Feeling Thankful Friday

Hellooo you cheeky minxes.

It’s Friday, and I am thankful for the weekend.

Actually, I found myself feeling thankful for a lot of things throughout the day today.

First of all, I am so thankful for all of your comments on my cartoon post yesterday about almost getting arrested for “sneaking” on the subway. Those drawings do take a lot of time, and sometimes I wonder when I hit Publish if I am the only person who will find them funny. I obviously find that story really funny, but with those types of things, I wonder if it’s a “you had to be there” kind of funny.

So thank you for commenting, and saying that you laughed :). It seriously made my day. I wondered if maybe you were all just humouring me, and you didn’t find it that funny…but then I heard my boss killing himself laughing in his office this afternoon so I went to investigate, and he was reading that post. So I was thankful that I heard someone’s reaction to it, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

I am thankful that all of my coworkers eat really healthily, and we don’t have junk food lying around on a daily basis to tempt me.

But I am also thankful for coworkers birthdays, and the treats that come along with them.

I am thankful for honey dip doughnuts (my FAVE!), and I am thankful that even though I am 28, I am not too mature to make my doughnut into a honey dip mustache for my own amusement.

I am thankful for office boccia ball, and the exhibition game we played today at lunchtime that helped break up my day. It was a lot of fun.

I was not thankful that my team lost.

I am thankful that I heard about a new group that has formed in my building called the Cookie Club, where we get together every Friday in a fellow Provincial Sport Organization’s office, hang out for 20 minutes or so, and eat cookies. Um, sounds like my kind of club for sure.

I was thankful for that delicious lemon shortbread cookie that one of the girls from Softball Ontario made (look, it’s a softball cookie!). So, so good.

Whoever’s office has been designated as the meeting place that week (it rotates around), is in charge of making the cookies, and I am thankful that everyone has signed up to host until mid-January. So until then, all I have to do is show up and eat cookies.

And I am thankful that I don’t know the people in the Cookie Club very well yet, and they don’t know about my blog, so they don’t know that I am a cookie monster and I am going to show up and eat all their cookies. Muahahaha.


I am thankful for BodyPump. I ate two giant cupcakes and a cookie yesterday, three cookies and a doughnut and a half today, and was feeling a little blech, but BodyPump this evening made me feel healthy and strong.

Fiiiiiine, not quite.

I am thankful for Druxy’s salads!

Ohh how I love them. Perfect lunch.

I am thankful that I have a really busy day tomorrow, so I can feel absolutely zero guilt about laying around in my sweatpants tonight with a glass of red wine and watching movies.

And I am off to get started on that, so I hope you all enjoy your evening!

Anything in particular you are feeling thankful about today?


19 responses to “Feeling Thankful Friday

  1. Great post new to your blog but I am loving it already!!!

  2. I am thankful it’s finally Friday! Because this has been the longest week EVER!!

  3. I am happy for delicious pizza and that Neil surprised us by coming home this weekend for his birthday

  4. That mustache is a good look for you! I’m thankful for the bath full of minty goodness (on my hair and body) I just had. I wish I could eat all those cookies and doughnuts and look as good as you do, but my body kind of hates me, so that doesn’t work to well for me…more power to you though!

  5. Aw, I love this post! I am thankful that I can relax and go to bed early tonight :). Hope you enjoy lounging around with your wine!

  6. I love honey dip doughnuts too, and you rock them in moustache form ^~ I did exactly what you did last night: sweatpants? check. wine? check. No movies, though, say yes to the dress marathon instead, wawawewa!

  7. I always love your paint picture stories. I’m a sucker for those. I follow six blogs (I guess that would be seven including you!) that illustrate their stories, and I always die laughing. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand worlds.

  8. Bahaha, donut moustache.
    I love hearing your work stories! It seems like it’s such a fun and cool work environment.
    I like to express gratitude everyday, even for things like knowing how to do laundry (took me a while). Today, I’m particularly grateful for empathetic police officers, who did not ticket me on my way home from work when I was speeding.

  9. Doughnut mustachio! Lol! That and farting never stop being funny.
    I miss boccia! The last time I played I went into labour that night.
    OMG!! Cookie Club?!?!?! That is amazing! Who who started that?! I can’t wait to join. I hope it’s still on by the time I get back. They will think our office is full of cookie monsters. Eat lots of cookies for me!

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