Marlene’s Pink Warriors

If you guys caught my post the other day, you may remember that I was running in the CIBC Run for the Cure 5k race today, in honour of Andrew’s sister’s aunt Marlene.

Go Marlene’s Pink Warriors!

I’d like to say the weather was amazing for the big day, but that would be a lie, sadly. For this time of year, I don’t think it could have been any worse. It was rainy, and 6 degrees Celsius! That is COLD.

Thankfully my teammates and I were all layered up, and the craptastic weather didn’t put a damper on our spirits!

Marlene, Sharlene, Courtney, Dee, Myself

Well, most of our spirits, anyway.

Poor little miss Caitlyn…

I was wearing a workout tank, a jacket, and a T-shirt on top, and I was freezing while I waited for the race to begin, and I didn’t ever get too hot while I was running. Sharlene’s aunt Marlene (who we were running for), gave us all pink gloves when we arrived, which were soo welcome. I don’t know what I would have done without them. My poor fingers would have frozen off.

The atmosphere of the race was so energetic, and also very emotional, as many people were running for loved ones who were currently undergoing intense treatment for breast cancer, had passed away from it, or survived it (like Marlene!).

Starting Area

Most people had a card pinned to their shirt that noted who they were running for, and some included little stories on their cards about their loved ones. I loved reading them all.

I really enjoyed the race course, but it felt a little deceiving to me distance-wise. The first 2.5 kilometres were an out and back loop, which I was a fan of because you get to pass people on the other side as you’re running, and it is the best for people watching. It took my mind off what my body was doing for a while. But the loop came back to the start/finish line, so I thought it was the end!

I wasn’t paying attention to my time, or how far I had run, so when the finish line was in view I started sprinting for it! I then saw volunteers waving everyone passed it, so I kept going for a minute or so, and then noticed a sign that said 3k.

Um, what, 3k?! I thought I was done! That was slightly disappointing…

The remaining 2k were on a paved trail, and though the people watching wasn’t as good, the scenery was pretty nice.

I powered through and finished strong in 29:11, though the race wasn’t chip timed so that may not be exactly accurate. I just kept track of this myself with my RunKeeper app on my iPhone, and I forgot to stop it right away after I crossed the finish line. It may have actually been slightly less than that.

I am very happy with my time, considering I ran my last 5k in April in over 32 minutes. I didn’t think under 30 minutes would have been possible for me! I was excited. I felt so happy and proud of myself afterwards.

I know that finishing a 5k probably does not compare to the feeling you have when you finish a marathon at all, or even a half marathon, but since it is the furthest race distance I have run, it’s the only experience I can talk about. It’s all relative, ya know? When you used to rather get stabbed in the eyeball than run for more than 30 seconds, every run is a big deal!

The other day I mentioned our team had raised almost $24,000 for the cause. We actually came in as the highest fundraising team in our area, and I don’t know the total amount of what we raised yet, but I do know it was over $25,000. Amazing! That seems like enough money to really make a difference.

Can you spot Marlene with her sassy pink wig?

I was so proud to be a part of that team.

Before I left for race-fest this morning I made myself a big ol’ bowl of pumpkin oatmeal.


Yeah, pumpkin oatmeal, something I formerly hated on. It looks gross, but it tasted so good! Now that I have discovered what I’ve been missing out on avoiding pumpkin all these years, I am trying to catch up. I added a few spoonfuls of pumpkin to my cooked oatmeal, as well as a teaspoon of both brown sugar and cinnamon, and sprinkle of the pumpkin pie spice I made yesterday. I then heated it for about 30 more seconds to make sure the pumpkin was nice and warm.

And I also crumbled a Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal cookie on top before shoveling that bowl down. It was perfect pre-run fuel. It left me feeling full, but not gross, and I had zero tummy troubles during the race.

Some other foods consumed today: a bag of sour cream and onion PopChips that I snagged from the finish area, Greek yogurt with fruit and a bagel with cream cheese as soon as I arrived home, two coffees, homemade crock pot chicken noodle soup (<– recipe is there if you want to make it – it is comforting and delicious!)

Chicken Noodle Soup

A pumpkin spiced oatmeal cookie, and a chocolate chip blondie (made with chickpeas – this is still mind-boggling to me!)

Chickpea Blondie!

Some other fun stuff went down this weekend that I want to blog about, but all I want to do right now is crawl into bed with A-Diggity and the kitties and watch a movie…or Breaking Bad 🙂

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


18 responses to “Marlene’s Pink Warriors

  1. Ahh! Congrats on your first race (and for being a part of a a great cause)!

  2. Awesome job on the 5k!!! The amount of money you guys raised is amazing! And I love all of the supportive pink 🙂

  3. Great job on the 5k!! 😀 What all of you did was awesome!
    Your pumpkin oatmeal looks great!

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Congratulations 🙂 Breast Cancer awareness activities hold a special place in my heart– I have several close friends & relatives who are survivors.

    Great cause & great time 😀

  5. So so proud of you! Your time will definitely be an inspiration for me.

    As for pumpkin – I’m putting up a pumpkin chai smoothie recipe this week. Maybe we’ll fully convert you yet 😀


  6. So proud of you, this is amazing, and of course for a great cause 🙂

  7. YOU GO, GIRL! I have such a special place in my heart for breast cancer races now. I love the notecard idea!

  8. You know what, that 5k isn’t a marathon..its better!! Starting out in running is always the hardest and you pushed yourself and totally rocked a sub 30 which is fantastic all the while raising money and awareness for a great cause. You should be sooooo proud!!!

    My running habit got started with the CIBC Run for the Cure too and I still look back at it as one of my biggest accomplishments!!

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  10. Yay for embracing pumpkin and Run for the Cure! I like to do this race, but missed out this and last year because of previous long race commitments! And breaking 30 feels so good…go you!

  11. Oh yeah, I remember getting dressed in my running gear on Sunday, opening the door, seeing it was freezing-cold raining outside and promptly shutting the door and getting back into my pjs. Thanks for getting out there! Those races always make me super weepy.
    It is all relative! Your race is just as important as someone’s marathon because it’s all about personal accomplishment and getting out there. Way to go!

  12. Congrats on your first race! Love the name of your team and thats amazing to run for a cause! p.s. love your header! it made laugh out loud!

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