Wedding and Baby-Packed Saturday

Hey hey!

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! If you are Canadian I hope you are eating lots in honour of Thanksgiving. I have been, but my real eat day is today. The rest of the weekend was just prepping my tummy for the goodness to come.

I am so glad it’s a long weekend. My weekend has already been packed full of fun times, and it’s only Sunday. I still have a day and a half of Thanksgiving activities before it is back to work time, so I am thankful for that.

Yesterday in the late morning Andy and I headed over to my Nana’s to pick her up for a little lunch date at my aunt Nancy’s house.

Me and my Nanners

I am just going to, once again, take a moment to highlight how beautiful my Nana is. At 97, check her out! She is still a mobile little ball of positivity, and I still say her skin is amazing. I can only hope mine looks nearly as good as that if I ever get to be her age. Olay moisturizer my friends, every day of her life.

Our lunch date was extra special because my two cousins Chrissy and Allie were visiting from BC with their new baby girls!


From left: Allie and Nora, myself, Chrissy and Isla. The babies are only 17 days apart! Chrissy and Allie’s father, my uncle Andy, passed away suddenly last September, and I find it pretty amazing that less than a year later they both had baby girls (Chrissy also has a two-year-old son Evan, who was napping when the picture-taking was going on).

It was really great to see them, because I don’t get to very often with us living so far apart.

My Nanners was especially excited to see those babies.

Nanny & Isla

The picture above wins for being the most precious picture of the day.

It was a big ol’ family reunion.

Fam Jam

From left: Me, aunt Nancy, Dad, Chrissy, Allie and Nana.

Dad, Nana and I

Check out my Dad’s shirt. I have mentioned a few times how fashionable I think he is ;).

The weather was amazing. Sunny and actually hot. It is the nicest weather I can ever remember having on Thanksgiving weekend. My aunt and uncle have a gorgeous backyard, so it was great to be able to spend time outside.

And you know some eating went down.

Lunch Spread

I snagged a plate full of veggies, ham and havarti on a bun, potato salad, pickles and a slice of kielbasa.

My Plate

And then there was dessert.

Pie Plate

I got a little slice of both pumpkin pie and apple pie. This was actually my first time trying pumpkin pie since I was a kid, and you may remember me confessing my hate for pumpkin pie in my video blog. I gotta say, it wasn’t bad. Still not my favourite pie though, and I preferred the apple (which was amazing!).

Ando and I had a great day with my fam.

Ando and I

Afterwards we had my friend Uncle Leon’s (Leanne) wedding to attend to, so we headed home for a couple of hours to get ready.

I spent a good hour and a half trying unsuccessfully to curl my straight and thin hair with a straightening iron, but it was just not meant to be. My hair is the worst for curling. It wants to be straight and flat all the time. I finally did a last minute hot roller thing, and it worked out alright. It still was not exactly curly, but I guess it had more volume than usual, so I’ll take it.

And then it was wedding time! We only attended the reception so we missed dinner (I had leftover quinoa from Friday), but we made it to the party.

Leanne was such a beautiful bride!

Beauty and the Beardo

I wish I got a full-length picture of her to show you guys the bottom of her dress, because it was amazing, and different than the dresses I have been seeing lately.

Uncle Leon and I

Leon was glowing :).

Most of my high school friends were in attendance, so I had a great time hitting up the dance floor with those gals.

We wanted to take a nice group shot of us…


And mine turned out blurry. Luckily we got a back-up.

Friends + Glasses

If you remember my friend Dawn’s New Orleans guest posts, then you already know that her mom and sister are a good time.

But her dad Bri-Bear is pretty fun as well.

Brenny and Bri-Bear

And was an awesome addition to the dance floor party.

I scored a late night snack of a little sandwich, vegetables, a cookie and a brownie, but it was too dark to snap a pic. It was all very good though.

It was a great day all around, and right now I am off to eat my body weight in turkey and stuffing!

Have a great Sunday!


16 responses to “Wedding and Baby-Packed Saturday

  1. Sounds like an awesome day! Your nana sounds awesome! And that’s so great that she is 97 and doing so well!

  2. oh those family pictures are adorable!

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Am I crazy for not knowing it was Thanksgiving in Canada? haha 😦

  4. What a fantastic day … love the photos of your Nanna and yep your dad’s shirt is totally awesome!

  5. Your Nana is beautiful. My grandmother turned 100 this summer. May we all live such long and healthy lives!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!!! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia and I think it’s a shame. I think every country should celebrate it. We don’t really celebrate Halloween either, but each year it is getting bigger and bigger here, but I think if we are going to take on a new holiday to celebrate it should be Thanksgiving. So this year I am going to do my own Thanksgiving and start it as a new family tradition. Turkey isn’t really a big thing either (we are so boring here in OZ) so we will probably have chicken instead – speaking of turkey, my son saw one at the show last week and screamed “look at that big chicken!”

    I laughed so hard at your “What if he was Freddy Krueger?” and then when I read that the guy had his dad in tow, maybe he thought you and Ando were Freddy????

    I noticed you had A cookie at the wedding so it looks like you have that under control (I wish I did).

    Last note – just a quick check on Miss Winnie. I know she is better, but I just wanted to see how she was doing?? Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

    • That is interesting, I had no idea Australia didn’t celebrate thanksgiving! That is a great idea to start your own family tradition. Any excuse for an eating holiday I say!

      Winnie is 100% back to her regular beautiful and peppy self! All is well. Thank you for asking 🙂 hope you had a great weekend!

  7. Everything about this post is great… so many nice pictures and you look gorgeous lady! I am impressed by your Nana, I hope to look that good when I am older 🙂

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!! mmm that pumpkin pie looks amazing! It took me a while to really love it, but now I think it’s so ridiculously good.
    Your Nana looks awesome! What’s her secret? My g-ma drinks beer and moisturizes religiously, so I’ll bet that’s a winning aging-well formula too.
    It looks like you’re having an awesome weekend. Enjoy your day off!! =)

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  10. Yay Thanksgivie!! Happy time to you! I ate lots and lots. As per usual, I was a turkey eating champ.
    Yay to babies! Yay to Nanners with the babies. Looks fun.
    The weather looks awesome. Sad I missed it.
    Oh, you and your straight hair. Hot rollers are the way to go.

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