Ten Ting Tuesday

Hello you cheeky minxes.

I have a bunch of “tings” I want to talk about today that aren’t connected by any sort of theme. I really like lists, so I thought I would organize them all into one post in list form. I have seen many of my favourite bloggers doing this so I am jumping on the however-many-things, whatever-day-of-the-week-it-is bandwagon.

In this case, 10 tings. And it’s Tuesday.

1. I went for a run outside on Sunday afternoon, and to switch it up I tried a new route. The weather was unseasonably beautiful, and I breezed through the first half. Seriously breezed through. My time was around 5:20 per kilometre, which is absolutely unheard of for me. And I didn’t even feel like I was putting in a lot of effort! I thought I had become a crazy speed demon overnight.

Once I hit 2.5k I turned around and started running back, and I realized what had been going on. I had been running on a steady downward slope with the wind at my back. Once I started running uphill into the wind, my speedy kilometres quickly dropped to nearly 7 minutes per kilometre. So much for becoming an overnight running sensation.

I am finding a route that is all downhill for my next race, just FYI.

2. I am currently obsessed with hot chocolate. OB. SESSED.

I haven’t had it in years, but I picked some up at the grocery store on a whim last time I was shopping. Sweet baby cheeses and all things holy and delicious, that stuff is good. I’ve been enjoying it as a late night “snack” lately and I cannot get enough.

3. I am so sick of reading about how to survive the holidays and not kill your diet. I follow a lot of health and wellness magazines/websites/people on Twitter, and I feel like every second tweet is full of tips on what holiday foods are okay to eat and what ones you should avoid.

It’s the holidays! I say go to town! EAT THE MASHED POTATOES!

Fine, it’s probably not a good idea to eat whatever’s clever for the entire month of December, but I don’t see what the big deal is about eating a giant meal for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Hi, did you see my Thanksgiving plate?

My weight was the same the next day (well I rarely weigh myself, but I assume it was).

I definitely embrace getting stuffed on those occasions, and you better believe I’m looking forward to eating these babies for a week (if they even last that long).

I strongly believe you will not gain weight after a weekend of gluttonous eating. It is just my opinion, and I can only speak from experience, but it has never happened to me.

I will, however, gain weight after weeks of gluttonous eating, so I have said it before and I will say it again, if you eat mostly healthy I think it is okay to indulge every once in a while. The holidays are perfect indulge time.

No low-calorie stuffing and gravy for me, thank you very much. Let the butter eating commence.

4. A lot of people have been telling me lately that I look like Kate Hudson.

If you tell me this I will immediately like you. I think she is absolutely beautiful, so I will take it. With a grain of salt though, because I have been told that I look like pretty much every celebrity with blonde hair, with Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Katherine Heigl being the most common.

And a couple people have told me I look like Fergie.

Thanks for that one.

And I’ve been getting Penny from Big Bang Theory a bit lately as well (and I have never seen the show so I have no idea, but I googled her and I don’t really see it).

And someone once told me that I kind of look like DAVID BOWIE. This one made me laugh.

But the number one person I was told I looked like all through Grades 9 and 10 was Taylor Hanson.

I am not sure who this is worse for; him or me.

My friends called me “Steely Tay” throughout most of high school, because they said I looked like Taylor Hanson, but I had a chest. They even made me a nice collage of pictures of Taylor and I, with tinfoil balls on my chestal area to highlight “Steely Tay”. I liked it.

5. I would like you guys all to know that I called dibs on Ryan Gosling. In 1997.

Back in 1997, Ryan was in the Canadian TV series Breaker High. Anyone remember this theme song?

My friend Emily and I both had HUGE crushes on Ryan when he was in that show. His character was pretty nerdy, so I actually thought I might have a chance with him since he wasn’t very popular with the ladies.

A friend of mine actually knew the guy who played his best friend Jimmy in the show, which fueled my fantasy of us possibly meeting and eventually getting married. I should have jumped on that while I had a chance! Look at him now… Ah, hindsight.

6. I am currently obsessed with two songs that are making running a lot more bearable.

Good Feeling by Flo Rida

I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother is obsessed with this song right now, but I’m posting it anyway because it makes me happy.

and Color on the Walls (Don’t Stop) by Foster the People

My only complaint about this song is that it’s too short.

I’ve been forcing myself not to listen to these songs when I’m not running so that I can savour them when I am running, but it’s a losing battle. I may or may not have listened to them both on repeat on my drive home from work tonight.

7. I’m boycotting Joe Fresh.

Joe Fresh is a Canadian clothing brand that started popping up in the Superstore (a grocery store) a few years ago, and at first I loved their clothes because they were nice, and also inexpensive.

Lately though, I have noticed that their prices have been skyrocketing and their quality hasn’t improved. It’s not unusual to see jackets for $80 – $100, which doesn’t make me happy at all. And the other day I was in the Superstore and I saw these:

$99!!!! For Joe Fresh shoes! I don’t even think they’re real suede!

Joe Fresh, your clothing is sold in the Superstore. It is comparable to Walmart or Target. Don’t you know who your market is?! Moms who are shopping on a budget. Wtf are you doing? What is this $99 shoe business?

I’m not saying those shoes aren’t nice, because I am kind of a big fan of them (except I am already a giant and I don’t really need anything to make me taller), but that is beside the point. If I had $99 to spend on shoes, do you think I would purchase them from Joe Fresh?

No I would not.

Sorry, rant over.

8. I really, really love salads.

It is still my favourite way to get a bunch of veggies into my body, and I don’t think I will ever get sick of eating them.

9. Check out my guest post on Pink Giggles about finding your inner blogging voice!

10. I actually don’t have a 10th thing, but I couldn’t have Nine Tings Tuesday because I like alliteration too much. So…have a great night!

And also, what celebrity are you most told you look like?


40 responses to “Ten Ting Tuesday

  1. When I was much younger, I was told I looked like Katie Holmes in her Dawsons Creek days as Joey Potter. OR Jackie from That 70s Show (but I think they were nicely calling me stupid).

    And I 100% agree on the Joe Fresh prices – not so fresh Joe, Not So Fresh….

    • Franny, I lured you into commenting! I thought you might have something to say about the Joe Fresh thing. Seriously, walking around in that section puts me into fits of rage now.
      I can actually see Jackie a little bit, and not because she is stupid! She is beautiful, just like you!

      • I also feel the need to mention my love for Breaker High as well. I dont have cable in Columbus so I’d beg my dad to drive me over to my aunts house to watch it & Are You Afraid of the Dark. I used to daydream about being in high school on a ship with cute boys. Sadly, high school in Oshawa was a big let down after Breaker High fantasies.

  2. Totally with ya on the hot chocolate binges, I do that too and love it! I also let myself eat with freedom on Thanksgiving, but if I indulge too many days in a row my stomach will feel acidy and icky! Check out the original “Good Feeling” track from Pretty Lights, it’s awesome to run to as well!

  3. OMG I laughed so hard at #4. You do favor Kate Hudson a bit 🙂 but I will junk punch anyone that tells you that you look like Fergie. That picture of her is sooo bad. Hahaha. I’m still laughing.

    And I’m a chocolate eater. Hot chocolate with those fake marshmallows plus double stuf oreos are my fav.

    And I dont know what Joe Fresh is but wtf….I couldnt imagine seeing 99$ shoes in Target or Wally World.

    The celeb I hear that I look like most often is Stacey Dash (from Clueless) but I’ve also had people tell me that I look like Jada Pinkett Smith and a few times I’ve been told that I look like Beyonce (i mean really? really!? just no).

  4. Ahahahahh i fink we’re twins. Uh yeah. Long lost sisters. What the eff. Where in canada are you cause I’ll come visit. I’M FROM ROCHESTER BETCH. Meowmeow you totes look like kate hudson, not like the dudes, and okay fair enough you do get dibs. I mean you liked him when he was dorky and weird and had long Nick Carter hair. Props to you seeing the potential in him.

  5. 1. I am OBSESSED with peppermint mochas lately, which kinda go along the same lines as your current hot chocolate fetish. I can’t stop making them. I’ve had 4 since Sunday afternoon, and I see two more happening in my future tomorrow morning.
    2. Holidays should never be about ‘survival.’ I only get stuffing twice a year, so damn rights I’m gonna eat it! And it may be vegan, but trust me, the bread & soy butter isn’t any lower in calories than traditional stuffing. I’m all about loading my plate and covering everything in (mushroom) gravy. BRING IT ON.
    3. You DO look like Kate Hudson!! Not so much anyone else, but it can’t hurt to resemble Kate 😉 She’s a beauty and so are you!
    4. Ryan Gosling is just….omg. So yummy.
    5. What?!?! Joe Fresh is charging $99 for their shoes now?? hoooly…I agree, their clothing and shoes are nice, but not THAT nice. I bought a pair of Jessica Simpson’s shoes from The Bay for $70. Way more worth it.

  6. I always give myself a free pass on holidays. I just have to be careful that “eat whatever you want on Christmas” doesn’t morph into “eat whatever you want in December”. Because…yeah…that’s usually what happens. Hey, I forgot that Ryan Gosling used to have a Hugh-Grant-esque fwoop to his hair! And don’t worry…you didn’t look like a boy. That Hanson kid looked like a girl. I still like Joe. I love their exercise clothes. But I do agree that some of their stuff is getting overpriced.

  7. I like Ten Tings Tuesday. I had no idea that Ryan Gosling was on a Canadian TV show… but yes, you obviously called him first. Congratulations! I’ll call him and let him know you’re on your way for Thanksgiving. (Whoops… USA thanksgiving.)

  8. I SO agree with #3! It’s awful to think that some people aren’t thinking ‘yay holiday season!’ but ‘oh no I’ll ruin my diet’. I can’t think of anything more depressing than sitting round a table with your family and not letting yourself enjoy the occasion and eat some fattening food. I plan on indulging in moderation, haha.

    I hate when budget brands jack their prices up!

  9. I am with ya…I’m gonna eat what I want on Thanksgiving! That’s why I will get in a good workout in the morning, just so I don’t feel gross after stuffing myself haha. And that 1997 pic of Ryan Gosling is priceless!! Love it! I hope you have a great day pretty lady 😀

  10. Back when Ally McBeal was on tv, I was constantly told I looked like her! and the odd time Michelle Pfieffer. I’ll take it…

  11. OMG i love lists too.
    and i love big bang theory, and penny. and i could almost somewhat see it actually.
    and im DEFINIETLY obsessed with that song right now too (flo rida) and it is my current favorite workout jam.

  12. This is why I love you. You’re Canadian and you love (or even know) Breaker High, and you had a crush on Sean! I was so young, but I had a huge crush on Sean. I thought Max was insanely hot, but I thought Sean was nerdy and cute.
    And I am currently riding on the Hot Chocolate obsession train right now. I drink it everyday (except for the unfortunate mouth burning incident). What kind do you like?

  13. Oh, and I definitely see the resemblance to Kate Hudson.
    I’ve gotten Sarah Jessica Parker once….. yeah…..flattering… haha

  14. I have a friend who, when we first met, told me he thought I looked like “the small Amazonian boy from captain planet.” (Ma-Ti)

    He also told me I looked like Velma, from Scooby-Doo.

  15. This is my first time here and you posted the theme to Breaker High. You are now stuck with me. Breaker High was awesome in a cheesy kind of awesome way. If I remember correctly I actually cried when Sean and Tamira kissed after the hockey game in Canada. It’s true. But, I would still choose Pacey over anyone 🙂

  16. Hey, it’s true…you DO look like Kate Hudson!

    It’s too bad that Joe Fresh started raising their price…but hey, everything is raising (minimum salary, gas…) so I guess it was inevitable. Such is life. I do agree that I won’t pay 100 bucks on something that Loblaws and Maxi sell.

    And try fava beans instead of chickpeas or black beans…so much better!! (imo)

    People have told me I HAD Mary-Kate Olsen’s smile. You know, the ”squished lips chix smile”. I think it’s gone now…hopefully.

    • thanks for the fava beans suggestion! Those ones were just from a random bean salad I picked up at Superstore, I just dumped the rest on my salad. I have never actually bought fava beans though, and never thought do.
      And this is true. Everything is expensive. ho hum.

  17. Hanson NO WAY! Definitely Kate Hudson. I think my very first comment on your blog was that you look like Kate Hudson. A lot of the time I talk to the hubster about your blog, he has no idea who Lindsey is so I refer to you as Kate Hudson and then he knows I’m talking about you. He is very grateful for the Grey Poupon post, he gets the joke too now 🙂

    I was in stitches reading your earlier posts – the part where you yelled out Tony Danza and how you told them you got your cookie from “the trailer.” In fact all those stories were funny, but they were my favourites. I also loved Corey’s birthday party, I think I laughed through that whole post.

    I agree with you with the food thing. There is so much “how to survive the holidays” stuff around at the moment and if there is a time of year to really overindulge, it’s Christmas day. I think Bob Harper said it best when he said “you can have Christmas day, just don’t turn it into Christmas week or Christmas month.”

    • haha, that’s really funny about your husband (both the Kate Hudson and the Grey Poupon thing)
      That’s right, Christmas day is fine (maybe even Christmas weekend? ;)) but yeah, Christmas eating month is a bad idea.
      I love hearing about you laughing at my posts.

  18. “I am so sick of reading about how to survive the holidays and not kill your diet.”

    YES. THANK YOU. This drives me crazy!!! I am so sick of the food = guilt mentality… just eat the damn Christmas cookie and enjoy it. And if you gain 2 pounds from too many cookies…who the F cares. It’s 2 pounds. It’s not death.

    I actually don’t really have a celebrity twin…at least not that I know of! My husband has several but I seem to be lacking in that department.

  19. Dear “The Princess”,

    I just checked out your guest post at Pink Giggles and Wow, everything looks delicious, thanks for posting! No I loved your guest post especially “I feel like writing about my diet and workouts completely changed my habits. I learned how to create easy, healthy, balanced meals, and I learned how to get over my fear of running.” So, my question to you is would you mind writing a post about your fear of running and how you got over it. I am the opposite to you – I love my treadmill, but really struggle with outdoor running.

    BTW, you definitely are an inspiration for other people 🙂

  20. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    People always tell me that I look like Kristen Bell, but I really don’t see it! But Kate Hudson and you look VERY similar! I think it’s the smile and the eyes?

    I can kind of see the Taylor Hanson thing too– but don’t take that as you looking like a boy at all. He’s the one that’s pulling off the opposite gender look

  21. Sadly, I’ve never been told I look like a celebrity. If there was a celebrity with an slightly above healthy BMI, average brown hair that never really looks super great and blue eyes, I’m sure I’d get told I looked like her all the time. 😉 Also, LOVE Breaker High…and Ryan Gosling was born in the same hospital as I was, FYI.

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  23. Sporting Life 10km is where it’s at. It’s the greatest race for a fast time.
    I love hot chocolate and have often become obsessed with it. Right now I’m obsessed with coffee. Yum!
    You do kinda look like Kate Hudson. She has a cool name.
    I’m with you sista on the holiday eating. Eat and be merry! I think people are afraid if they start they won’t stop. Moderation people.
    OMG. Breaker High! I remember thinking, that’s the guy from Breaker High when I first saw Ryan Gosling in the Notebook. Made it hard to take him seriously.
    Sorry. I am obsessed with Joe Fresh right now. I buy Hudson something there once a week when I got grocery shopping. I love their baby stuff.

    • Yesss, I remember you saying that! That is the one I want to do!
      Haha, she does have a cool name! Aww, Hudson.
      That’s what I thought when I saw him in the Notebook! And everyone had a big crush on him and I remember thinking “puh-lease, I jumped on that bandwagon years ago.”
      Baby Joe Fresh is fine, but boycott anything over $50!!!! Not cool!

  24. Haven’t commented in a while. Started new job in Cowtown so I am bored in my second week. Decided to catch up on your blog. It’s fabulous as usual.

    I have been told twice in the last few months that I look like Rosemary Barton from the CBC. I’m sure it’s all hair-related though. I don’t think we resemble each other other than that.

    I’m also the queen of finding everyone to look like a celebrity, but in your case, you look like one person. Lindsey. Your bestie though – man she looks exactly like…………

    • Kathryn Hahn! I know!
      Thanks man. I can see Rosemary Barton a little bit! I think it’s the smile.
      Why does everyone move to Calgary?! I do not see the appeal. Fine, cowboys. And mountains are cool too… but other than that…

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