Gym + injuries = gymjuries. Get it? Yes, I am a clever cat, I know this.

I started thinking about injuries at the gym when I read Christina’s blog post at The Athletarian earlier today about how she got a black eye from the assisted pull-up machine. I guess someone left the weights kind of floating in the air, so when she tried to fix it the knee pad + weights came crashing down on her face. Anyway, don’t let me tell you the story, you should probably go over to her blog to read it for yourself. Her eye looks so painful and swollen, but she has a great sense of humour about the whole thing and her post made me laugh (seriously Christina, I hope your eye is good as new asap!)

I started thinking further about gym injuries while I was at the gym arc training it up tonight, and a woman running on the treadmill in front of me tripped, fell, and went flying off the back of the treadmill. Luckily she was not hurt, but she was so embarrassed (and fair enough, I would be too. It is a fear of mine and I’m surprised it’s never happened to me).

And I always hear about people dropping weights on their feet, pinching their fingers between stacked weights, etc.

Gyms are dangerous places, my friends. I too have been hurt at the gym. Please note I was not hurt badly at all, and I am only telling this because I think it is a funny story.

A few of years ago I was gymming it up early in the morning before work (at my previous job). I was feeling extra adventurous that day so I thought I would try out a few weight machines (remember I was not very weight machine savvy until about this time last year).

I finished on one machine, and I bent over quickly to pick up my water bottle. There was a bar sticking out from the machine next to the one I was on, and I didn’t see it when I bent over, and…



It is the most recent memory I have of seeing genuine stars. My forehead smashed that pole hard.

The gym was busy, and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself because I felt kind of dumb (even though I’m sure my head made quite a CLUNK when it hit the bar and I’m sure people heard it). Instead of acknowledging my injury, I was all…

And carried on with my workout. I had a bit of a headache, but I powered through anyway. I thought I noticed a couple people looking at me funny, but I figured I was being paranoid and no one saw or noticed anything.

After my workout, I went into the change room and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My entire face was beet red (as per usual), except for…

A giant WHITE welt on my forehead. Soo obviously noticeable.

Anyway, nothing huge, but I definitely laughed about it later. Luckily that has been my only gymjury.

And I’m sure I’ll drop a barbell on my foot tomorrow after saying that…

  • Have you ever injured yourself at the gym?
  • Anyone else have their face go BRIGHT RED after a workout? 😉

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30 responses to “Gymjuries

  1. Oh my gosh! You just made me laugh so hard!! This was the best post ever! Seriously, gyms are such dangerous places! Your story is just as good as mine…glad you were okay! I also slammed my locker on my finger earlier this week. Definitely not a good workout week for me!

  2. Haha, you’re so funny! I love your cartoons. How long does it take? I draw comics myself for my blog, and I know how time-consuming it is. Your blog wins bonus points because of that.

    I never got injured in the gym (because I don’t have a membership) but I twisted my ankle during taekwondo.

    I tripped on the mat. Such a badass.

    • Thaaaanks. It depends…some are more time consuming than others. In this post I re-purposed the drawing of myself and just changed the facial expressions, stance, background, etc. so it didn’t take as long as drawing something from scratch would.
      haha, sneaky mat.

  3. Haha love the cartoons!!! And I totally use some random voice in my head when I read them :). A few weeks ago I dropped a weight on my ankle and it still hurts sometimes if it gets pressed up against something! And yes, my face gets really read after a workout!

  4. I feel bad for laughing but that is too funny.
    I wrote on my blog recently that I gave myself a fat lip by putting my arm warmers on. Only I could do that.
    My face is tomato red after almost all of my workouts!

  5. You are so cute. I’ve said that before, right? Ok, just making sure.
    At the gym, I am THAT girl. You know. The red one. The extra man-sweaty one. The one that people ask if I’m ok because I look that bad. Yeah. That’s me.
    I was once on a treadmill at an old apt complex I lived at and there was a basketball court (with the door open) behind me. Basketball came rolling up, lodged under my treadmill, and the treadmill LIFTED UP and I went flying forward. Luckily I caught myself with the handlebars.

  6. Hahaha Lindzey! too funny.
    I acnt remember any recent gymjuries… and i am ok with that i think… maybe i blocked them out!

  7. I was going to town on a treadmill a few years ago and somehow managed to land one foot on the side part that doesnt move…so my whole body was propelling forward until BAM, that one foot stood still and my face smashed into the dashboard. Really graceful, for sure.

  8. Bahaha. I love your cartoons… they tell the story so well. I would have totally been nonchalant about it too. I did the same thing when I fell off the stairclimber and no one noticed.
    I’m glad you weren’t knocked unconscious!

  9. ahahah. you and I would be great gym buddies with your forehead bonk and my kissing the floor in attempts at TRX bands.

  10. Ha! This cracked me up! It’s funny, because I’ve been working on a post about running injuries (not necessarily at the gym). Gyms are scary, scary places. I’m such a total klutz. Honestly, I’m surprised they gave me feet at all.

  11. Um your cartoons are awesome. I’ve never had a real “gymjury” that I can remember, but definitely awkward moments of dropping things/being pretty sure I just broke a piece of machinery and then trying to pretend it totally didn’t happen.

  12. You are so insanely hilarious. It is one of my great fears in life that I am going to fall on my face on the treadmill. Given that I’ve fallen on my face running outside fairly recently, I don’t think this is an unfounded fear. I haven’t had any gymjuries as of yet, but I am insanely accident prone. Think black eye + concussion from a dancing injury. Yeah. I’m that girl. 🙂

    • MINE TOO! I used to be extremely accident prone when I was younger, but I have simmered down on the accidents recently. And I am pretty sure you should blog about the black eye + concussion dancing story because it sounds pretty funny.

  13. I love that you give me my daily dose of blog giggles. Or bliggles, as the case may be.

  14. Perfect timing for such a post, seeing how I just got a 2 mth membership @ Extreme Fitness!!!

  15. Oh man haha, this comic is so funny! Sucks about the head though. I once saw a lady literally FLY off the treadmill b/c she didn’t realize it was on when stepped on it! She flew back and hit the glass door of the weight room and caused everyone to look up! Poor lady!

  16. Funny post Lindsey. I go a very nice shade of red / purple at the gym – very attractive … I’ve had a few gym accidents … I have done the treadmill fall – I was so embarrassed about that one, but laughed it off – everyone else was! I’ve also been punched in the face – by myself. I was doing uppercuts with the trainer and he thought we had finished, withdrew his hands and up went my glove into my face … of course I was showing off to the trainer so my punch was bloody hard!

  17. No gym injuries for me but that was pretty fun. Not surprised it happened to you.
    I had a friend in grade school that used to go beet red. I go pretty red too.
    I love the embarrassing head bonk that you hope no one notices. Classic.

  18. I’m kinda a pro.

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