Superman and Candy Land

Hello little pallies 🙂  I hope you guys are having a great weekend filled with lots of shenanigans.

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday.  This weekend has been flying by for me.

Yesterday morning after a 4k run outside with A-Rod, we hit up his ‘rents for a little bit of brunch action with the rest of his fam.

Brunch Spread

We enjoyed the usual spread (turkey bacon, sausage, broccoli and cheddar quiche, Tortilla Orlando at Dawn, pancake).  And as usual the egg salsa tortillas (Tortilla Orlando at Dawn) were my fave, but I loved everything and cleaned my plate.  I think brunch may be my new favourite meal.

This brunch was in honour of Ando’s grandma’s 90th birthday!

Birthday Girl!

Which you may remember us already celebrating, but her official birthday was on Friday.  I guess if you turn 90 you are worthy of two birthday parties.  I’d take it.

I think this was A’s G-ma’s first birthday in 10 years that wasn’t celebrated at the Mandarin.  Meaning no Mandarin birthday polaroid this year, which I guess isn’t really a big D since she has at least 9 Mandarin birthday polaroid’s that look exactly the same, since she is always the only one in the photo.

Just found this on our fridge, actually:

Anywhooz, obviously I scored some cake, and I also had a little slice of Skor DQ Treatza Pizza.

Dessert Plate

It’s been so long since I’ve had a Treatza Pizza!  I forgot how good they are.  I’m going to start buying these bad boys asap.  My pants say no, but my tummy says YES YES YES.

I’m pretty sure I worked off all of that brunch being Andy’s niece and nephew’s human jumping castle for the rest of the afternoon.


I am almost sad I introduced them to “Superman”, because they are both big fans and request it all the time.


Auntie Lindsey is in high demand.  It’s a tough life.

And then Caitlyn wanted to brush my hair…for 8 bagillion hours.


And I wasn’t allowed to talk, touch my hair, move any body part, and my legs had to be crossed and my head had to be back.  And I had to listen to her repeatedly say “Not beautiful yet!”

Nope.  Not yet.

I sound like I’m complaining, but it’s funny and I like it 🙂  She is the cutest ever, so I will do pretty much anything to play with her.

I also played two rounds of Candy Land with her, and she beat me pretty badly both times.

Candy Land!

Do you guys remember that game?!  I used to DIE for it when I was really young.  The ice princess was my favourite (because she was the prettiest, and closest to the end).  I kept getting stupid Jolly with his gumdrops and had to go back to almost the beginning.

I know there is absolutely zero skill or strategy involved in Candy Land, but I officially suck at it.  I played a few years ago with A-Diggity and Taylor and lost like 5 games in a row also.  Terrible.

I will stick to Guitar Hero (which I have a really weird natural skill for.  I play on expert, and sometimes I don’t even know what my fingers are doing.  I once randomly won $100 in a Guitar Hero contest in a mall.  Those 12 year old boys didn’t stand a chance.)

I have to get a bunch of shtuff done today, so it looks as if my leisuring days are over.  Ohh well.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Question for ya:

  • What was your fave board game when you were a kid?

I LOVED Candy Land, Operation, Hungry Hungry Hippos and TROUBLE!

  • What game or sport are you naturally good at?

14 responses to “Superman and Candy Land

  1. My fav boardgame was the game of LIFE! Loved it! I used to pretend whatever boy I had a crush on at the time was my husband etc. Those were the days eh! 🙂

  2. Mmm…I love brunch too! And, oddly enough, I have never played Candyland. I was into Sorry!, but NOT Monopoly, after being forced into playing with my sister WAY too many times!

  3. too many but one is monolopy 🙂

  4. OMG I was obsessed with trouble!!! Best game ever :D. I also really enjoy playing cards!

  5. How ironic you liked the princess

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  7. LOVE Candy Land!! I was such a sneaky kid though and I used to try to cheat and hide the ice princess card under the board to then use to help myself win. Terrible!!

    Also, I’m not sure if DQ still has treatsa pizzas here in the states. At least I haven’t seen them in a long long time. I used to love those!

  8. Brunch is totally my favourite meal!
    I love DQ cakes of all shapes and sizes. My mom has been really into bringing them to parties lately because she lives around the corner from a DQ. It’s a-ok by me!
    I was never into Candyland, but I did love TROUBLE and Hungry Hungry Hippos. I also loved SORRY! Ramoli, Guess Who? And Mall Madness.
    I don’t want to hear you were bad at something random. It goes against everything I think or believe about you.
    I’m pretty good at Scabble and decent at most sports.

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