A Tribute to my Halloween Kitty


You guys have probably noticed my little kitty Winnie pop up on my blog quite often, but I have another little kitty cat who definitely doesn’t get as much blog attention.

That black thing is Dexter.

I don’t mean to leave Dexter out, but he is not quite as personable as Winnie, and he doesn’t do as many things that are blog-worthy.

Winnie loves it when you pick her up, she just molds to your body and snuggles into you. Sometimes when I sleep at night she will let me spoon her under the covers and she will stay there until I fall asleep. She is the nicest, most cuddly cat ever.

When you pick up Dexter, he just spreads his limbs out all awkwardly and tries to get away immediately. He does not let me spoon him.

Andy and I have commented many times that we feel like Dexter is just this black thing that lives in our house, and we both feel like we don’t really know him. Sometimes we forget about him. He is just a background kitty.

And kind of a weirdo.

But that being said, he is a nice kitty cat. He does like to be pet and rubbed, but only while sitting next to you. He does not like to be picked up.

The reason I am profiling Dexter today is because Halloween is his day! Doesn’t he look like the perfect Halloween kitty?

I tried to get him to raise his back so he would look like a real-deal Halloween black cat, but he wouldn’t.

Just after Christmas nearly four years ago, Ando and I were thinking about getting a kitten so we stopped by the Humane Society to see if any kitties caught our eye.

Dexter was in a cage by himself, and he was all shy and tiny and scrawny. We both liked him immediately when we held him (he was actually a little snuggly as a kitten). One of the workers told us that they found Dexter in an alley with his brothers and sisters and his mom a few weeks earlier. She also said that they were all taken to Pet Smart except for Dexter, and they all got adopted. His entire family got adopted except for him :(.

We had no idea why Dexter was left behind, but we felt bad for him and we adopted him on the spot.

Could you resist that face?

He was about 9 weeks old then, which means he was born right around this time. Which means that Halloween could be Dexter’s birthday! Since we don’t know when his actual birthday is, we like to say that it is today.

So happy birthday to my little Halloween kitty!

We gave him a little treat after dinner to celebrate.And we didn’t even make him get dressed up.

Sick Eats

I am still not feeling very well, so I took ‘er easy today and worked from home. I wasn’t very hungry at lunchtime, but I knew I should eat something or my hunger monster would make an appearance later in the afternoon.

I made myself the typical sick lunch.

Sick Lunch

Campbell’s rustic spiced lentil and vegetable soup, and a piece of whole wheat toast with butter. I do not usually eat canned soup because it is so packed with sodium (this one was low sodium, and it still had a lot of sodium), but this was the perfect lunch today.

Not as good as homemade soup, or Druxy’s soup, but it wasn’t bad.

And Andy-pants made dinner because I was a big lazy sicko.

Dinner Time!

Boneless pork tenderloin that he seasoned with a garlic and seed mustard marinade before grilling, with sweet potato fries that he sprinkled with olive oil, garlic salt and red pepper flakes and baked in the oven at 400 degrees for about half an hour. He loaded my plate up with fries and I couldn’t quite finish them all, but they were gooood.

He cheated and used a bag of pre-cut sweet potatoes that I bought on my last grocery shop, which are still fresh and unseasoned, and I will be buying those babies again! Dinner was delicious, and even better because I didn’t make it.

My plan is to couch it up for the rest of the evening. I really want to be back to work tomorrow so I want to just rest up and get betta!

I originally wanted to go for a run just as it was getting dark tonight so I could see all the kids trick-or-treating in their costumes, but I realllllly did not feel like doing any sort of physical activity.

It would be nice if I didn’t have to go anywhere and I could see the kids in their costumes from the comfort of, oh I don’t know, my own doorstep, but unfortunately no one comes to our house on Halloween.

We tried handing out candy the first two years we lived here. We hardcore pumpkin carved and I bought the best mix of mini chocolate bars ever in anticipation of all the kiddies, but we did not have one child show up. This is really weird to me because I live in a townhouse, so the houses are obviously close together and you would think ideal for trick-or-treating…but we get shafted every year, so I guess not.

Anyway, so now we are big Grinches, and I didn’t even bother buying candy this year. I will be buying a box of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups tomorrow though once they go on sale. For myself :).

Happy Halloween once again! Here’s a throwback Halloween pic for ya.

Me in Grade 3 with my old favourite kitty Princess Missy :). She was just like Winnie, and I miss her a lot.

  • What kind of candy are you giving out this year?
  • How many kids do you usually get at your house?

13 responses to “A Tribute to my Halloween Kitty

  1. Nice glasses! 😉 I don’t get a lot of kids ’cause we live at the end of the subdivisions…handed out a mix of mars/ peanut and regular m and ms/twix/snickers…plus a few old tootsie pops I wanted to get rid of (don’t tell the kids)! Those fries look AMAZING! Feel better soon!

  2. I haven’t had tricker treaters in years because I’ve lived in an apartment for the last 4 years. But now I’m in a house… and we only got like 4 people! haha it turned out to be raining and cold here. 😦 Bummer!

  3. I love that first picture of Winnie. She’s all “I has feetz” 😀
    And I LOVE you for adopting Dexter (awesome name, BTW) from the Humane Society. My sister works there and it’s so incredibly sad to see amazing animals that no one will adopt. He’s adorable.
    Toast + soup is my sick lunch of choice as well. I really hope you feel better soon!

  4. Dexter really is the perfect Halloween cat! I never knew that cats could be cuddly. I thought they were always like Dexter and just awkwardly stuck their little legs out when you tried to pick them up or play with them!

    We had the BEST candy this year and I snuck quite a few before the kiddies came! Oops!

  5. Dexter’s adorable! Love him. We didn’t have any kids come out apartment this year, which is ok, as we don’t actually have any candy to give out. 😉 I always forget it’s Halloween until it’s right upon me, and by tonight it was too late.

  6. Dexter is a beautiful cat. Some cats let us own them, other cats decide that they own us. Sounds like Dexter fits into the second category!

    This was our first Halloween in this house, and because I didn’t know what to expect, I bought a metric ton of candy. I bought the peanut-free fun-sized chocolate bars and swedish berries. I also bought a huge bag of suckers and another one of rockets jusat in case…and it’s a good thing I did! 76 kids later (yeah, I counted. I’m kind of a geek.), I had to turn of the porch light because I ran out of candy. I’m generally a huge Halloween grouch, but last night was actually a lot of fun! Lots of cute kids, and the firetruck drove by the house every 10 minutes with flashing lights and loads of little costumed kids. Really cute and fun, and also made everything seem so safe and well-organized!

  7. Aw, omgosh he is so cute! I especially love the picture of him with clothes on!! I live in an apartment and we rarely have kids come to the door!

  8. We didnt get any trick or treaters last night at our apartment! I was curious to see if we would, but i am relieved we didnt because we were running in and out of the house doing stuff, and i had a lame candy selection (i didnt go pick any up). i was thinking maybe we wouldnt get many since we are on the top (3rd story) apartment haha

  9. I love your kitty post!!! I have two cats – boots and buttons who we picked up at the humane society. Winnie reminds me so much of Booters! Boots is a little rag doll! Buttons is black like Dexter and also was the last of his family to get adopted. Sooo sad!

  10. Awe Dexter. Poor wierdo kitty. Reminds me of our cat Winchester, RIP. Though he was the uber weirdest cat.
    We also had a black cat named Snuggles (I was 8 when I named her). She was a good Halloween cat. Though we never let her out on Halloween for fear people might hurt her.
    We had about 20 kids. I was disappointed. But I guess 20 is a lot these days. We had SO much leftover candy.

  11. Aww, Dexter is adorable!

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