KitchenAid Food Processor – My first GIVEAWAY!!!

I have exciting news for you guys. I am hosting my very first giveaway, and I am pretty proud to say it’s for a fairly big ticket item.

A food processor!

And not just any old food processor, that is KitchenAid‘s newest 13-cup food processor, which retails this November. The lovely peeps at KitchenAid have offered one of my lucky readers a chance to win this beast.

I have always wanted to own a food processor, and now one of you can live my dreams for me and have one all to yourself! And yes, you will have to tell me about any recipes you make with this thing ;).

Check out the stats on this bad boy:

  • New external adjustable, stainless steel slicing disc provides ultimate versatility
  • Dual shredding disc easily flips the disc from 2mm to 4mm to achieve ideal slicing thickness
  • Large 13-cup (2.75L) leak-proof work bowl, plus chef’s bowl and mini bowl
  • Ultra Wide Mouth Feed Tube™ adjusts to 3 different sizes to accommodate foods of varying sizes, including whole potatoes and cucumbers
  • 17 precise food processing options for speed-controlled slice, shred, chop & puree functions plus three maximized slice, shred and puree/chop blades and bonus dough, egg whip & Julienne blades
  • 4 speed-controlled functions
  • Comfort design side handle allows easy viewing while the food processor is in use

Basically it processes food and all that jazz.

And if you are looking for a good recipe to make using your new food processor, I just happen to have one handy.

You have until Friday to enter, when I will select one winner of the new KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor. And it also comes in red!

Exciting times.

I am really sorry to say that this is only available to residents of Canada :(. If it were up to me I’d ship this thing to Antarctica. But I promise I will get you all in my next giveaway.

How To Win

There are a few ways you can enter (you must leave a separate comment for each thing you do for it to get counted! Each comment counts as a separate entry):

  • Leave a comment telling me what exactly you would do with this food processor (I am thinking process some sort of food, but I could be wrong)
  • Like Happy or Hungry on Facebook (if you already like me, just comment and say you alllllready do)
  • Follow me on Twitter (same thing if you already follow me)
  • Blog, tweet, or share this giveaway on Facebook (example: I have entered to win @happyorhungry’s sweet KitchenAid food processor giveaway!

And that is it! I will announce the big winner on Friday. Tell all yo’ (Canadian) friends!

And note, you do NOT have to have a blog to win!


129 responses to “KitchenAid Food Processor – My first GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. I want to make more homemade bean burgers but I burned out the motor in my old (cheap) food processor grinding cashews.

  2. I would make hummus. Or nut butter. Or burgers. Would be great for shredding carrots…takes me forever.

  3. Firstly, I Love love love the red one. It would match various other small appliances that I have. I’m trying to eat better and healthier these days and it would be much easier to have something like this around to do alot of my work for me! ;o)

  4. Ah! This is amazing! I have been coveting a food processor. I want to make CCK’s fudge babies first… then probably hummus or a nut butter!

  5. And of course I like you on Bookface!

  6. There are so many recipes I want to make! I think the first thing would be no bake energy bites bc the dates would puree so much better than in my bullet 🙂

  7. Aaaaaand stalk — er, follow — you on Twitter.

  8. I’d make guacamole! and lots of other delicious things.

  9. I would love one, maybe I would make better things then frozen dinners

  10. by the way I stalked you on twitter

  11. Yeah for Canuck only giveaways!! I’d make hummus..because the processor I have now doesn’t blend properly at all and it ends up really chunky.

  12. I (now) twitter follow you- @LauraRMuise

  13. I already like you on facebook AND twitter! And dear god, I hope for my own sake, I did it right THIS time! lol.

  14. Facebook – check
    Twitter – check

    If I won this food processor, I would make you anything you want!!!!!

    Then I’d make a cheeseball. Mmmmm. Cheeseball.

  15. Stalking… just tweeted. Already follow. 😉

  16. Oh. My. GOD!!!!!!!!! I JUST put this on my Christmas list!!!!!!!!!!!! I would go craaaaaahaahaaaazy making some serious butternut squash soup instead of using my magic bullet.

  17. I follow you on Facebizzle!!! Natch.

  18. I follow you on Twitter! How else would we converse regularly about Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

  19. I shared this on my Facebook page! Though I really didn’t want to… I want this so badly.

  20. I shared this on Twitterverse! Please, please don’t have Canadian friends.

  21. I would make the brussel sprout salad my friend just made for me- I could never chop brussel sprouts that small! perfect food processing task!

  22. Woot woot! Yay for the first giveaway! I would use this to make hummus and also banana soft serve.

  23. PS…also like you on facebook!

  24. This is a pretty cool very-first-giveaway! I don’t even know what I’d make first. I’ve got a few beanburger recipes saved…maybe I’d try one of those!

  25. I follow you on Twitter (@jennierunning)

  26. I already follow you on twitter.

  27. And I tweeted:!/lovelifeproject/status/134084253448273920

    (My book has no face. There is no liking to be had.)

  28. I’d process all kinds of delicious food. First on the list? Homemade pesto!!

  29. I liked you on facebook!

  30. … and follow you on twitter!

  31. And I tweeted about it! @ratherbeswimmin

  32. I would make homemade macarons! Yummy! Perhaps also healthy things like pesto and hummus and shredded veggies.

  33. …wait. Not a resident of Canada. nevermind 😦

  34. I would make sun-dried tomato bruschetta!

  35. One word for this giveaway….. “Awesome”!!!!!!!! I would and could do soooo many things with this bad boy. Chopping up veggies for omelettes, stirfry’s, stews, soups dips, salsa, fruit smoothies, etc!! And those are just a few things. It would be like my magic bullet on steroids.This is also a hot item Leah and I have been wanting forever! We both “like”
    And love reading ur blogs. And the Red one would look nice in our Red kitchen! 😉 (kisses)

  36. I love you on facebook!

  37. And I would follow you on Twitter – but I don’t tweet! (I think that’s the right way to say it lol)

  38. OMG I am so in need of a food processor, it’s not even funny. Or maybe it is….

    Anywho, I would use this pretty much every day because thats how much I miss my ghetto fabulous Hamilton Beach one that broke. But the first thing I would use it for would be to pulse chicken breasts to form into ground chicken/ chicken patties. Then I’m sure hummus would be next on the agenda.

  39. I am stalking you on twitter (@tiffanynico)

  40. I “like” you Facesbook!

  41. I “like” you on Facesbook!

  42. I would LOOOOVE to win the processor! I would make salsa, chicken salad, coleslaw – you name it! 🙂

  43. I think Cam should win just so he can put his money where his mouth is and make me all of that fooood 🙂 And great idea on the red one Cam!!!

  44. I think I would have to say ,,, make fresh baby food for Owen, and ya I like and follow ya lol

  45. My first recipe would be some homemade salsa, or maybe some guac? Yum!!

  46. Ha ha I like u on fb

  47. I follow u on twitter too lol

  48. Well I’d make babyfood for my ‘lil guy 🙂 when he starts eating solids in feb!
    And the red one would match my kitchen decor beautifully!!

    Plus I creep you ALL the time on facebook lol

  49. I would use the food processor to make salsa

  50. I like you on facebook as Jb Hartling

  51. I would make carrot cake! Yup I have a carrot cake recipe that I can make in a food processor, doesn’t that rock!

  52. Ooooh this is perfect!! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!! i would use it for guacamole…OR maybe even my raw vegan chocolate and nut bites!!

  53. I’ve tweeted! Oh and I am thrilled that it comes in RED, I love the colour!

  54. I already follow you on Twitter too 🙂

  55. I bought all the ingredients for your low calorie vege soup today and can’t wait to make it – I will be doing that tomorrow, I just love the crock pot, sooooo easy.

    Poor Charlie Cat, but you can’t help laughing and also at you thinking you would lock the suitcase to keep cat hair off your clothes! That would have to be one of the funniest things I have ever heard 🙂

    I know I’m not in the running for the processor, but if you do the random number select thing and I win, I will donate it to you. Good luck 🙂

  56. Just liked you on facebook

  57. I want to use this to make banana soft serve 🙂

  58. Wow! What a kickbooty giveaway! I’d use it for shredding carrot for carrot cake muffins.

  59. Following via Twitter! (I’m @ LoveSweatBeers)

  60. I would make hummus! Yum.

  61. Following via Twitter (AndreaMS108)

  62. I’d make banana soft serve with this. Always see recipes, have been drying to try it!

  63. I like you on Facebook!

  64. I follow you on twitter!

  65. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  66. BOOOO CANADA. Just kidding. But I also wanted to say that your brunch the other day killed me- I was sick and it looked oh so good. Also kind of made me nauseous. hahaha

  67. If I won I’d be creating food for not just my hubby and I but my furry baby, TIGGY. I make all of this dog food (I know he’s a suck) and who can say no to his cute little face? Plus it would kick my butt to get blogging again…I need a new laptop do you have one of those?

  68. PS I already like you on FB

  69. PPS I already follow you in twitter and i’ve plugged it!!!

  70. PPPS I just got schooled by your blog. It told me I was posting too quickly hahahahah

  71. I would love to make the best hummus ever!!! I want one of these Kitchen Aid Food Processors 🙂

  72. I LOVE you on facebook with SPOONNNNNNNN

  73. If I had a food processor I would eat it!

  74. I would make ant soup with my braces!

  75. I would put Buzz in it for a ride!!!!

  76. I would comb it with Darling Diva

  77. Thanks for the heads up darlin!
    I would slice veggies in it because i HATE chopping veggies

  78. And now i like you on facebook 🙂

  79. I would totally make banana ice “fake out” – you freeze banana chunks and process them. It’s amazing, and the blender just doesn’t work as well.

    I would lovvve this!! 🙂 Thank you for the chance! lisagoneaussie (at)

  80. I follow you on twitter! @littleteteatete

  81. I would make a delicious frozen daiquiri type drink 🙂
    and use it make tiny little chicken pieces for my Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip.

  82. And I now “Like” you on FB…


    I’ve been wanting to make my own dressings, and a food processor would make this so much easier. it’d make my life wonderful (and so much easier) to win that baby. wheeee!

  84. duh, i follow you on twitter.

  85. and i like you on the ‘book.

  86. I would love to chop veggies, because it takes so much time!

  87. Hello Peaches … I would be makin’ some cranberry apple sauce to go with the Christmas turkey and about a million other things … so PICK ME !!!!!

  88. Pingback: Gymjuries | Happy or Hungry

  89. I would make cream filled POWDA puffs, with a side of Anson.

  90. I would regift this beautiful puppy to my dads kitchen so he can dispose of his ugly old food processor from 1982, which I believe is also KitchenAid! 😉 Help Aldo (my dad) update his cooking tools for seriously yummy zucchini recipes from the garden all summer long.

  91. And I’d say it goes without saying that I follow you on twitter, Facebook & throughout the GTA.

    Danny T would like to qualify for this contest as well, but sans computer, I’ll add him to my ballots.

  92. I would make everything possible that I haven’t been able to make these past few months when I find recipes I like…specifically NUT BUTTERS!!!!! And hummus…mmmm hummus. I would try a different recipe every night!!

  93. I follow you on Twitter

  94. I follow you on Facebook

  95. Annnnd I just tweeted the giveaway 🙂

  96. I follow you on the twitters, in fact it’s how I discovered your awesome blog!

  97. Oh yeah and I tweeted using your “example”…hope that doesn’t count as “copying your stuff”!! 😉 I already have too many hungry monsters in my household…

  98. Oh yeah part deux: I would make my killer parmesan-artichoke dip, which I haven’t been able to make properly since our processor pooped out a couple of years ago. It’s my favourite holiday-time-potluck thing to make (and it can be made low-fat, too! Hooray!)

  99. Oh yeah three this time it’s personal: Thanks for doing this giveaway, you rock! 🙂

  100. I would make roasted garlic hummus!

  101. I follow you on twitter!

  102. I also like you on facebook. 🙂

  103. Linds!!!! First off, just wanted to say that I miss you and the DQ puzzle! This giveaway looks awesome!
    Second, I would use this food processor to help me grind up almonds for macarons, and of course for awesome things like dips, salsa, and pasta sauce.
    Third, I followed you on Twitter, liked you on Facebook, and posted about your giveaway!
    Now I’m crossing my fingers…and maybe my toes.

  104. I want to make homemade peanut butter 🙂

  105. Quite clearly, I would ask, ‘what would Lindsey want to make if she had this food processor?’ Then I would concoct a glorious processed something as per her liking. I would take it to her doorstep, be it some badass soup, or a tomato pesto. I’m fairly hot for sun dried tomato in there and then putting it on salads. Because, lettuce (you get that..haaa…yeaaaa) be serious, it’s all about sharing the food processed goods with the one who bestows it to you.

  106. Clearly I already “liked” you on Facebook and follow you on that young Twitter scene…

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