Epicure and the “Trailer”

Good eeeeevening.

Did you guys have a good weekend? Mine was quite fab. I had a couple things going on, but I want to talk about the Epicure party Andrew’s sister Sharlene hosted at her house on Saturday afternoon. I didn’t really know anything about Epicure except that it involved food, so I was in.

I was actually getting Epicure mixed up with Epicurious (which is a website for recipes), but Epicure is a Canadian company that sells various herbs and spices that you can add to any recipe to make it taste delicious. They have a lot of dip mixes, jellies, pantry staples, rubs, dressings, soup mixes, etc. They are kind of like Clubhouse, but unlike Clubhouse they use all natural ingredients and use as little sodium as possible.

So this was my lunch on Saturday afternoon. I snack attacked all over that table.

For all the dips pictured above you just had to add the seasoning to either yogurt, sour cream, mayo, or cream cheese and mix it up. The cheese dip was the highlight here. I could not get enough of that stuff. I kept going back for more.

I was actually really impressed with how good everything was and I wanted to buy their entire catalog.

My absolute favourite though?

The gingerbread cookies. Hands down, no competition. Those gingerbread cookies were the best gingerbread cookies I have ever had in my life. Ever.

And I know, in my last post I said Laura’s double chocolate cranberry cookies were one of the best cookies I have ever tasted, and you may be thinking to yourself “Well this girl just likes every cookie” and you would not be wrong.

But I am a (self-proclaimed) cookie connoisseur and I promise you, those gingerbread cookies tasted like unicorn tears and the warm hugs of angels. I am not even usually a fan of gingerbread cookies and I ate about 6 of them. I kept saying aloud “I can NOT get OVER these COOKIES,” every time I bit into one, and everyone agreed.

They were soft and chewy and they almost melted in my mouth. Thankfully Ando’s mom bought the gingerbread spice and the sugar crystals, so I’m hoping she can recreate those little slices of heaven and they make an appearance at Christmas.

But I couldn’t wait until Christmas.  This morning I walked over to Tim Hortons to grab a coffee and I noticed their gingerbread cookies. They called to me. My mouth started watering just looking at them and remembering the soft chewy taste of sweet, sweet gingerbread and molasses.  So I bought one.

But alas…

Ho hum, gingerbread bum. It was crunchy and meh. Not even close to the gingerbread yumfest that tickled my tastebuds on the weekend. I’ll be waiting until the real deal, thanks.

I would have bought the spice myself but it would be really dangerous to have around. I would probably make them at least weekly and eat the entire batch.

Anyway, enough about cookies. Despite my last couple of posts, this is not the cookie blog.

I ended up buying the Poco Picante salsa seasoning

which you just add to either fresh or canned diced tomatoes, and the Cran & Apple Cheese Ball seasoning

which you just add to cream cheese. I’m excited about this mix because you can also apparently put it in your oatmeal or yogurt.

Tonight after work I was at a press conference at the Rogers Centre for my organization’s Football Bowls that are happening there tomorrow. Nothing too exciting went down (the real excitement will be tomorrow), but it is really eerie being inside the stadium when it is all dark and empty.

It will be a lot busier tomorrow, and I’m pumped for our event. It’s always a fun day. Plus I get to spend the day getting made fun of by making fun of my boss and Brian.

Brian doesn’t even look like that anymore! This was taken a couple years ago, and he has lost a ton of weight (he’s on the right). I’ll find out his secret (except I already know, he jogs on the treadmill every morning for half an hour and has simmered down on the fried foods).

Anyway, before I take off I wanted to show you guys the “trailer” (remember from my office inside jokes?) I saw it tonight and remembered to snap a pic.

Yep, that’s it. Just a room in the side of the stands. I guess it’s no wonder no one could find the ref’s lounge when I said it was in the trailer.

I am still maintaining that it is trailer-esque though. Even looking at this picture I can understand my mix up. When I look at it, I just think TRAILER ;).

Have a great night!


26 responses to “Epicure and the “Trailer”

  1. Your gingerbread cookies story reminded me of two years ago when a colleague brought gingersnaps into work. Sometimes I find that gingersnaps are too heavy on ginger and “burn,” but these were perfect..and looking at how perfectly circular they were a friend and I proceeded to call our colleague over to grill her about whether she’d made them and how they were made. I got the recipe out of her I’ve made them every Christmas since then and they never last long (but I’m not as neat as she is, so they aren’t quite so perfect in shape…but who cares)!

  2. ahahaha it totally looks like a trailer! I probably would have made the same mistake 😛
    I love Epicure! My Aunt sells it, and I have a bunch of the seasonings. I love making the dips, or adding the seasonings into dinner 🙂 So good.
    If you like soft, chewy gingerbread cookies, try the ginger molasses cookie at Starbucks. Before going vegan, I ate it all the time. Too often. But definitely beats Tim Horton’s.

  3. Tim’s? Stick to the Timbits. And Honey Crullers. Everything else can be disappointing.

    The Apple Cheese spice sounds intriguing! I like the french translation: Boules de fromage. Idk, I find it funny. It’s not, but I think it is. Ok, I need my coffee.

  4. Ha! Thanks for the picture of the trailer! I was having a hard time visualizing it in your last post. I totally would have called it “the trailer” too. In fact, I’m not sure why your coworkers were even confused!

    I have an amazing recipe for soft ginger spice cookies. It’s legendary. (Errr…can cookies that you’ve only been making for four or five years be legendary?) In fact, it’s probably just about time for me to start thinking about baking them for Christmas! I can’t do it too early, though, or else I’ll eat them all myself and have to start over.

  5. Most gingerbread cookies I’ve had are hard and crusty, never good. I’m going to have to make some and see if I really like them.

  6. OK, I am not a gingerbread fan AT ALL, but now I REALLY want one of those cookies. Like REALLY. Is there a recipe in our future? Please say yes!

    And dude, that is TOTALLY a trailer. Totally.

  7. I love epicure! My aunt has a bunch of spices and mixes and stuff. The only one I own and if my absolute favorite. The nacho cheese dip (or whatever it’s called) But those gingerbreak cookies look amazing!! I’m going to see if she has some of that!

  8. Omg I WANT those gingerbread cookies! I’m not a huge gingerbread cookie fan either…but those sound amazing and if you like them then I’m sure I would! And seriously, where do you come up with awesome lines like this “tasted like unicorn tears and the warm hugs of angels”?? I LOVE it…and you :D. Hope you have a great day!

  9. The type of gingerbread cookie you described here sounds positively perfect! I have a serious love for those types of cookies and have always enjoyed them 🙂 I love how you describe the flavors too, you always crack me up girl!

  10. That totally does look like a trailer! hahaha, still funny you couldn’t find the room though.
    I love me some gingerbread cookies but once they get crunchy it’s a no go. I think my fave cookies of all time are those peanut butter cookies with the hershey kiss pressed in the middle. When I make those, I can’t control myself. I should just bake a gigantic cookie around myself and eat my way out because that’s the only true way I will ever be happy.

  11. I LOVE the tims ginger molasses cookies, they’re the only treat I’ll get there. But you have to get the soft ones, the crunchy ones just aren’t yummy

  12. Well, I’m just waiting for some “trailer trash” pics from your blog in the near future.

    The party looked like fun. At first I thought “epicure” was like this new type of “manicure” or “pedicure” I don’t know about cause I never get either one of them done.
    Nope, I’m just misinformed with lingo in general. 😉

  13. I was never a big fan of any sort of parties which were promoting a product but MAN epicure is fantastic!!

  14. “those gingerbread cookies tasted like unicorn tears and the warm hugs of angels”….and I just laughed out loud at my desk.

  15. (And then I somehow left the above comment using a wordpress account I never even log into….the work of unicorns for sure)

  16. mmm i have the salsa mix too! so tasty!

  17. Those cookies look so good! I want a recipe. They are parfaaaait for the holidays.
    That is definitely a trailer. Someone wedged a trailer underneath the stands for sure.

  18. Unicorn tears and warm angel hugs, lol, this is a great descriptor. I will have to use it some time.
    Isn’t it wierd being in the Roger’s Centre without all the people?
    OMG! After all these years I finally see the “trailor”. It definitely looks like a trailor. I’m with you on that one, except it’s obviously attached to the wall.

    • Doesn’t it look like a trailer?!? See, I am not that crazy! Brian and Ken are the crazy ones, I think they should have been able to find “the trailer” from my description.
      It is so weird being in the empty Rogers Centre! I am used to it being jam-packed for games.

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