Slow Death by Treadmill

Welp, I am pretty sure I will be having nightmares tonight.

Not because of my scary movie marathon the other day. Noooope, because I had the ultimate pleasure of seeing this mess today:

That would be 51-year-old Doug Hutchison dressed as his 16-year-old wife (oh sorry, she may be 17 now) for Halloween.

Ol’ Douggie-Pants has given me the serious creeps since his role in The Green Mile. I’m sure you all remember the greasy faced Percy, known for killing the cute little mouse, Mr. Bojangles, and for being an all-around D-bag.


Of all the movie characters I would like to punch in the face, Percy remains number one for me (the hunter who shot Bambi’s mom is a close second).

Marrying the 16-year-old Courtney Stodden amped up his creepy level further than I ever thought possible, but his Halloween shenanigans have trumped even that.

I have said it before and I will say it again, people are weird.

Moving on…

When I left you guys yesterday, I was headed to the gym for some intimate one-on-one time with the arc trainer. Sadly, all the arc trainers were taken when I got there, so I had to go with a back-up plan. The treadmill.

I haven’t ran on the treadmill since last winter, so at first I thought it might not be as bad as I remembered and I may actually enjoy it.

Not quite.

It started off okay, but two minutes in it started to go downhill. Basically this was the chain of events:

Fine, I exaggerate a little. But it was not fun.

It’s not that the treadmill is more difficult than running outside, it’s just that it’s so mindless and boring! I switched it up and watched TV instead of listened to music, thinking that would help keep my mind off the treadmill. No dice.

I don’t know what I’m going to do all winter. I don’t want to stop running. I like the way it makes me feel about myself, and I like what it does to my bod (running is the only exercise I have found that seems to keep everything “in check”), but I do not like the way the treadmill makes me feel.

I think I may try listening to an audio book. Maybe that will help?

Anyone actually enjoy the treadmill? What are your tips for not dying of boredom?

It was so gorgeous today, sunny and 16 degrees C, so I wanted to take advantage of it because I know these days are just about over. As soon as I got home from work I headed outside for a run. Compared to the treadmill, it was a breath of fresh air! I actually enjoyed it.

My little RunKeeper app came on at 1k into my run and said my pace was 5:45 per kilometre. Um, what? I thought it had messed up and had the time wrong, but at kilometre 2 it was about the same pace, so I checked to see what was going on and it was actually correct! That is the fastest I have ever run!

I had to stop at a stoplight around 3.5k and my pace went downhill from there. I find it so hard to stop and then run again, this is why running at a steady pace works best for me.

Anyway, I ended up finishing in about 29 minutes and I was so incredibly happy with myself. Maybe the treadmill taught me not to take running outside for granted? You never can tell…

Annnnd in other news, I discovered Peanut Butter Puffins.

I have never tried them before and OH MAN, they are good!

FYI they are:

  • 100% Natural
  • Dairy Free
  • Low Fat
  • Wheat Free Ingredients
  • Gluten Free (Honey Rice & Multigrain)
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Vegetarian

according to the Puffins website. But that is not why I like them. I like them because they are delicious! They taste like peanut butter Cap’n Crunch!

I topped some Puffins with 1% milk and a sliced banana and I was in heaven.

Puffin' Delicious

Pretty sure I’ll be eating this combo for the rest of the week.

And with that, I am outta here! I have a work event tomorrow evening and probably will not have time to post, so I am hoping to have a cartoon story post I have been working on completed to put up here. Fingers crossed!

Have a great night!


25 responses to “Slow Death by Treadmill

  1. Haha your cartoons crack me up. I only sometimes mind running on the treadmill for some reason. Usually if I have my mind set before going that I will be running on the treadmill then I am fine, and I always try to find something to watch on the tv! And I’m glad you discovered PB puffins!! Those things are fantastic and delicious 😀

  2. The treadmill makes me want to stab myself with a spoon. Good luck! Maybe watching videos or listening to audiobooks will help? And maybe cover the time so you cant watch how slowly the clock is moving.

    And that man, dressing up as his wife…No sir. Just no. Stop it and go home. Yuck.

  3. I’ve been doing most of my running on the treadmill too and I hate it. Awful. Luke has an iPhone that he (squints and) watches movies on, but I’m stuck with whatever music I have. SO lame.

  4. I find the treadmill so much easier then running outside but boy i get bored! Good music playlists help and trashy tv plalying on the tvs at the gym 🙂
    YAY puffins, i get so excited that they sell them in our grocery stores here in canada! My BF adores the cinnamon kind 🙂

  5. The only time I ever managed to commit to the treadmill was when I was listening to the audiobook Feed. I had decided that I would only listen when running or shoveling snow. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy for daily snowfalls!

  6. I want to try that cereal, it looks good!

  7. Hahaha I love that cartoon! I used to quite enjoy the treadmill. I would listen to very loud music, usually something by Alphabeat, and run fast for 2 minutes, slower for 2 minutes, fast again, slow again, etc.

  8. Haha – I’m the same way on the dreadmill. No fun.

    The Puffins look good. I’ve been wanting to try those!

  9. OMG I didnt know he married a 16 year old … you’re right though he was already creepy before… now… just barf.
    and i want to try Puffins too but the last few times at the grocery store I keep forgetting them!

  10. Your pictures are absolutely amazing…they sure made me laugh and completely understand the slow, painful death that the treadmill brings on!
    Puffins are rather delicious, try the chocolate/pb ones next 🙂

  11. HAHAHA That’s exactly what happened to me last time I was on the treadmill.

    I have no idea how to make the treadmill fun except watching Netflix on my iPhone, which is why I don’t go to the gym anymore… The treadmill makes me want to cry. I also may have a (totally rational, since it happened once) fear of falling on my bum and always envision myself tripping and flying off in the most dramatic biggest loser fashion ever.

  12. Ah! Puffins are crazy addictive!

    I actually do like running on the treadmill, so here are my tips: take a towel with you and cover up the display. Otherwise, you’re looking at it every 30 seconds and the time crawls by. Also, TV/music definitely help. I wouldn’t do it without either, but I actually prefer the TV. Finally, do intervals. They really make the time go by quickly. I usually do a pyramid of sorts 5 minute intervals starting at 6.0 and increasing .5 every 5 minutes until I do 5 minutes at 7.5, then back down until I’m back at 6.0. Any variation works, too. Good luck!

    And that guy is a creepy douchebag. Well said.

  13. Ummm you JUST discovered Puffins NOW!?!?!? I am obsessed with them. I picked up chocolate PB ones in NYC that I still haven’t opened! They aren’t available here so I don’t want to demolish them all in 3 days!

  14. I have to go on a treadmill without a plan, except to last x amount of time. From there I usually do a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down. Perfect, only 20 minutes of real boredom, right? Well, my little secret is that I change things up every minute or two … maybe increase my incline every minute and then back down, or with my speed. Sometimes I’ll throw in some sprints with a recovery on the side. I’m so busy watching the clock for that interval that I don’t have time to think, really.

    I also make it up as I go and try to not do the same thing.

  15. You never cease to make me laugh. I feel like that every treadmill run.

  16. I wouldn’t say I like the treadmill, but I don’t hate it. It does get boring very quickly though. I usually just listen to my iPod and try to tune out how long I’m on there for.

  17. I am one of those crazies that LOVE the treadmill. A/C? Good! TV? Good! Don’t have to carry anything? Good! Toliet 5 steps away? Good! ALL GOOD!
    I’m the opposite with weather, it’s so hot out during the summer that I have trouble breathing so the treadmill is my looovvvahhh.

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