(Un)horrible Bosses

I definitely stayed up way past my school night bedtime last night watching The Walking Dead. It is a pretty crazy show, and A-Rod and I finished the entire season. We just couldn’t stop! There are only 6 episodes in the first season though. Six awesome episodes full of awesome zombies.

Normally I’d post a pic right here, but they are kind of disturbing zombie images and I don’t have a disclaimer…

I was a bit on the tired side today, and maybe looked like a zombie myself…but at least my office was quiet.

My Executive Director (boss) and coworker are away at a conference in Newfoundland (lucky) for the rest of the week, and having them out of the office seriously changes our office dynamic. We only have five full-time staff (and four part-time retired teacher-coaches who drop in sometimes, but don’t have office space), so it’s very noticeable when two are missing.

I love working in such a small office environment. You get to know everyone really well, and I consider them my office family.

Office Fam (from a couple years ago)

Seriously, sometimes I feel like my boss is my dad. Yesterday when he was leaving, he was all “and you can call my cell phone if you need anything, and here is the hotel we’re staying in, and here is our schedule…” and I asked “Can you leave us money for pizza?” (he didn’t :()

These little interactions make me actually enjoy coming into work every day. Also, since we work for a non-profit, everyone genuinely cares about their job and the organization, which is refreshing.

Especially my boss. I have never really experienced having a horrible boss, but my current boss definitely takes the cake in the awesome boss department. I honestly cannot say enough about him. He is a hard worker, cares about our organization, and most importantly, cares about the employees.

During my last performance review he told me that what he truly wants for me is to learn and grow in the job. He doesn’t want me to ever feel like I just come into work, do my basic job, and go home. He wants me to feel fulfilled, inspired, and passionate about my work. He is all about learning experiences.

He said something along the lines of “I want to hear about what you’re doing several years from now, and be able to say ‘look at where she is now, look how far she’s come’.”

How amazing is that? No previous boss of mine has ever said that to me.

He has a great sense of humour also, and is easy to joke around with. Obviously we have fun too (and you can check out this post for examples of that).

Or you can just check out this picture:

That is not my boss, that is Lord Byron in his castle of boxes that we built around his desk, but my boss was definitely in on this.

Anyway, onto other things…

Like dinner!

McD's Salad

Yeah, that’s a McDonalds salad. People hate on McDonalds (and as they should, greasy double QP-eezies with cheezies are no good), but I don’t mind their salads. This is the grilled chicken Southwest salad, and with black beans, corn, peppers, and onions, it isn’t bad on the veggie front. I “healthified” it up slightly by using my own dressing instead of their creamy calorie-packed one, and I avoided putting their little taco strips on top. But I kept the cheese, of course. 🙂

I dunno, what do you guys think? Is a salad just a salad to you? I prefer my homemade ones, or Druxy’s amazing ones, but I don’t think a McDonalds salad is terrible just because it’s from McDonalds.

Lunch was leftover Santa Fe Chicken from the other day, and breakfast was peanut butter and sliced banana on a toasted whole wheat bagel.

I am off to meet up with my high school friends for a coffee date. I foresee a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte in my future!

Have a great evening!

Questions for ya:

  • Have you ever had a horrible boss?
  • What do you love about your boss?

7 responses to “(Un)horrible Bosses

  1. I don’t have a boss…I have professors haha. But I definitely have had bad bosses- my first job was hostessing at a restaurant and that one was pretty mean about everything. No fun at all.

  2. That sounds like you have a great work environment! I’m envious 🙂

  3. I have a horrible boss… she’s extremely passive aggressive and does not acknowledge accomplishments.
    But my other boss (editor) is quite a cool dude!
    And a salad is just a salad. The only thing that determines how healthy it is are the toppings and the dressing. It looks like you managed to healthify McD’s! I would have kept the cheese too though.

  4. Your bosses sound amazing!! It’s such a great thing to love a job as much as you love yours. It makes going to work each day that much easier.

    I did have a horrible boss before. Let’s just say that my work life resembled Office Space for a while. It was my first job out of college and luckily I was only there 10 months before going back to school.

  5. Ah that was a McDonald’s salad?! I had no idea their salads looked like THAT! How yummy…I may have to swing by there soon…

  6. Awe, Douggie G. He is like a dad. Still trying to get him to leave you money for pizza, eh? Have they gone for CSSF already?! Wow, time flies! Poor Lindsey never gets to go anywhere 😦
    We do have an awesome office and great job. Sorry though, doesn’t mean I want to come back to work early.
    That was fun and hilarious times with the box castle. That almost makes me want to come back to work early.
    Well, we have the same boss so you pretty much summed him up.
    I once had a boss who yelled at us and put us down. Thank goodness it was only a summer job. Other than that I have been pretty lucky with bosses.

    • I am always trying to get him to leave me money for pizza 🙂
      One member of our office fan is definitely noticeably missing. You know you want to come back early. Hudson can just hang out in my office, I’ll watch him, no prob!

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