The Cookies Have Gotta Stop (WIAW, Cookie Edition)

This really needs to stop happening.

You guys know I love cookies. I profess my love for them in about 90% of my posts, I’d say. So even if you just skimmed though my blog without reading anything, there are enough pictures of cookies for you to get the memo that yes, I love cookies.

But seriously, if I don’t stop eating cookies, I am going to be 8 bagillion pounds. The amount of cookies that have made their way into my office recently would make even the Cookie Monster jealous.

I. Can’t. Stop. Eating. Cookies.

This is a really meeting-heavy time of year in our office. We have a lot of committees that meet, and our office is the “corporate office”, so therefore the home base. These meetings typically take all day, and obviously we need to feed the attendees, because who can make an executive decision on an empty stomach?


No one, that’s who.

We usually order lunch from the same place, and with lunch comes a platter of cookies. Every time. We have had three meetings so far this week (and another tomorrow), which means three platters of cookies.

Sometimes I will piggyback on the lunch. But because I’m not usually in these committee meetings, I kind of feel like a vulture showing up in their boardroom at lunchtime with a plate in my hand. Obviously I am only there for one thing.

So unless leftovers are brought upstairs, I will usually hold back. I do have some restraint (contrary to what some people may believe).

Cookies are another story though.

Today’s lunch was lasagne, and I was quite satisfied eating my leftover chicken noodle soup…

But I knew there were cookies downstairs…and they were calling to me. After I finished my soup, I wandered downstairs into the boardroom to snag a quick little cookie. Sneaking in for a cookie, saying hi to everyone, and ducking back out is no biggie. And one cookie is no biggie.

But once the meeting is over, the remainder of the cookies are brought back up to our office. And since everyone knows about my love of cookies, they are brought into my office. What do you do when someone sets 30 cookies down in front of you and says, “I brought these for you!”

I try to say “Oh no no, I really can’t eat another cookie…” (halfheartedly, fine)

But then they say “Hey, didn’t you run 7k yesterday? You deserve a cookie!”

That’s true. I did. I do deserve a cookie. Or 30?

This is my own fault. I am the one going around raving on to anyone who will listen about how much I love cookies, because it’s true! I love them so much it’s hard to keep quiet about it.

That is the problem. I love cookies so much that I can’t say no to them! If you bring a platter of cookies into my office, I could easily eat the entire platter!

Shmanyway, that is my rant for the day. I don’t know what else to say about that. I ate a ridiculous amount of cookies and then I felt sick. (Note: I am exaggerating when I say I ate the entire platter. That would just be crazy. But it was still too many!)

At least I hit up BodyPump after work to hopefully counteract some of that cookie goodness…or turn it into muscle or something.

Something needs to be done though. I may have to go on a cookie strike or something. I don’t know. One cookie keeps leading to several more, and it has to end!

I’m gonna sleep on it.

And on that note, it is way past my bedtime. Later gators!

PS – I updated my playlists page with my 5k Run for the Cure playlist if you want to check it out! Some good tunes on there, in my opinion.

PPS – I’m almost too late, but Happy WIAW!!! (Thanks Jenn, you are awesome :))


28 responses to “The Cookies Have Gotta Stop (WIAW, Cookie Edition)

  1. I love cookies to. They are just to good to not eat. 🙂

  2. Oh I’ve definitely gone through similar periods where I can’t say no to a certain junk food- I think my last time was fro-yo. You’ll totally be able to do it! 🙂

  3. Okay, I also have this problem, and usually fail at not eating cookies (or whatever delicious food is put in front of me). BUT sometimes, I can beat my urge, and I will tell you how I do this:

    It is not easy, but I try to reframe the way I think about cookies. My problem is that I always get super excited and tell myself that cookies are a treat and I should treat myself, and then I eat a million. So what I try to do is tell myself that there are many, many cookies in the world. And in fact, there will be many, many cookies in my life. So, I don’t need to eat THESE cookies today, because tomorrow or the next day there will probably be more cookies that I can eat then. I also try to think about just how proud of myself I will be at the end of the day if I actually had enough willpower to say no to a cookie, and it is usually a pretty good feeling!

  4. There is never a bad time to eat cookies. Ever. The softer, the better!

  5. I feel you on being tempted by treats at work… my desk is RIGHT next to the unofficial “leave your treats here and people will eat them” table. Yesterday there was a huge bowl of halloween candy. Today there are homemade caramel-apple cupcakes. Lord save me.

  6. c is for cookie, good enough for me.

    p.s. I have always adored that cartoon from the oatmeal.

  7. Cookie muscles ….. =D
    And I always hate that feeling after you know you’ve overdone it on something sweet. But it feels so right in the moment, haha.
    Just insist on bringing your own healthy cookies so that maybe people will get hooked on those and you won’t feel as bad about it!

  8. That must be rather difficult when people are constantly bringing them to your office… I mean that is just cruel!

  9. Oh, I feel you pain my friend. Cookies are just…I can’t even find the word. Especially big soft chewy ones. I have a favourite cookie recipe. I’m serious when i say that these are the BEST cookies in the world. I only make them at Christmas, to give as gifts. And I have to make twice as many as I actually need to give, because I can literally eat a whole batch in a day. Not all at once…but 3 cookies when they’re still warm, another two after lunch, one for a snack (hey, walking by the kitchen works up an appetite), three more for dessert, a few before bed… It’s seriously a problem. That’s why I’ll only make them at Christmas. So yeah, I get it.

  10. bahahaha happy wiaw my darling cookie monster =)

  11. I would say that for the cookie factor, it is easier just not to start on the average day (I know that’s not easier)….but it’s easy for one cookie to turn into 2 then 3…then 10. Don’t swear off cookies though…that will only make you angry and bitter and lead to failure.

  12. survivingcandyland

    Cookies are evil. Why are they so freaking good? I made a batch the other day for an event, but when they were sitting out I ended up eating like 2 and a half. Epic fail. Damn those cookies.

    • Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m pretty sure I’ve consumed about 20 cookies this week and probably eat two and a half on a daily basis…so you’re all good. They are slightly evil, but man, I just love them.

  13. Chips are my weakness. I am in love with them. They are so easy to just snag a few, then a few more…you can’t really count chips. I’m never like “zomg I hate 15 chips today eff.” In my mine I’m like, “oh i only ate like a handful of chips” when in reality I ate HALF THE BAG. And if you throw some dip in there…watch out.

  14. I know the root and answer to your cookie problem, me! See, if I was there I would be eating half of all those cookies, thus not sending you over the cookie edge. Further, I would be picking through all the meeting cookie leftovers before you and eating all the good ones, thus leaving you with just the crappy leftovers like cranberry-raisin oatmeal. You just need to make it through this year and then I will be back to help you with your habit.
    I’m such a great office bestie.

    • This is so true!!! I need to around to keep my cookie eating under control! haha, cranberry raisin oatmeal. Funny you should say that though, I have actually been loving Druxy’s oatmeal cookies lately. Pretty sure they have switched up their recipe.
      You are the bestest office bestie.

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  17. LOL!! I love this post! I used to have the WORST obsession with cookies, eating 20 in a sitting if a baked a batch, or if a bought a box. Thankfully I’m at the point where I can have 2-4 and stop 😛 Just be patient, it takes time. Eventually it’s not a fight anymore to stop after you’ve had enough. Part of what helps me is thinking, “I CAN have more. But do I want them? No. So I’m CHOOSING not to.” Usually it’s a mental trick: knowing they’re not off-limits, but that it’s your own choice not to keep eating 😉 It also helps if I put a little less sugar in them. I find sugar pretty much makes me go crazy. Good luck, cookie monster! haha

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