Last Day of Boot Camp (+ Healthy Milkshakes)


So tonight was my final outdoor boot camp class (in the dark!). My Teambuy coupon was for 10 classes, and they had to be used in August and September. I actually only ended up going to six classes, due to slacking in August, and not wanting to go 3-4 times a week in September, but since the 10 classes only set me back 10 dolla it’s no biggie.

Seriously killer workout though. I am going to see if there is any sort of boot camp/cross fit class offered at my gym that I would not have to pay extra for. I am member of Goodlife Fitness, which means I can go to any Goodlife in my area. Normally I just go to the Women’s Only Goodlife above the Superstore that is closest to me, but they don’t typically have a very large variety of classes like some of the bigger co-ed Goodlifes do (no spinning, for example).

I also want to get back into going to BodyPump at LEAST once a week. I am thinking if I go to one that is a bit closer to my work, I may actually be able to take a 6am class. We will see how that goes…

I slacked a lot in the workout department for most of the summer, and I want to get back into it. I think boot camp may have revitalized my workout mojo though. I am feeling motivated!

Also, I wore my BIC Band tonight with regular slippery, shiny hair and for the most part it stayed in place! A couple little slippages, but I could just pull it back in place. BIC Band once again FTW!

Onto Eats

Lunch for the past two days has been leftover Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken, so nothing too exciting.

Repeat Lunch

I’ve been feeling pretty lazy on the whole making lunch thing the last few days. Usually I make my lunch the night before so I’m not scrambling around in the morning, or at least plan out what I’m packing. Having leftovers handy made this a breeze. A healthy lunch in seconds. Sign me up.

For dinner tonight I recreated the pork and broccoli stir fry I made earlier this month, because it’s quick and pretty dang yummy.

The only change I made was cooking brown rice to go with it instead of noodles, and then I threw the rice into the wok with the pork and broccoli once it was cooked. I preferred it with noodles, but the brown rice was probably healthier…

After boot camp I reallllly was craving a milkshake. I was tempted to stop at McDonalds or Dairy Queen and grab one, but I resisted the urge.

After my shower, the craving still wouldn’t go away… I have seen other bloggers make milkshake variations (Dawn @ Blonde On A Mission, for one), so I decided to make a healthier milkshake myself. It was amazing!

Crappy pic due to natural lighting around herrre, but meh.

Into my blender went:

  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1/4 cup PC honey Greek yogurt (I didn’t measure, it was a few heaping spoonfuls)
  • 3 ice cubes
  • 1.5 cups almond milk (you could use any milk)
  • 1 capful of vanilla extract (maybe a teaspoon)
  • pinch xanthan gum (optional, to thicken)

Sorry, that’s a crappy recipe. A lot of guessing going on. But it was good! Almost as good as the real deal, and a lot better for you! It made enough for both Ando and I.

Shmanyway, I gotta go. It’s bed time and I am so ready.

Have a great night, and HOORAY for Friday tomorrow!


17 responses to “Last Day of Boot Camp (+ Healthy Milkshakes)

  1. ahhh happy almost friday love!!!! I’m trying to find a gym by me with classes right now — i’m dying for a good one to sneak into my routine. or a good 2-3 even! =)

  2. What an afternoon for me – I have just caught up on 3 pages of Lindsey Laughs!!!

    In regards to the pumpkin – In Australia, pumpkin is a vegetable rather than a sweet treat. I love it steamed or baked or mashed or mashed and mixed in with mashed potato, but my all time favourite pumpkin dish is in a salad – mixed salad leaves, pumpkin, feta and pinenuts (or walnuts). The sweetness of the baked pumpkin really goes well with the saltiness of the feta and the pinenuts, well I think they go with anything. I would love to try some of the canned stuff, but it doesn’t exist here in OZ, so I will have to puree my own.

    How is Miss Winnie doing? I hope she is better and back to her old self!

    I loved your Vlog – it was great to hear what you sounded like and your voice is beautiful so there is no reason for you to not like it. I also love how you sat there for 100 hours getting your hair brushed and not being allowed to move or talk. BTW, I think you’re pretty all the time, even with your hair unbrushed 🙂

    My favourite post was your Busy but Healthy so I added it to my list of favourite posts. Do you have any tips for eating healthy on the weekends??

    P.S. Dawnald’s N’Awlins posts were hilarious!

    • I love your comments! They are so detailed and thoughtful. This comment seriously made my day after I read it 🙂

      Interesting about the pumpkin…but I guess it is just squash! My family never ate it, so I think that’s why I’m kinda weird about it now. But ohh, I have pumpkin plans tomorrow!
      Winnie is 100% back to her normal beautiful self, thank you for asking!

      As for healthy eating on the weekends…I may do a post about this, NOT that I am an expert at all because I struggle with it. I guess have healthy snacks on-hand so you are not tempted with goodies, and try to stay busy. My snacking is always the worst when I am just sitting around at home. If I am out somewhere where the treats are a’plenty, all bets are off. I’m probably eating them.

      Thanks Jane, you are awesome! 😀

  3. Yum that shake sounds delicious :). And I’m glad your BIC band was working again! Yay!

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Haha yey for the BIC band working with your head-shape! (Hey, you said it not me 😉 ) I really have never been a headband girl myself, but then again I don’t know the first thing about fashion (let alone GYM fashion..)

  5. Leftovers are my favourite!! That’s why I always make 100 servings of dinners. No effort required the next couple days after.
    Why can’t those milkshakes go mainstream?! Seriously, why does it have to be a zillion calories/more saturated fat than anyone should have in their lifetime?

  6. Sounds like a good recipe! I think frozen bananas are really the trick for making healthy milkshakes or smoothies so good!! They make them so nice and creamy.

  7. That milkshake sounds tastey! 🙂

  8. Delicious! make me one?

  9. Hooray for the BIC band staying in place for the most part! 🙂

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  11. I love milkshakes. That is all.

  12. OMG! How did you know that?

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