15 Hours of Football

That’s all I did yesterday. Watched about 15 hours of my organization’s football championships in the Rogers Centre.

(I didn’t take that picture – my camera is not that good.)

I left my house at 7am yesterday morning, and I got home at 12:30am. Long day! Thankfully, my boss let me come in late today. He saw me on TV at 11pm last night (the games were televised), proof that I stayed until the bitter end. I didn’t even have to plead my case.

Thankfully I don’t usually work 15-hour days, so I don’t mind it every once in a while. I also really enjoy watching football, and although the day was long it was a lot of fun.

Normally I take pics for our magazine at our events, but for this one I abandoned my usual camera because we had a photographer there. Instead I just used my iPhone to snap pics and immediately post them to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Usually at our bigger events I feel pretty inadequate with my little camera standing next to the real photographers and media with their big serious cameras and a separate tripod for their gigantic lenses. I’d like to get a $10,000 camera, but I don’t think Alligator Arms will go for it.


(Me and my little camera – and this pic is from our Baseball championships in June)

My iPhone isn’t great for action shots though. It totally choked during the Toronto Mayor’s opening kickoff for the last game…

But it was fine for what I needed it for.

I really, really love going to our championships. The atmosphere is ridiculous.

The students are excited just to be playing in the championship, and at our championships in the Rogers Centre they are SUPER excited to be playing on the same field as the pros.

Sadly, no Dan Marino this year, and no Thurman Thomas (former Bills player), who has been studding around the past couple of years…

(Thurman last year)

But Steve Christie was there, who is a former Bills kicker. And Adriano Belli (former Toronto Argos player) was there for the last game, who is also known as the kissing bandit, apparently.

I had no idea who he was, but Brian saw him come onto the field and said “Watch him, he’s going to kiss everyone.”

And he did, he kissed everyone. No one escaped his lips. I guess he is known for this, but it was funny to watch.

Even the players got a kiss.

He just likes to kiss! I like it.

Brian and I also snuck in a quick dinner in between games at a pub across the street. I got chicken wings and fries and I loved every bite of them both. It’s been a while since I’ve had either. Running around all day made me want to eat fried foods in abundance.

The media box also had some good treats, and I definitely frequented it. It was like a 5-mile hike to get up there though, so I felt like I really worked for those donuts I snagged 😉 (I grabbed some fruit and veggies too, not to worry.)

Anywhoozles, FUN TIMES! But it is late and I need to be at work at my regular time tomorrow, so I will catch you guys later!


18 responses to “15 Hours of Football

  1. I call that a successful day. Football, kisses, and sweaty men. #heaven

  2. Wow, sounds like a busy, awesome day! Hope you get a good sleep tonight and feel well-rested in the morning 😀

    P.S. love the iPhone shot of the mayor, lol

  3. I would qualify this as a very successful day 🙂

  4. This is great! The picture of the mayor kicking off is hilarious.

  5. My boyfriend was watching the game and I heard them mention your name!

  6. Ooh, 15 hours of football sounds like my dream come true! Looks like a really fun night Lindsey!

  7. Sounds like a successful day on the job! And that is too funny that that guy kissed everyone haha. You should have asked for one 😉

  8. Your little camera doesn’t look so little to me! Of course, I have a point and shoot. Sounds like a buuuusy day. Definitely could see how fries would be in order.

  9. Fun times. I heard about that event on CBC radio, so it’s cool that you were there/organizing. Nothing I ever work on makes it on the radio…haha.

  10. I don’t think I have the kahones to watch that much football! Sounds like a super busy day!

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  12. Oh championships. Long days but lots of fun. It’s a nice thing that we get to be out of the office. I would go crazy sitting at a desk every day. Looks like a fun time. Did the rest of the crew not stop by?
    I didn’t see you on TV but I looked when I was watching.
    Did the Marchants coaches’ party go on this year?
    Hope you had a rockin time with Brian!

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