Hello, I ate a lot today

Well, yesterday. I ate a ridiculous amount yesterday. I meant to post this last night, but I am away for the next few days at meetings for work (please don’t let that statement give you the wrong impression – I am not a big deal), and I was having some internet issues while I was writing this from my hotel bed late last night. By that point I was too lazy/tired to figure it out, so this post is delayed.

I realize I have been MIA for the last couple of days, but not to worry, I am not dead! This week has just been a little bit crazy on the work front.

Shmanyway, last night a bunch of my coworkers and committee members and I hit up Frankie Tomatto’s, a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner.

I actually thought this restaurant was a chain, but I just googled it and it turns out there is only one in the world, and contrary to the above picture, it is not in Vegas.

Frankie Tomatto’s is an Italian buffet restaurant with 16 food stations, and I’m pretty sure the only type of food they don’t have is sushi. They have eight billion types of pasta, pizza, rotisserie meats, seafood, soups, salads, breads, pastries, cakes, ice cream, etc. etc. etc…. It is the craziest buffet I have ever been to, and a food lovers dream for sure.


This place is perfect for eating yourself right out of your pants, which is pretty much what I did last night.

It also has a lot of Italian paraphernalia hanging around.


is perfect for…

photo ops.

I would like to say that I kept my eating in check and refrained from annihilating the buffet, but that would just be a lie.

I started off innocently enough with a salad plate, but it was just a warm-up for my pasta plate, which did include quite a lot of pasta (and a little pizza too)

Now, you may be saying to yourself “where da veggies at?”, but look a bit closer.

That is eggplant Parmesan. And eggplant is a veggie.

I do typically avoid vegetables at buffets though, as I never find them to be that great and I can eat them any time. So I followed up that plate with a meat and seafood plate, and some dessert that went unpictured. This place is seriously amazing, and it was like $15.99 plus tax. Score.

I had to endure quite a few jokes during dinner, mainly about how I should be sitting on the end of the table for safety reasons (easy access to the buffet, and ensuring people do not get trampled), but this is nothing out of the ordinary and it makes me laugh pretty hard. More on the jokes later though. Back to meeting time for me!

And not to worry, I had a hot date with this thing in the morning.

I hated nearly every second of the 5k I ran, but I sure felt great afterwards. And like I might be able to wear pants again.

Back to meetings! I will catch you guys later!


24 responses to “Hello, I ate a lot today

  1. OMG hahahaha this post made me die. Your pizza and pasta plate is my heaven. I didn’t know there was only ONE of these restaurants!!! That’s crazy! And for it to be in Markham? Odd. I’ve only been once before and remember it being exactly how you describe it!! Looks like you had a great time 🙂

  2. You officially ate at one of my official favourite buffets. That place is CRAZY. When we lived in Toronto (feels like years ago, but it’s only been a few months), we’d take my in-laws there every summer. It is impossible to leave that place without moaning in pain. And also, did you notice that everyone yells there? I feel right at home! Ha!

  3. ahahahahaha omg, I love this post! I couldn’t stop laughing. That sounds like quite the restaurant, and I love how it looks from the outside! ….there is a reason I stopped going to buffets 😛 lol

    When I opened Google Reader, I thought this was MY post! Your kitty looks exactly like mine! So adorable 🙂

  4. Those treadmills are the ones at my ghetto gym. Half of them don’t work. More than half actually. I have a lot of complaints about my gym, but anyway.

    I kind of want to go to that buffet now. Mmmm food.

  5. Ahaha. This reminds me of one of those ghost conspiracy videos on youtube.
    “Let’s have another look at that” *circles ghost*
    In this case, veggie.
    I love buffets, and definitely cannot control myself around them. This reminds me of the amazing buffet at Caesars Windsor. They have literally every food imaginable.

  6. So I havent been to Canada since I was in college when we went to Niagra. However, I’ve been itching to go again and think Frankie Tomatto’s may be the sole reason why. 16 buffet stations?? BRING IT ON!

    And I hate old school machines like that, maybe I’m a snob but I like my precor elliptical when I work out, not some generic one that they have at my gym because they’re trying to save a buck.

  7. Wow, that is a crazy looking buffet! The food sure looks good, though!

  8. Haha you are too funny :). That buffet sounds awesome! And I’m pretty sure I would have loaded up multiple plates as well!

  9. Now that I’ve seen that pasta plate of yours, I am sure we can be best friends. And it’s understandable you didn’t photograph the dessert plate. Those are never around long enough to take out a camera. NomNom!

  10. Haha. that was totally my night last Saturday. I still cannot believe how much food I ate, but what are you supposed to do when you go to two parties, the first of which presents you with cheesy casserole, chili, and pear crumble, and the second of which has pita chips, cookies and cake? And wine??? There’s really nothing to do but just eat it all…

  11. I love when posts make me laugh out loud, and this one really did! This is one of the reasons why I love your blog so much! I love to do work at a good buffet every once in a while, then slip into a food coma and regret my lack of stomach-stretching training I should have done prior to the buffet visit.

  12. Phshhhh! That’s not a lot of food! You’ve never been to an Italian wedding! The have a buffet there that even Olympic athletes couldn’t burn off if they tried.

    No worries about eat a lot. This is why we have a colon.

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  14. You are kinda a big deal.
    Frankie Tomatoes looks amazing! How come we’ve never been before?! Their buffet sounds huge! I’m so jealous! I totally thought it was a chain.
    I’m sad I missed the buffet jokes. I bet most of them came from Brian.
    You totally look like Mona Lisa. How does Andrew feel about your new boyfriend?
    Looks like a fun time. Maybe next year!

    • It is amazing!!!! We went last year but you were in your early preggo I-don’t-care-about-food stage 😉 You probably would not have had a great buffet experience since you were NOT getting down with tomato sauce!
      You betcha the buffet jokes came from Brian.
      NEXT YEAR FOR SURE!!! We will clean that place out!

      Andrew likes it 🙂

  15. OMG! I don’t even remember you guys going. That’s how bad I was. Yikes! Totally going next year!

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