How to Throw a Very Mature 30th Birthday Party

Last night we celebrated my friend Corey’s 30th birthday party at a bar with a bunch of friends. Corey is our first close friend to turn the big 3-0, so obviously we went all out in a very mature fashion to reflect how old he is turning.

Do any of you guys have a friend’s 30th coming up? Any birthday coming up? You may want to take note.

First you must make sure his gift is in a very attractive gift bag that is not creepy at all. And then you make him pose with it.

(My friend Dawn picked that up at the dollar store! Creepiness for only one dollar. Score.)

Then you pick up a giant cardboard cutout of a princess in her natural habitat. And again make him pose with it.

You also tell him that he must look at the deer like he loves it.

Actually you get everyone to pose with the princess cut out. Even strangers. Especially strangers.

And anyone who is lucky enough to walk by your table.

And the live band also.

Princess plays the guitar. Who knew?

Then you give the birthday boy new winking joke glasses. And obviously you make him wear them.

Such a pretty birthday boy.

And the glasses are of course a great addition to the ones you already own.

It’s also a good idea to get the birthday boy a giant flashing sign that says “Birthday Girl” so he is easily recognizable.

And a giant birthday card that you ask every stranger in the bar to sign and leave personal messages on “for the birthday girl”.

This is very important, as it is a keepsake he can own forever.

And you should also get a token Movember picture.

And a festive Christmas tree picture with all your besties :).

If you follow those tips, your friend is sure to have an awesome birthday. I think it would be pretty impossible not to.

And with that…

I hope you guys all have a great one!


30 responses to “How to Throw a Very Mature 30th Birthday Party

  1. Oh my gosh, I snorted tea up my nose at the caption “I just want to go to the bathroom”.

  2. This is fun. One of my girlfriends is turning 30 in February, but I need to find a guy to do this to.

  3. Haha omg that princess cutout would be an awesome gift for a christmas gift exchange where you get to fight over the presents ;). That looks like such a fun night! Hope you have a fantastic Saturday Lindsey!! 😀

  4. I want that ”30” hair band!

  5. I’m amazed you got so many people to pose with the deer! Hmm…30 is long gone, and I just turned 40…but I have 9+ years to find a 50 hair band!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun. And hahah those glasses make everyone look so funny!

  7. I want to party with you.
    That is all.

    Hahaha this looks like so much fun! I need that Princess cutout for Adam’s birthday.

  8. LOL!! Awesome! I’m totally logging mental notes for any birthdays coming up. Very creative, haha. Happy Birthday to your friend, Corey. He seems like a good sport 😛

  9. I love this post so much!! Also, the dollar store is by far the best place to find random creepy things, as well as terrible/awesome movies.

  10. hahaha! The guy with the caption “Princess in Headlights” is hilarious. He has such a creepy mustache!

    My bro turned 30 last week. If I had this knowledge last week, it would’ve been different. After all, the extent of the humour was foot powder!
    LOL…You guys are awesome!!!!

  11. You know, I was wondering how to throw a mature 30th birthday party. LOVE the band picture and the card idea is hilarious! You have to tell us what people wrote in there. Pretty please.

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  13. One of my best girl friends is turning 30 in feb and I am trying to find some ideas to make the day really special. Having a happy birthday boy badge wont have quite the same effect 😦 so I need to keep looking but I will definitely remember all these for when my male friend turns 30 soon after! He loves us making him feel uncomfortable like that! 😀

  14. Awe man! Poor guy. Though I’m sure he loved it. My 30th was not that exciting and filled with props. I guess I have the wrong friends. I love you guys and those glasses and random pictures of strangers. It’s great! I’ll remember next time everyone turns 30 what to do.

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