Weekend of Treats

Sup buttercups?!

Thanks for all your comments on my first video blog :).  I think I was actually more nervous talking by myself to the camera than I would be talking to a room full of people.  Kind of weird, but I think it was because no one was there to give me any feedback, and I am alllll about the feedback.

When Ando watched it he mentioned that he didn’t think the video fully captured my “essence” because I seemed nervous and I said the word “um” a bajillion times.  I totally agreed with him, but I enjoyed doing it and I just may do another one sometime soon.  Hopefully I’ll be able to relax more the second time.  And not say “um” 10 times a minute 😉 (not even an exaggeration).

Also, thanks for your pumpkin tips!  I went grocery shopping today, and look what I found!


Hiding out in the baking isle with the pie filling.  Of COURSE that’s where it would be!  Yowza, that was a huge blonde moment for me.  I am going to blame that on me trying to rush through the grocery store on a Friday after a long work week :).

Anyway, stay tuned for some sort of (hopefully) yummy recipe featuring de pumpkin goodness.

So, this weekend was absolutely terrible for me on the eating front.  Alejandrew’s parents were away so we stayed at their house with his grandma (who lives there), and she kept feeding us treats!

Yummy Baked Goods

Ando’s grandma reminds me of Claudia in The Babysitter’s Club because she has treats hidden everrrrywhere.  Any drawer you open, guaranteed you will find a box of Junior Mints, Chocolate Buttons, Smarties, TimTams, Chocolate Mallows, or Penguin Bars.  Chocolate everywhere!  Honestly when we lived there for a year while we were waiting for our house to be built, I gained almost 20 pounds!

And she always has tons of baked goods kicking around.  Throughout the weekend I consumed a strawberry tart…

A red velvet cupcake with whipped icing…

One of those pastries with the cream filling that are in the box with the rest of the goodies in the above pic.

And Andy and I shared a cinnamon bun.

Annnd we also shared a box of Junior mints and a macaroon.

Luckily I don’t believe that one bad weekend in the eating department will make you gain a million pounds, BUT I like healthy eating and how it makes me feel (awesome and energetic), and right now I am feeling pretty gross.  This is why I cannot have any of those goods around our house.  If I have that stuff sitting around, I can’t not eat it.  I am a huge out of sight, out of mind girl.

This weekend felt like a getaway, so I went to town on the goodies and didn’t give it a second thought, but I will be happy to get back to my regular eats tomorrow morning.  A clean slate.

We also took grandma out for dinner yesterday to Swiss Chalet, a Canadian rotisserie chicken restaurant, and his g-ma’s fave (actually, probably every older person’s fave restaurant).

I kicked off my meal with a cup of their chicken noodle soup, which is so delicious and tastes homemade!

For my main course I selected the Southwest Rotisserie Chicken Flatbread with a side of Greek salad.

The flatbread was new to the menu and included Monterey Jack cheese, roasted red pepper, and Southwest mesquite sauce.  It was pretty dang yummy and I was impressed.

I also snapped a pic of this morning’s breakfast…

A little over-easy egg sammy on whole wheat bakery bread.  Nothing says Sunday morning breakfast like eggs!

I had a great couple of days away.  A-Rod’s parents have a beautiful property and it was so gorgeous outside, we had an awesome time hanging out and enjoying the weather.

Andy's 'Rents Backyard

I also started and finished Room this weekend.

I LOVED it.  Could not put it down.  It was so different than any book I’ve ever read.  I highly recommend it.


As soon as I got home today I went for a run.  It was pretty tough mentally at the beginning, I had to convince myself constantly for the first couple kilometres to keep running and not turn around and go home.  I was feeling lethargic and just blarg.  But I kept going, and in the end I completed 5k.  Success!

I am feeling a little better about my weekend of treats now.

I’m off to enjoy my Sunday evening.  Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Question of the Evening:

  • Do you avoid buying treats or “bad foods” at the grocery store?
  • When you do indulge, what kinds of high cal treats do you enjoy?
    I used to be really bad around Jos Louis, Flakys, those little duo-packed cupcakes with the swirl icing, etc.  But I do not eat any of that pre-packaged sugary stuff anymore.  When I indulge it is usually on bakery goods.  And cookies!

8 responses to “Weekend of Treats

  1. Oh yes, I absolutely avoid buying those things because if they’re sitting in my pantry then I’ll be more likely to eat it when I may not actually really want it haha. And I wish I could read for fun right now- too bad my reading is consisting of research articles and textbooks.

  2. My other g-pa was totally the same (rest his soul). It was awesome. He loved treats! Mark’s dad also has a chocolate drawer.
    I too am the same and can’t resist the treats when they are living with me.
    OMG Swiss Chalet is my G-pa’s fav restaurant! Last time I was there I tried the new flatbread. It was awesome. Of course, I went with my G-pa.
    I am a cookie monster. I love them so much!! Usually when I indulge it’s on ice cream. I love, LOVE ice cream.
    Oh man, I used to love Flaky’s and co! This summer I had one of those swirl icing cupcakes for the first time in years and it was so gross. I didn’t even like it! I kinda want to try a Joe Louie and Flaky to see if it’s the same deal.
    I feel sometimes we’re kinda eating soulmates. I heart you!

    • We truly are eating soulmates! I also LOVE ice cream and I used to DIE for Flaky’s. I would always pull them apart, lick the cream out and then eat each half. So yummy. Okay fine, I still like those.
      Aww, your G-pa. Who doesn’t love Swiss Chalet really? I’m sad we never order from there for lunch anymore.
      I heart you as well 🙂

  3. My grandma is the exact same… except she has candy and ice cream everywhere (I wonder where I get my addiction from).
    I don’t avoid buying treats, but I do avoid the “bad” foods. I buy healthy treats like vitatops, skinny cow ice cream etc. And while those things are processed, that’s a-ok with me. I’m not a 100% clean eater per se.
    When I indulge, I go for something that I can’t get around here all the time (or I’d want it all the time). The cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery in NYC literally melt my heart. I could eat 6 and not blink.
    When I was younger I loved those little packaged swirl hostess cupcakes!!! And omg, those Ah Caramel things.

  4. Your weekend eats looked amazing! I try not to buy too many treats because there are some things I just can’t be trusted with. However, I’ll usually buy one thing that will be my dessert for the week. Lately, it has been some kind of ice cream treat. Yum!

  5. All your eats look so good! 🙂 I dont buy a bunch of sweets and junk food when Im at the grocery store because I dont like the way it makes me feel either. I do have some “healthy” sweet treats around the house like homemade goods, dark chocolate, frozen yogurt etc. 🙂

  6. my grandma used to love swiss chalet. I remember around her birthday tho she used to get sick of it. She had 7 kids and like a bazillion grandkids, so for a few weeks around her bday everyone wanted to take her to swiss chalet. We were all shocked the year she asked if we’d take her somewhere else.
    I’m glad you got some pumpkin 😀

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