Toronto Women’s 5k Run Recap

Hello all you Halloweenie boppers!

I am in fantastic mood today. How could I not be? It is Halloween weekend! Ando and I are hitting up a Halloween partay tonight and I just put the finishing touches on my costume. I am so excited to wear it!

It’s not a repeat costume like I originally thought it would be. Barbie has officially been retired. I don’t want to say what I am being just yet, but I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow.

I love dressing up for Halloween, as I feel like it’s the only day of the year my outfit is completely “put together”. I am pretty low-maintenance in my day-to-day life, I suck at accessorizing, and something is usually off with what I’m wearing. I’m usually missing the right shoes, the right purse, my nails aren’t done, or I’m sans neckless.

But not on Halloween. It is the one day I truly plan out what I’m wearing, and I enjoy getting really into it. Anyone else feel like this?

I also love looking at other peoples’ costumes, and the day after Halloween is pretty much my favourite day of the year on Facebook. I will creep anyone and their mother in their costumes (if you are on my Facebook just be aware, I will be checking you out).

Toronto 5k Women’s Run

This morning I had a hot running date (but not an actual running date) with my coworker Lexy!

A little while ago we decided we wanted to run a 5k together, so the Toronto Women’s 5k Run sounded perfect. Lexy is pretty athletic and used to be big into triathlons (she actually came first in her age group in a triathlon a few years ago), but she said running was always her least favourite part ;). She just had a baby (Hudson!) four months ago, so today’s race was kind of her comeback tour, if you will.

I was not concerned with time at all for this race, I just wanted to run with Lexy. We ran the entire thing, at a fairly easy pace, though we did push ourselves the last kilometre. I’m pretty sure we completed it in about 32 minutes (I don’t know the actual time yet, and I didn’t bring my iPhone with me to track our time).

The kilometres flew by when we were running. It was a gorgeous sunny day, though pretty chilly, and the park is beautiful. Especially at this time of year with all the colourful leaves in the trees. It was actually in the same park as my first 5k in the spring, and it was definitely not as colourful then.

Chatting with Lexy throughout the race made the running go quickly as well. This was my first time running with a friend, and I loved it! I am hoping to rope more of my friends into races.

There were also firemen handing out water at the 3k mark, so that was, uh, a nice distraction…

Yes, You May Put Out My Fire

(I just found that pic online from the 2010 race, but same thing, you get the idea.)

Lexy’s husband Mark and their baby Hudson were waiting for us at the finish line. Our own personal cheerleaders.

Yep, cutest family ever.

And then I photo bombed.


Annnd the award for the cutest cheerleader definitely goes to Hudson (sorry Mark).

He kills me with his cuteness.

We snagged some snazzy medals, which I was pretty pumped about because this is the first running medal I’ve ever received!

I am going to build a trophy case for that bad boy. Just kidding, just kidding… Seriously though, I think I have only gotten one other medal in my entire life, for some figure skating competition in elementary school. Other than that it was all participant ribbons for me! So yeah, I was excited.

I was also excited about the post-race food.

Of course I was.

I ate those chips immediately, and rest of the food swag was pretty decent as well.

A couple mini Luna bars (LOVE Luna bars), a mini bag of fibre crisp cereal (I’ll be eating that with Greek yogurt this week I am sure), a banana, a Dairy Milk thinsation, and a cinnamon raisin pita. I saved everything besides the chips, because afterwards the three of us (plus Hudson) went out for a little brunch party.

My Brunch Plate

We went to a Fox and the Fiddle pub in Toronto (pretty sure they are a chain), and I ordered a western omelette, which came with homefries and toast. I wasn’t sure what to expect for breakfast from a pub, but my omelette was amazing! Though I had a bowl of oatmeal before I left for the race, I inhaled it! Highlight of that plate, for sure.

This was such a fun race, and I am so glad Lexy and I did it together. I have now ran in three 5k’s, and I gotta say, I think I am ready to step it up. Perhaps a 10k in the spring? We will see. I think I have caught the running bug.

I am off to get ready for tonight! I hope you all enjoy your Saturday, and if you are hitting up a Halloween party have a great time! And please tell me all about your costumes!


10 responses to “Toronto Women’s 5k Run Recap

  1. That IS the cutest family. The little hat… well, they both have hats. hahaha. I love the baby more, though. Sorry, Mark! : )

  2. I miss you girls!! plus i need to meet hudson! and lindsey i was a pacman ghost last weekend and this weekend i was april o’neill from the ninja turtles

  3. Firemen. Sigh. Congrats on the run! Sounds like it was a great day. I hear you about getting dressed for Halloween. I’ve been working on a costume for 2 weeks already. I keep trying it on and adding little things. And then I spend the rest of the day in black leggings, a purple flannel dress and brown striped legwarmers.

  4. Awe. I love this post! I see you googled my triathlon finishes. Yes, I did finish first once!
    It was my comeback race. Thanks for sharing it with me. Our official time was 32:43. We came 178 out of 336, about middle of the pack. I was very happy and proud of us. You definitely pushed me and made the race go by quicker.
    My baby is the cutest! We are a pretty cute family. You fit in well.
    Congrats on your medal. So exciting! I’m so proud of you.
    Brunch was awesome. It is a chain of restaurants.
    Let’s run something together in the spring. Maybe the Sporting Life 10km. Xoxox!

  5. Hope you had an awesome time last night!! That is the cutest little family :). And you gotta love the firemen…they would definitely be a nice distraction haha

  6. Oooh.. hot firemen 🙂
    I don’t think I have the Halloween gene, but like you, my outfits are not always “complete”. I am either terrible at accessorizing or just lazy.
    Congrats on your 5K! That’s awesome that you’re going to challenge yourself with a 10K… I’d just be on the sidelines yelling like Rob Schneider in all the Adam Sandler movies….”You can dooo it!”

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  8. I was at this race too and the one they had in August. I really love this race series! I drive all the way from Ottawa to run in it with friends.

    I just started running in the last year or so and my first 5k was this past May. I only sign up for races with medals. I think I have a complex because my sister was super athletic growing up and had TONS of medals and I had only a few (and mostly for stuff like math) so now I’m determined to collect as many medals as possible. 🙂

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