Costumes of Halloween’s Past

Hello friends!

So probably you guys are pretty aware that Halloween is coming up…

I am a HUGE fan of Halloween, mostly because of the candy, costumes, and parties. I was always big into dressing up and making my own costumes, or enlisting the help of my mom to make them.

Halloween Circa Grade 5

I was seriously cool, I am aware. So are stirrup pants.

For the past three years our good friends Shane and Candis hosted a pretty awesome Halloween party, complete with crazy decorations and prizes for best costume.

The first year (2008) I was pretty lazy in the costume department.

Ando and I were vampires, and that was definitely a game-day decision. I’m pretty sure we were at Value Village that day looking for stuff to complete our costumes (pretty sweet cape though!).

Alejandrew took his vampire role very seriously.

He was scary.

The next year I vowed not to leave my costume until the last minute, and I started planning it at the end of August. It was probably my favourite couples’ costume of ours. Can you guess who we are?

Barbie and Ken!!!

That was probably my favourite Halloween year. The party was so much fun. Everyone had awesome costumes, and the night got a little crazy.

Good Times

The Ladies

Check out Amy Winehouse! Her costume was one of the best, for sure.

And last year Andy-pants and I did our own thing, no couples costumes going on. I was the Paper Bag Princess, and he was a sumo wrestler.

Sumo Wrestler & the Paper Bag Princess

His costume killed me. Mainly because of how bowl-legged his costume made him look.

Big Ol' Bowl Legs

I couldn’t not laugh whenever I looked at those legs.

Andy's Legulars

(Edit: It’s bow-legged isn’t it? I don’t care, I’m leaving it. Bowl-legged sounds more funny.)

The Paper Bag Princess is a popular Robert Munsch book character, so here is a picture of the actual Paper Bag Princess if you are unsure of what I was going for.

One of my very fave children’s books!

I used those brown yard waste bags from Home Depot for my costume, and just stapled the crap out of it. I also stapled myself into it, so every time I went to the bathroom I had to do a big re-staple, which got a bit annoying.

Sadly though, as the evening wore on my skirt started to rip…


Until it eventually ripped in half and I had to tear it off and was only clad in leggings.

And this year…I don’t know what to be! All year long I had an idea in my mind, but I have left it to the last minute and now I don’t think it will work out. I definitely still want to do this costume (which is why I’m being cryptic – can’t tell ya, you might steal my idea! ;)), so I don’t want to do a crappy version of it.

I may do Barbie again and save my good idea for next year. We are going to a different party (sad about this!) so hopefully not many people have seen it.

Eat Time

Onto eats!

My dinner tonight was inspired by my good friend Melissa!

Quinoa Shrimp Goodness

She wrote a comment on my shrimp and quinoa stir fry post saying she was trying quinoa for the first time tonight and making this recipe! (the recipe was actually originally my friend Dawn’s.)

Coincidentally I had frozen shrimp thawing in my fridge that I wasn’t sure what to do with, so as soon as I read her comment I was like BAM! That’s what I’m having.

I made a minor change to the recipe and swapped red pepper for sundried tomatoes, as I am not reallllly the biggest fan of sundried tomatoes and find them to be pretty oily.

Closeup of Deliciousness

Lunch was basically last night’s dinner, and breakfast was oatmeal with peanut butter and honey. I took a pic, but honestly it looks so disgusting there’s no point in posting it. The oatmeal was so good though. I kind of stayed away from oatmeal for the past few months but I think it will be making a huge reappearance in my breakfasts. I do love it so much.

Questions of the Evening

  • Are you dressing up for Halloween?
  • What is your costume?

24 responses to “Costumes of Halloween’s Past

  1. I love the Paper Bag Princess costume! Very cute and original. This year I’m dressing up steampunk (well, not for Halloween…for something else in November). My husband is dressing up as a cowboy zombie hunter.

  2. I’m not planning on dressing up for Halloween, but who knows? If plans change, I just may. My fav last minute costume idea I got by googling last minute costume ideas: dress all in black, put a stamp on yourself: blackmail! P.S. I love the Ken and Barbie!

  3. I love the vampire costumes!

    You could be a ceiling fan. Wear a shirt that says “Go ceilings!” on it and then wear a big foam finger and a cap with a C on it.

  4. Love the barbie and ken costumes!! I have no idea what I’m being for halloween this year. I want to get a cute costume, but I just can’t spend that kind of money right now. So, I’ve been thinking of being kind of lazy and being a boxer of some sort- sports bra, shorts, wrapping my hands, maybe a black eye?

  5. The sumo wrestler costume cracks me up!!

    I love your paper bag princess costume. Really original!

    I love Halloween!! I’m dressing up as one of the Spice Girls (Scary Spice) for a race and I think I’m going to be a peacock for going out. Mostly just because I found some peacock shoes I want to buy!

  6. I’d suggest my favourite cheap & easy Halloween costume: grapes! Wear leggings & a purple shirt, stick several purple balloons to your clothing & then on top of the “grapes” on your clothing to make a cute little bunch! 😉

  7. I am going as roadkill. I’m going out into the neighbourhood and finding fur patches that have dropped off of animals and supergluing it to my body. There is also a dead raccoon near the park that should come in very handy.

  8. Hahhaha that Sumo Wrestler costume is AWESOME. The legs just kill me. And your Barbie and Ken costume is so cute! I think I commented on that on Facebook before haha.
    I am still deciding on what I want to be for Halloween, but a large part of me is leaning towards Sailor Moon, just because she’s my favourite superhero.

  9. Has anyone ever told you you look like Kate Hudson? Well, you do (in a good way).

    Love the Barbie and Ken costumes! I love halloween, but also can’t think of what to dress up as. I’m thinking Katy Perry, just because I want to wear a blue wig.

  10. The paper bag princess idea is fantastic! That was a favorite childhood story of mine too, very nice choice 🙂 And I have been mulling over ideas as well… I want to do something creative instead of those dumb store-bought ones that are quite expensive! I was thinking a belly dancer….

  11. Not 100% sure, but I’m seriously considering a treasure troll.
    Imagine how fun it would be to run around in with that hair!

  12. i LOVE the barbie and ken, too cute!

  13. How did I miss this post!? I wanted to be Barbie last year but couldn’t pull it off. I think your Mattel signs really help that costume. Even my hubs reminded me this year of how I’ve been wanting to do that. I need to take some tips from you!

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