The Time I Almost Got Arrested

It is story time my friends. But first, a little back story before we get to the cartoon fun. Bear with me for un momento.

You have may seen (heard? read?) me mention before that I grew up in the middle of nowhere. This is no exaggeration. The closest store to my house was about 7km away, and the closest city with a mall was at least 40 minutes driving. I lived basically in a forest, on a lake (perfect for seeing ghosts, and falling out of trees, as you know).

If we wanted to go shopping or to the movies, our parents had to drive us. This was very annoying, although probably more for them than us, as I am starting to realize now.

This also made going on a typical date in high school extremely difficult. My most important quality in a boy when I was 16? Having his own car. When I started dating a guy who was two years older and had his own car, well yeah, he was a catch. Ohh how my tastes have changed.

But I digress.

I grew up somewhere that was amazing, and safe for adventuring, but not the greatest for shopping, and other city activities.

However, my beautiful little Nana has always lived in Toronto, pretty close to downtown. I stayed at her house in the city quite often, and many times I brought friends along for the ride. My friend Dawn (<- remember her guest post?!) was a frequent visitor.

Staying with my Nana was always a big adventure, because we were not from “the city” and everything was new and exciting to us.

One thing that was new and exciting was the subway. Dawn and I loved taking the subway places because it made us feel independent. We weren’t old enough to drive, and buses were so confusing, but my nana had shown me the ropes of the subway, and on the subway we could actually get around! We didn’t need our parents to drop us off, we were free!

But we were not the most subway savvy…

One day in the summer when Dawn and I were about 15, we were staying at my Nana’s, and we decided to take the subway by ourselves to the mall. Conveniently enough, there was a subway stop directly across the street from my Nana’s apartment building. Once we got over there, we decided to skip the guy at the ticket counter, and just pay the machine to get our subway tokens.

If you did the self token thang, you had to put your token in a machine, and then go through a glass revolving door that would get you through to the trains. Once you paid your token and went through, the door would lock, so the next person would have to pay their token. There was also a regular door on either side of the revolving door, so people leaving the trains could get out.

Perhaps a visual will help you.

I don’t remember why, but we only paid for one token ($2). I am going to assume we only had enough change for one and were too lazy to go back to the ticket guy. We decided that it would be a good idea to put in one token, go through the revolving door together, and get to the other side to the trains. (Please note we were generally good girls, and scamming the subway isn’t something we would usually do…)

Anyway, we paid our token, and crammed into the revolving door.

And all started to go well. The door started to turn…and then it stopped. It stopped dead in the middle, leaving us trapped inside the door. We were unable to get back out to where we came from, and there was only a tiny crack to get through to the trains.

We had no idea why the door would suddenly stop and leave us trapped, but we figured it just got stuck. After being obnoxious and screaming “HELP US!”…


We figured we had to go through the tiny crack to get out.

Dawn was first, and had minimal problems squeezing herself through. It looked promising. I was next.

I had some troubles. I could not squeeze through standing up…my big nungas (yeah, they were big even then) were hindering my escape to freedom!

After several minutes of trying unsuccessfully to squeeze my body through, I laid down on the dirty subway floor, and, arms first, tried to make my way through the crack.

Once I got past my shoulders, my nungas were once again proving to be a problem. I was stuck. Dawn grabbed my hands from the other side and pulled me, while I wiggled like a worm trying to squeeze my body through.

Oh, and I should mention, the entire time this was happening people were leaving the trains and going through the doors on either side. And staring at us like we were crazy people.


Some people looked quite angry.

I tried to block them out and concentrate on the task at hand.

Finally, I broke free of the evil door and made it out to the other side. I got up off the floor, dusted myself off, and Dawn and I were all “Phew! That was close!” and laughed and laughed about what just happened. Why would the door just stop like that? So weird!

We made our way down to the trains to wait for the next subway.

When we arrived beside the tracks, we heard a voice on the loudspeaker.

This had no meaning to us.

And then again.

And we were all…

So we ignored the voice, and sat down nonchalantly on a bench to wait for the train.

And then we heard:

We couldn’t ignore it any longer. The voice was talking to us, and it meant serious business. The mention of the police was terrifying, so we had no choice but to go upstairs.

We went back through the doors we had squeezed through (the actual door side though), and arrived at the ticket counter, where the ticket man was waiting. He looked angrier than I had ever seen anyone look in my life. His head looked like it may explode.

We got reamed out huge.

It was very scary.

After being yelled at and told we were terrible people for several minutes, he let us off with a warning. We both had to pay again, so in the end our antics lost us $2.

And we never tried to sneak on the subway again.

The end.


61 responses to “The Time I Almost Got Arrested

  1. Seriously funny story Lindsey!
    hahaha!! 🙂

  2. hahaha! We are girls! We are sitting on a bench! I can’t believe they called your OVER THE SPEAKER like that. Terrifying.

  3. “The trains will be stopped”… because they lost 2 dollars? What a goofball. But he scared you nonetheless so I guess it worked.

    Oh and you have big nungas? I never noticed. *sarcasm*

  4. Your drawings get me every time!
    The TTC scares me even after living in toronto for a couple for a years, something about minding the gap lol 🙂
    Glad they let you go!

  5. Ohh to be young again, haha. It was the greatest thing ever to date a guy with a car.
    Bahahaha, “I AM AN ANGRY MAN.”
    That’s crazy. I would have been terrified. I mostly like the first man pictured. Great moustache, haha.
    You, my friend, are hilarious.

  6. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I would have peed my pants if that happened to me!!!! Such a good story, and the illustrations totally made it…hilarious!!!!

  7. OMG! Love the cartoons haha. But seriously, why would they get so worked up over something like that?? Crazy!

  8. I burst out laughing multiple times on this one. I think that may very well be my favourite cartoon post of yours. These must take a long time to illustrate!

  9. still. love. these.


    p.s. I did the same thing in france and almost got arrested. only I didn’t get stuck in a crack.. I just hopped the twirly-bar thingy they have at amusement parks. and when I got yelled at, it was in french.

    I don’t speak french, so this was terrifying.

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my God!!!! 1. I wish I had nunjas. Ever. 2. Those photos are freaking hilarious. 3. I can’t believe they reamed you out for $2, especially since you were clearly… um… punished enough. 4. Thank God you moved.

  11. Once again, you had me hysterically laughing through this whole post! I seriously look forward to these, you are great woman! 🙂

  12. haha, omg, you are too cute and funny. Love the pictures!

  13. Bahahaha. so funny. and i frickin love your comics!
    Lindsey, you are my long lost Canadian twin it sounds like because I also grew up in the middle of no where, (in alaska) in the forrest on a river 50 miles from everything. And a car was a very important quality for a guy to have, i agree!!
    Also your nungas get in the way all the time which seems to happen to me frequently also haha, what a pain they are!
    you are too funny and im glad you shared this!

  14. Love this story! You were right, it definitely put a smile on my face!

    I cannot believe you had to lay on the floor and have your friend pull you out! HA!

    More stories please! These are the best 🙂

  15. Hysterical. The cartoons make it!

  16. Haha I loved this story. I grew up in Scarborough so I remember when I’d venture downtown and go on the subway to meet friends back then, it was a big adventure and I was always so proud when I made it to my destination without getting lost. There were definitely times I got lost though, not fun.

  17. Bahahah. This is one funny story to laugh about now!!! Hahah. Loved you illistrations too!!

  18. Oh Evanoff, you certainly did our story justice. The pictures made me pee a little. The cartoon of the angry train man was spot on….his fat clown face did scare our little 15 year old selves. Looking back, I really can’t believe they were going to stop the train. So ridic.
    I believe stealing the canoe needs to come out and play for your next cartoon adventure…..or the bait spray incident. Those are both keepers. 😉
    I miss our adventures Spoon!

  19. That was awful and hilarious all in one. I love the cartoons!! Can’t wait to hear the rowboat story. 😉

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  21. This entry was hysterical!! I shared it with a bunch of my coworkers, the cartoons were the best 🙂

  22. LOL! I died reading this at my desk. I remember Yorkdale adventures when Dawn was in the wheelchair. Your blog is awesome 🙂

  23. Lindsey, this is the funniest thing I have ever read. Your stories are amazing, your cartoons are amazing, you are just all around amazing. This was just so great, I have no words. If you wrote a book, I would buy it tomorrow.

  24. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    HAHA oh my gosh I didn’t have a chance to read this yet, but I’m so thankful that you linked to it in your Friday post! Your cartoons are AWESOME! Do you design them yourself?

    This totally sounds like something I would’ve done at 15 too. I remember my friend and I tried to sneak into the movies once, but your story is absolutely 10x more comical 😀

  25. Oh my goodness….hahah, I know this was definitely NOT funny when it actually happened, but your cartoons really cracked me up.

  26. Melissa at

    Hahahahaha. I grew up in the bronx so by middle school the trains were familiar but for whatever reason I felt it my right to scam the nyc transit system. I jumped the turnstile once and found a cop on the other hand who was waiting for me! Luckily, he just wrote me a ticket! It was terrifying. Guess I didn’t learn my lesson because recently on a drunk night in nyc, I evaded my fare once again and got an earful from a nyc police officer. I told him “everyone else was doing it so I thought, why not” he asked “if everyone jumped off a building, would you and my response was “sure why not.”

    • haha. My friend Dawn actually informed me last night that we weren’t out of change, we WERE like “we could both fit in there, let’s just use one token!” I guess we were trying to scam the subway. The details were a little fuzzy there. Seriously though, why make the turnstile big enough for two people to fit in it if you are just going to shut them down?!

  27. Adorable and hilarious story! Maybe adorable because of the cartoon pictures. Cutest pictures I have seen along a blog post. (Dropping by from lovelifeproject grab bag link)

  28. I just saw this today thanks to Stephanie at “Love Life Project.” I just completely cracked up reading this (I’m sure it’s some consolation knowing your going through that would one day make people laugh)!
    I was also a pretty good kid growing up and remember the terror of those rare “I’m in trouble!” occurrences would bring.

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  30. Only you Lindsey. I love that your nungas were holding you back. So funny! Your cartoon posts are great!
    I also love that you went back upstairs and out of the subway. Classic. And I love that the angry man says, I’m angry!
    Great post.

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  34. Love it! You rebels 😉 The best part about this story is your pictures 🙂

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  37. haha!! I loved the part where you stare at each other on the bench as you realize you have been duly caught! 🙂 You should draw more cartoon stories!!

  38. I was directed to your blog from Running off the reeses. This post is amazing!

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  42. haha crack up cant sleep so i read ur short stories loven it

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