A Torturous Run

Yesterday after work (though I worked from home, so after the work day), I changed into my running clothes and headed outside for a run.

It was probably my worst experience with running since I started about a year an a half ago. I was just not feeling it at all, and I have no idea why. I have mentioned before that I sometimes need to talk myself into running once I get started, and in those times I usually feel better in the second half of my run and I pick it up. But this was a serious mental block that lasted the entire time.

On Monday I ran for 5k right after work, and I felt great! I pushed myself and actually finished in just under 30 minutes, which is a PR for me in a non-race situation (and I have only ran under 30 minutes one other time). But yesterday I could not make myself run fast. Every step felt like torture, but not for my body, for my brain.

I tried, and gave up on, my I Win game. I ran through every workout mantra I could think of in my head. I tried everything I could think of to distract my mind from what my body was doing. I listened to every song that would possibly pump me up. I thought of the people who run for hours in marathons. And I just kept thinking to myself “this is the SAME body as Monday, what is my prob? Why can’t I do this?”

I wanted to turn around the entire time, but I made myself run 2.5k so that I’d have to run the 2.5k back. And I finally settled on “I just have to run, I do not have to run fast,” and I didn’t. I ran sloooooow. I guess I jogged, but I really dislike using that word because I feel like it is lame. If you are running, you are running. It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going. I picture joggers at a nice leisurely pace in their matching red sweatsuits with hoods. My run, though slow, was anything but leisurely. No one jogs anymore. It’s a 90s word.

Anyway, somehow I ended up finishing 5k. In about 35 minutes. I was happy with myself for pushing through the running hate and not turning around, I gotta say. And every run still feels like an accomplishment for me, even a crappy one. I needed to remind myself that this time two years ago I could not run for 5 minutes straight without stopping. I have said it before, but not every run can be awesome! Some are just a straight up crapfest.

Food Time

When I got back, all I wanted was dinner. I had put chicken breasts in my crockpot in the late morning and covered them with a can of reduced fat, low-sodium cream of mushroom soup and a cup of 1% sour cream. I turned it on low and let those suckers cook all day, so that when dinner time rolled around, they were good to go!

Easy Crock Pot Dinner

I served the chicken with No Yolk egg noodles and roasted broccoli that I tossed in a bit of olive oil, sprinkled with garlic salt, and then roasted in the oven at 400F for about 20 minutes.

Normally when I eat pasta I am allll about the red sauce. I don’t particularly enjoy fettuccine alfredo, or any kind of cheese sauce, or just plain noodles. I love my Prego tomato sauce! This works out, because tomato sauce is typically better for you (and lower in calories) than cream sauce.

But this soup/sour cream sauce was pretty good, and not heavy on the calories either, so that is a win.

I was home today for lunch, so I made myself egg salad with two hard-boiled eggs, a chopped celery stalk, some green onion, and a bit of seed mustard (which kind of reminds me of Grey Poupon, which always reminds me of Waynes World ;)).

I put my egg salad on a toasted whole wheat bagel smeared with a bit of low-fat vegetable cream cheese, which was a last minute idea and turned out to be a winning combination!

Egg Salad Lunch

Sometimes I find egg salad to be a little bland, and the vegetable cream cheese gave it a little punch, which I was a fan of. Sliced red pepper rounded out this meal.

And I am outta here! I have lots o’ work to do before the weekend. Catcha lata!


  • Do you prefer red or white sauce on your pasta?

13 responses to “A Torturous Run

  1. There’s no such thing as a wasted run. They all count for something, and it’s good for you to realize that your body needed a slow one yesterday. Mine needed a short but quick one instead of the longer one I was planning, and I was bummed that my endurance was lacking but it was still great to get out, get moving and work towards my goals. It’s awesome that you were able to push through it too 🙂 Hope your next one is more fulfilling for you!

  2. bahahhah. Love Wayne’s World.
    That’s great that you still pushed yourself to run 5k! I hate when my legs feel like a million lbs and it’s difficult to run further than 2 blocks.
    And I always think, “Maybe I’m just jogging? Jogging.. or yogging. The j might be soft.” But I don’t know if there’s a difference between jogging or running. Either way, maybe I will invest in a Sue Sylvestre tracksuit.

  3. I usually prefer red sauce by sometimes white sauce is totally the way to go. And I’m so sorry about your run! It happens to everyone (and if it doesn’t they are lying). Props to you for finishing…I probably would have walked haha

  4. I usually prefer red sauce, unless it is spicy. Although I love a lemon/butter/white wine sauce on my pasta, especially if it comes with seafood!

  5. …a sloooooooow run of 5kms in 35 mins …. are you kidding me!! That’s still a pretty damn impressive time for someone who was having a hard time at it!!! Due to my back problem my fitness has gone downhill big time – I get to about 4km’s (mind you this is now walking not running) and I want to ring the hubster to come and pick me up. I just want to be fit again 😦 The eats for the day look delicious.

    • that is a good call, I guess it is not that slow considering I couldn’t even run 5k in that time a year ago. I think it just felt really slow because I was having such a hard time with it.
      And that made me laugh about calling the hubster to come get you…I almost did that yesterday, I was reallllly thinking about it 🙂

  6. If I’m being honest, I like cream sauce, but I almost never order it ’cause it’s pretty bad for you! Mushroom soup can make anything taste good…I used to do a similar recipe in the crockpot but I haven’t in quite some time. And yes, there are some straight-up crappy runs (especially when training for long distances…ugh) but yay you for powering through it! It only makes you stronger!

  7. Ugh! I hate runs like that where you can’t get into it no matter how hard you try. Although I think runs like that can be the most important in making training progress because then you feel more strong.

  8. My favourite is rose (just to be difficult…), but my tummy prefers pasta without cream. I love tomato sauce, even though it can be a bit dull. And I really love egg salad sandwiches! I used to hate them when I was a kid (much to my dad’s dismay), but I grew into them.

  9. Sometimes a run is just craptastic. No explanation, it just is. Just like sometimes a run is super amazing. Good for you for sticking it out for 5km.
    I love egg salad sanwiches!
    My fav sauce is a rosé sauce. I am in the middle.

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