Kijiji & Prank Phone Calls

Goooood morning!

So last night was very exciting. Ol’ Ando and I had our first Kijiji experience.

I know Kijiji is Canadian, so for my chums in other countries, it is a local classifieds site, similar to eBay, where you can buy and sell things.

Android is looking to sell his iPhone 3GS (I think it is crazy how much money they are still selling for) and buy, well, an Android (don’t even get me started on this, he is going to regret it). He put his phone up on the site yesterday and has already had several people contact him about it. One guy seemed legit, so Andy-pants talked to him on the phone a few times and they made a plan for him to come over last night to pick it up.

Now, this was awkward. We do not usually make a point of inviting strangers into our home, and after we invited the guy over we started to question whether that was a good idea. We knew the guy’s name so I tried googling him first to see what his story was (I am nosy and google everyone), but he had a really common name and was a tricky little minx to look up.

As we were waiting for him to arrive, our imaginations were definitely running rampant with images of what this guy could be like. What if he was in a gang, and showed up with them in tow? What if he robbed us? What if he was Freddy Krueger?

Bad news.

But anyway, no worries, it all worked out okay. Ando and I, our house, and our kitties, are all still intact. The guy actually ended up reminding me of this guy:

Cute and innocent.

And he didn’t bring a gang with him, he brought his dad.

While Ando and Michael Cera were figuring out the phone thing, his dad was regaling me with stories about prank calls, which made me think of the funniest prank call that I have ever received, about 7 years ago.

I had it saved on my answering machine for at least a year, and I made all of my friends listen to it when they came over. I still have it memorized, word for word.

It was spoken with a thick Russian accent, so it will be hard for me to get that across through words, but try to imagine it. Here goes.

“Um, hallo?! This is Yanous calling from 416-657-2693. I call you before to make ze moving for you, but you don’t call me back! We have ze truck with de strong men to make de moving, for as low as the low price of 55 dollars per hour!

We can even do the piano! You know, the one that makes de music….Bang dee bang dee bang. Umm, I don’t know how to play this, but I try.

Or the aquarium, that’s the one with ze fish in it! But in this country, you have de big places. Yanous can help you.

Call me! I am of course Yaaaaanous. Y-A-N-O-U-S. Or you know, if I am not in de place, you can speak with my colleague, his name is Bisdi! B-I-S-D-I. BISDI!

Ohhhhkay, I have to go now to make sandVICH, but I take’a your call. Okay? Bye bye.”

I was dying when I got that message. Dying. Best prank call ever. I wish I still had the recording!


I got home a bit late yesterday with traffic and everything, so for dinner I wanted to make something quick and easy so I could get on with the leisuring.

Quinoa! (Not pasta, don’t let the dish fool you.) I used to be intimidated by cooking with quinoa, but man, it is easy. I made this deliciousness by following my friend Mel’s recipe for beans and rice (casado) recipe, only I used quinoa instead of rice. I cooked my quinoa, added a can of mixed beans in, a can of corn, some spices, salsa and shredded cheddar cheese, and it was good to go. So easy. And I love that this dish tastes meaty without having any meat in it!

I took yesterday off the workout thing, so this morning I woke up early to squeeze in a run. I ended up doing just over 4k and felt pretty good about it. Let the turkey eating commence!

I’m off for a lunch date with Andy-roo and my fam, so I will catch ya later!

Have a great Saturday!

What is the funniest prank call you have ever received?


10 responses to “Kijiji & Prank Phone Calls

  1. NOOOO 😦 Adam got an Android too and I just can’t bring myself to like it. iPhone all ze way!
    That’s a hilarious prank call. A+ on their part.
    I’ve never really gotten any funny prank phone calls, but my friend and I used to prank phone call people all the time. The funniest ones were unintentional, like with the sales phone calls. I’d just tell them about my day, what colour socks I was wearing, etc. We were 10, but we thought it was hysterical.

  2. Um…what kind of android does he want?? Bc I would totally rather get an iphone and my plan isn’t up for a year!

  3. How did you know it was a prank call? Was it one of your friends?

    We bought something off Kijiji once. After we bought it, the guy started offering us all sorts of other stuff. Ummmm…yeah…at that point we kind of got the impression that they were not honestly obtained.

    • I probably should have explained that better. It was this weird moving company that left the message, and they were an actual company, but they were extremely shady. I did some research on them after that message 😉

  4. Oh, and the weirdest phone call I’ve ever gotten (which I think was a sincere call, but to the wrong number) was a guy calling me in the middle of the night, trying to convince me that he hadn’t gotten my auntie pregnant. All they did was go to the movies. Weeeeeiiiiiird. Ha!

  5. When we were away some kids put a “For Sale” sign outside our house on the first night! Not a prank call but still made me laugh when I heard about it!

    I’ve only ever had bad experiences with quinoa – I haven’t tried savoury so will give that a go next!

  6. Oh, kijiji. I am always scared of who we might meet. Mark and I bought our stroller off of there and I was scared we were going to get abducted when we picked it up in Mississauga. You never know what stroller sellers will be like.
    I feel like you might have played that prank call message for me. It sounds familiar and helarious! So funny! Can’t remember a funny prank call I’ve had. People used to call my house all the time when I was young and ask for Wally or the Beave because my last name was Cleaver. But since Leave it to Beaver is now a bagillion years old and prank calling as a 60 year old is lame, we haven’t gotten a call in a while.

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  8. Never received a prank call, but I have given plenty, especially as a kid, you obviously have nothing better to do with your spare time than call random people from the phone directory with funny names. Oh the sophistication.

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