Random Search Terms – Illustrated Edition

As you fellow bloggers probably know, we get a lot of hits on our blogs from people searching for random stuff on Google.

Yesterday I saw a hilarious post on The Oatmeal about drawing some of the tweets listed on @toptweets on Twitter. So to counteract yesterday’s seriousness, I thought I would do my own version of this, only I am going to illustrate the random search terms that have somehow landed people on my blog.









(PS – thank you for all of your feedback on last night’s post. I didn’t write it so that I would get a bunch of comments – I just felt like it needed to be said. I needed to officially break free of the food and exercise label. But your comments were amazing, so seriously thank you.)


20 responses to “Random Search Terms – Illustrated Edition

  1. Today’s post definitely made it up for yesterday’s! II remember once, someone landed on my old blog by searching ”how to make a nuclear bomb”.

    We should go for a run together. You and I will feel better about our running capacities just by looking at each other.

  2. The evil vegetables and grandma one are so awesome.

  3. I like to think my brain is attractive, but I’ve never thought about what it looked like! What great illustrations.
    I of course, got intrigued and looked at your post yesterday. I think lately I’ve read more and more about people’s disillusionment with healthy living blogs. I don’t mind people posting about food and exercise, but if that’s all they write about, I get bored. And I think the “keeping up” aspect has become even more of a problem. I think for most of us, for whom blogging is a hobby and not a profession, the blog should be enjoyable to work on. So, yep, your blog, do what makes you happy!

  4. My, that is one attractive brain. I am going to make an official request for some of these for my blog search terms. They’re my favourite part of the site stats page.
    Bahahha..Eat Grandma.
    I love these! They’re hilarious… please make them a regular thing haha I feel like there’s new search term gems coming in all the time.

  5. Hahaha too funny!!! Why the eff would someone search eat grandma??

  6. This is so funny! I love that you illustrated these. And that really IS an attractive brain. Today, someone found my blog by searching “cat feces looks like raisins”. Does it really? I mean, I could see how rabbit feces might look like raisins. But cat? I dunno. You should make a link-up party and invite people to post about funny search terms. I would love reading those!

  7. Someone found my blog through googling “farting paris hilton”….

    But I’m honestly no surprised cause I dedicate 35% of my blog to flatulance.

    PS, about your last post, I think the term “healthy” is vague and hard to define. You don’t need to label yourself as any type of blogger. Your just cool as you are. I for one could never be a healthy anything cause I pretty much am an asshole to my body.

  8. Had a few posts to catch up on today and as usual I feel so much better. I adore your blog and it’s not because you eat well and exercise, but because you are you. I find you absolutely hilarious and if I remember correctly, the reason I found your blog was because of a comment about poor Charlie being locked in that suitcase for 3 days that you left on another blog.

    Although I do find your healthy eats and running stories extremely inspiring I always come back to see what adventures you have encountered during your day or week, like being made fun of at work because of your love for food, or your Indian Ghost story (I still laugh about that), the Grey Poupon, the matching red sweatsuits with hoods, your scavenger hunt run and more recently, bashing your head at the gym (don’t worry about that one, I did pretty much the same thing, but like Christina, ended up with a black eye). Dimitri the Stud is hilarious as well, I love how he self proclaims that he is one of the few men in the city with nothing wrong with him.

    Never feel bad about what you write about, I think yours is the funniest blog I have ever come across and even when you aren’t trying to be funny. It’s just the way you write – I got a laugh the other week about how you were going to get “romantic” with the arc trainer. I was expecting the A word as in Andy, not Arc trainer and that made me laugh. I think your writing is genuine and natural and that’s what I love about your blog. No matter what label or lack of label you have, I will always read Happy or Hungry because it, because you, make me laugh.

  9. I love the random search term posts, maybe because I did one last wk full of really random ones. I don’t even know where to start with some of the ones I’ve gotten but I love your illustrations with these—I could use some of them!!

  10. This… is… perfect! I truly wish I had thought of it, I love to draw but have a hard time coming up with ideas that aren’t pictures of cats. :/ You are officially a cartoon rockstar in my mind!

  11. Love the cartoon illustrations! My favs are eat grandma, taco + poisson (who searches that first of all, and how does it take them to your blog?) and evil veggies (I like their evil eye and mouths). Awesome!

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  14. I’m not sure how I ended up here, but this are HILARIOUS!! I love checking the search terms in my blog statistics – some of them are just bizarre! Drawing them is an excellent idea! Off to check out the rest of your blog now…

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