I Love to Eat and Everybody Knows It

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for your concern yesterday about Winnie.  All of your comments lifted me up 🙂

Miss Winnie kitty is doing much better today.  I called the vet this morning and they said there is no need to come in yet since she is doing better on her own.  So the plan is to monitor her for a couple of days, and if she is not improving it will be a party at the vet.  So that is that for now.

Onto other things…

I Like to Eat

Yes, it’s true, I like to eat a lot.  You guys have probably already used your powerful detective skills and discovered this all on your own, but even before I started my blog, I have always been known for my love of eating.

It is not a fact that eludes my coworkers, and I would say probably the biggest running joke in my office is my love of eating.  If there is mention of food at any time, guaranteed some sort of joke about me eating will follow.  I’m sure you guys remember the lunch thief incident.  I don’t mind at all (it makes me laugh), and I probably bring this upon myself, but these little jokes are definitely something that liven up my day.

If a mass email is sent out about any sort of food function in my building, my boss will forward the email to me and usually say something like “Did you see this?! Free food!”  Obviously I didn’t miss the first email, but I like it.

Anyway, I was cleaning out my email tonight and I found a few that made me laugh.  They are always between boss and my coworker Brian.  Always.  Those two are the Lindsey loves food ringleaders.

Oh, when Doug says the Princess, he is referring to me.  I have no idea why…Brian started that one.  And I call him Lord Byron 😉 <- throwback post!

And then the next year…

And another time…

Obviously I couldn’t let that one go…

And then there was the time I won a $50 gift card for cheese on Twitter, because I said I loved cheese (and I do) in my Twitter profile.  For weeks I was known as the cheese connoisseur, and I would regularly get emails like this:

I responded in kind…

Honestly, it is these sorts of things that take my job to the next level.  I love that they love and encourage my foodie silliness and think that it’s funny.  It’s great.

As you guys may remember, my Office Bestie Lexy is currently on maternity leave, and her replacement Liz has been informed of my love of food and has already jumped heavily on the bandwagon.  There was a meeting today and afterwards there was a bunch of leftover cookies, so she brought them straight into my office proclaiming “These are for you!”


Cookies fo’ me?  This girl is after my own heart.  She is a big gluten-free eater also, so last week when there was a free Subway lunch downstairs she offered to grab an extra sub for me!  Let’s not get too crazy, but this is nice to have around.

I should end this by saying that yes, I am an indulger, for sure, and I do not count my calories.  However, because I eat pretty healthfully on a regular basis, I allow myself to indulge if I have the chance.  I typically eat about an 80/20 split, I’d say.  80 healthy, 20 treats!  That is just on the reg, and may switch up.

Oh, and you bet those cookies came with a free lunch

Yummy Free Lunch

A big ol’ chicken quesadilla.  Probably cooked in a bunch of oil, and not healthy.  But you know what?  My lunch was balanced by a very healthy breakfast.

Bowl of Oats!

Oatmeal cooked on the stove with almond butter and banana, and I added craisins, and pure maple syrup at the end.

It is all about balance my friends!

Have a great night!

Question of the evening:

  • What is one funny thing your friends/coworkers make fun of you for?

15 responses to “I Love to Eat and Everybody Knows It

  1. Omg thanks for the laugh of the day!

  2. I do not count calories… Otherwise, I’d probably be up to like over 3,000 some days. It’s insane to try to do it. I spent too many years worrying about the numbers instead of the content.
    And my coworkers call me Elle Woods for my insane amount of pink clothing + accessories lol.
    Those emails are hilarious… the Big Cheese one was my favourite. Seems like a fun office environment!

  3. Haha I love you…emails and correspondence like that would definitely make a work day brighter!! And I’m so glad that Winnie is doing better :).

  4. I had to wear a walking boot after tearing a tendon, and my coworkers drew me a birthday card about how they tried to talk the people at Macy’s into letting them buy me one shoe (but they just didn’t go for it). Your coworkers sound like a trip!

  5. I too am a free food lover!! However, my office makes fun of me for being a “smiley” girl. Because I like to put smiley faces on informal emails and letters that I write.

  6. Free cookies = love. This girl sounds like a good replacement!

    Haha it really does sound like an awesome office environment. I don’t know how I’ve hidden it from my work colleagues but I am a major blondie face. Forget everything, all the time. Undercover blonde. 😉

  7. People in my office think of me as the health police as in “Oh we can’t let Sam see us eating this”. Not sure why, since I don’t outright harass people about their choices but hopefully it makes them think twice about the 3rd can of Coke!! Those emails are too funny!

  8. I’m all about the 80/20 because I, too LOVE to eat!!!! I am also often mocked for this…and for sometimes being a little obsessive about details when making healthy food.

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  10. Oh, it was so fun to read over those emails! I was laughing so hard. I love the Lord and Mr. Shetland Pony. It’s nice to know you take the brunt of the food teasing. It allows me to quietly go about my foodloving business and reap the benefits of our coworkers making sure your food needs are taken care of.
    How nice of Liz to think of you like that 🙂
    You know what they tease me about; my inability to take care of plants (luckily this doesn’t apply to children) and my web of questions that I suck people in to (I didn’t have my office placed where it is by mistake).

    • Haha, so true! You are quieter about your love of food, but I know you love it just as much as me! Oh, except in the first stages of your pregnancy. You were not food-oriented then.
      Yes, you are the plant killa! And Spider Lex 🙂 I miss you, it was so great to see you yesterday!

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