that you find easy to make when you are a busy beaver?

10 responses to “Busy but Healthy

  1. I definitely make healthy eating a priority even when I’m busy- if I don’t then I’ll just feel like crap haha.

  2. For the record….a little pastry action gives you a little sugar boost = essential, especially when work has taken over the “work/life” balance thing!

  3. Healthy eating is always a priority! Especially when I don’t have much time to exercise.
    Also, I think my new fav saying is “sweatpantsing it up” which I will be doing all weekend 🙂

  4. I always make time for healthy eating; I would never resort to fast food or anything of the sort. Except Subway — I had that at Cedar Point and omg, the veggie sub completely blew my mind.
    If I know it’s going to be a busy week, I’ll prepare meals ahead of time like soup, chili, stuffed peppers, etc.
    Sweatpants Forever is my motto. You can have it too. It’s basically what I think whenever I’m wearing sweatpants because they’re so amazing.
    And I LURVE tomato + cheese sandwiches! That’s such an easy, healthy lunch 😀 Everything looks amazing here, though. And at least the dessert plate is 3/4 fruit 😉

  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    PB on a hot tortilla? It’s like a PB quesadilla! Brilliant 😀

  6. Yep, healthy eating is a priority for this girl, no matter what! I like baby carrots….they’re a good snack that requires NO prep and good to eat when I’ve got a case of the mindless munchies! Also great with PC blue menu tzatziki dip. 🙂

  7. Yay for the busy calming down a bit!
    Eating healthy is super hard when you are really busy. I know, for me, it often also means meetings which = take out lunches and travel which =s eating out every meal. It’s really tough. Not working has provided it’s own healthy eating challenge. Early on in the baby’s life we were too exhausted to do anything except for provide for the baby. Now, I’m out a lot filling my day so I grab things when I’m out. I have a feeling this will change in the winter as I will stay in more.
    Ps. You inspired me to buy peaches!
    I love vanilla yogurt with trail mix. It is filling, yummy and healthy!

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