My lunch today was Jersey Shore-a-licious!

My coworker Beth’s daughter is currently in college studying to be an event planner, and as a project her and her classmates had to plan a public event and run the entire thing themselves. They decided to base their event on the Jersey Shore and call it “Jerseylicious”.

Jerseylicious was going on today at their school. Beth wanted to support her daughter, and since Jersey Shore is a guilty pleasure of mine, I was more than game. Today at lunchtime we took a break from work and dropped by the festivities. They had decorated an area of their Student Centre like the Jersey Shore, and had a bunch of Jersey Shore-themed activities going on. The students were so enthusiastic (especially Beth’s daughter), and it was really funny.

The first thing Beth and I did was hit up the “photo booth”.

Wigs and boas provided by the Jerseylicious crew.

Then we noticed there was a mini salon set up.

They would either do your hair, nails or makeup, Jersey Shore-style.

Obviously Beth and I had to get the Snooki poof.

I probably should have gotten them to do my makeup and do a little shine-proofing while they were at it…

I thought they did a pretty good job though, poof-wise.

I heard the girl next to me ask the ladies who were doing her hair if they could also trim her bangs. I should have scored a haircut! I need one, badly.

After poof-time, we moved on to Sunday Night Dinner.

Beth and I both scored the full Sunday Night Dinner, which included a slice of pizza, a red velvet cupcake (delicious), and a drink. Not too shabby for $4.

They were also selling Jersey Shore T-shirts.

We may or may not have picked up two Team Meatballs T-shirts for my boss and our coworker Mike ;). Just a little souvenir. They have a habit of wearing the same purple dress shirt on the same day, so I’m hoping that will happen with the meatball shirts. Maybe they can wear them to our next big meeting event.

We also entered into some raffle draws for movie tickets, spray tans, and some other prize packs.

We Jersey Shored it up for about 45 minutes, and then headed back to the office to show off our poofs. At first I felt kind of awkward with mine, since my hair usually has zero volume and I thought it was a big difference.

But then I kinda liked it! I thought my hair stylist did a much more subtle and classy job with my poof than Snooki does with her poof.

Snooki poof:

My poof:

I am going to have to start teasing my hair and poof it up myself! I may be a poof convert.

Has anyone tried a Snooki poof?

You guys all have a Jerseylicious night now!


21 responses to “Jerseylicious

  1. OMG this is hilarious!! I have never tried the Snooki poof! I love that the school did this…such a fun idea!

  2. Your poof is gorgeous and so much tamer than Snooki’s – rock it!!!

  3. My mom bought several ”Bumpits” (not the real ones, the Wal-Mart/Dollar store imitation ones) at 1$, 2$,5$…and none of them work. Very uncomfortable.

    Now I just use volumizing shampoo. Does the trick.

    I think we can hide a whole order of pizza and fries in Snooki’s poof. I like yours much better.

  4. I love your poof! Haha, I’ve only just started learning how to do that with my hair but I like it 🙂 Though it’ll never be like Snooki’s, lol. Classy poofs all the way 😉 Not a fan of Jersey Shore, but the event sounds like fun!

  5. I really like your Snooki poof! It suits you. But if you really wanted to be jerseylicious, you’d have to dye it brown. Apparently, blondes do not have more fun on Jersey Shore. (Confession: I’ve never actually seen Jersey Shore. And yet I know all about Snooki and fist-bumping. How did that happen?) Have I tried a poof? Errrr…my entire head is one big poof. It does not need poof assistance. It would look like a baby poodle had fallen asleep on my head. Hahaha @ both boys wearing team meatballs at the same time.

  6. Um I really like you with the poof!! I do a little mini poof every once and a while but not the whole top of my hair, it just doesnt look right… I think I have a mishaped head.

  7. Ahh this is hilarious, what a fun way to spend the day 🙂 I actually like you with the poof! is that bad?! haha.. .I think it works on you m’dear!

  8. I do a super tamed down version of the Snooki poof every now and then, usually on second day hair where I don’t feel like washing it and it has zero volume…

  9. I think your hair looks adorable! Kind of similar to how I had mine for my wedding actually (minus the curly-ness)… I don’t trust myself to do anything to my hair other than blow dry it…I need hair lessons! Maybe from Snooki?…or maybe not…

  10. I’ve never tried a snooki poof! I’ve never even seen the show even though I’m a jersey girl (or maybe I should say never seen it because I’m a jersey girl.
    That party looked like so much fun. What a great idea.

  11. Ok I am a huge fan of the poof on you! It looks gorgeous and much classier than Snooki’s. I haven’t tried the Snooki poof but I am a serial hair teaser.

  12. I love the poof and I rock it on the regular. It’s an easy way to style dirty hair and it elongates my round face. Yours suits you!

    This event is very creative. I have to admit that I have never seen the show, but I still get all the references.

  13. Awe, I wish I had gone. Your poof looks great! Look at all the volume you have! I love that you got matching team meatballs tshirts for Doug and MIke. Awesome!
    Looks like a fun time. Congrats to Beth’s daughter!

  14. Your hair looks great! I only do the mini poofs with my bangs, I have never done a big Snooki poof. I’m not very good at teasing my hair.

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