The Fence

If you have read my About page, you may have noticed that I love the game Manhunt.

Manhunt is basically like a game of outdoor hide-and-go-seek/tag, and it is seriously awesome. I would still play it today if I could find people to play it with me. I don’t know the proper rules, but when we were growing up we played outside in the dark, and you had to hide until the person who was “It” found you. Once you were found, you had to run to Home Free before they caught you.

If they tagged you before you got to Home Free, you were It. If the person who was It didn’t tag anyone, they had to be It for another round (and possibly forever). Being It sucked. Everyone avoided and taunted you. I dreaded being It.


To decide who was first It, we all put our feet in a circle and did the whole eenie meenie miny mo thing, and then added: “My mother and your mother were hanging out the clothes, My mother punched your mother right in the nose. What colour was the blood? RED! R-E-D spells Red.” And then person belonging to the foot you landed on was out. This was repeated until there was only one foot left in the circle, and that person was It. It was very elaborate and we did not mess around.

My house was the perfect place to play manhunt. I had a pretty big property, surrounded by the forest, lake, a park (it only had two swings and a teeter-totter but it was very foresty with lots of hiding places), and my neighbours’ property.

Home Free was a picnic table in my front yard.

One night we were playing manhunt, and I was hiding with my bestie Lisa.  It was absolutely pitch black. We had been hiding in the park next to my house, but were caught, and were running away from my neighbour Ivan, who was It. Everyone else had already made it to Home Free. We were Ivan’s last chance of escaping being It again.

We had managed to get away from him and were lying low across the street at the back of my house on the lake side. Our only goal was to make it to Home Free. I was terrified of being caught and becoming It. If I ended up being It, I could see myself not being able to catch anyone and staying It for the rest of the night and everyone harassing me. It was a horrifying prospect. It was the last thing I wanted to be.

We knew Ivan was still on my property to the left, and we knew he was after us, but he didn’t know where we were yet because it was so dark.

It was a tricky situation. If we just started running towards Home Free, Ivan would see us and probably head us off and catch us. We had to lure him towards us first before we started running.

We instantly made a plan.

We would make Ivan run towards us, and as he was running diagonally for us, we would run straight for my house, go around the side, and book it to Home Free.

It would take Ivan a few seconds to change direction, and since we would have a head start, I was confident we would make it.

I was already picturing our sweet victory dance on the picnic table.


We put our plan into action.


I heard Ivan start to run, so I waited a few seconds and then yelled to Lisa “RUN!!!!!!!”

She took off, and I quickly followed. I could hear Ivan chasing after us and let me just say, I have never ran so fast in my entire life. We were on a mission. We were BOOKING IT.


About 20 seconds into our run I heard a humoungous CRASH in front of me. Lisa had run into something. I couldn’t see her, but there was a hose for the eaves trough on my property around where I thought we were. I figured Lisa hit that and tripped. I made an instant decision – look out for number one and keep running.

I didn’t want to hit the hose myself, so I prepared myself for it. I started running even faster so that I could just effortlessly leap over it (and Lisa, if need be).

And here is how that went in my head:


I remember reaching my sprinting potential, and thinking to myself “I have never run this fast in my life! I feel so free and wild running in the wind!” My legs felt as if they were flying over the grass!

Just as I thought this, something stopped me dead. There was an old decorative (I use that term loosely) wooden fence that surrounded my yard, that served absolutely no purpose, and in our rush to get away from Ivan I had completely forgotten about it.


The crash I heard wasn’t from Lisa hitting the hose, it was from Lisa hitting the fence. Just as I broke into a full-out sprint, I crashed into it, and it hit me at thigh-level. I did a complete flip over it.


Lisa had also hit the fence at thigh-level and did a full flip over it. I landed directly on top of her.

The fence was totally broken. Lisa must have cracked it when she hit it, and I completely did it in when I hit it right after.

And Ivan saw his opportunity and seized it. I opened my eyes and saw his grinning face above us.

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31 responses to “The Fence

  1. Too funny. Somehow I knew that you’d end up crashing on top of Lisa. I hope you didn’t stay It all night!

    We used to play Manhunt too, except that we called it Ghost in the Graveyard, and the counter had to count up to midnight: “one o’clock, two o’clock, etc”. I’ve always thought that there should be adult hide-and-go seek clubs. Maybe you could set something up through your work.

  2. hahaha . that actually sounds like it hurt pretty bad, what a bad way to go down! haha

  3. I played something very similar to Manhunt when I was a child, and never wanted to be “It” when I was younger either. Not sure why, but as a child, being “It” while all of you friends were running around together seemed terrible!

  4. I have never played manhunt! It was all about capture the flag when I was a kid (I would totally still play it though). I love how as kids we were so serious about these games haha. I love your cartoons, especially the dramatic hitting-of-the-fence play by play. I did something totally similar when I went skiing with my sister. She fell and I was laughing so hard until I realized that she hit a fence and I hit the fence too, much harder thanks to karma.

  5. We played this with the kids in the neighborhood at least once a week, but we just called it Home Free! Is it a rule that it has to be played in the dark? Because I don’t remember ever playing it during the day…it was always at night. And when I was “it” I swear it felt like I was “it” for the entire night!! Everybody is having a jolly ol’ time when your out there dying trying to tag everyone!

  6. Oh my gosh this post brings back so many fond memories 🙂 I used to play Man Hunt soo often when I was younger with a great group of friends. I actually played last summer with my brothers and their friends… it was completely epic, oh and did I mention everyone except me was in their mid 20s? it never gets old 🙂
    That sounds like it hurt pretty bad though! Its these kinds of stories that make the game awesome 🙂

  7. OK,how have I never heard of this…and did the commenter above me just use the word “epic”? tell her that word needs to go away.

    But back to you…..yea, I would suck at this game. I suck at any physical game. And admit, you had a crush on Lisa, didn’t you?!!!

  8. Hahaha omg too funny…but I hope you didn’t get hurt! I seriously love your cartoon posts! You are so good at them…and you’re a fabulous story teller!

  9. I never really enjoyed hide & seek as a kid but I think it was because it always had to be played at night and I may or may not have been afraid of the dark 🙂
    However, if you are so inclined to start playing Manhunt again then check out the Manhunt! Toronto facebook page:
    There are Manhunt groups in most of the major Canadian cities 🙂

  10. I don’t blame you for running for your life. I hated being it more than I hated anything in the whole wide world.

  11. LMFAO!! ahahahaha omg, I love your drawings! We used to play the same thing when we were kids, though I think we just called the game itself ‘home free.’ I miss playing that game 😛 I haaated being ‘It’ because I was such a slow runner, haha.
    P.S. I would have kept running, too 😛

  12. AHAHAHA. I think I seriously died reading this, I’m so glad I found your blog. I used to play manhunt as well! I didn’t know that existed outside my high school!

  13. That is hilarious. Great how you “sacrificed” Lisa and ended up protecting her by landing on top of her! We used to do neighborhood games when I was a kid…I think we played hide and seek though!

  14. I am cracking up! Haha!! I cant believe you crashed into a fence. That sounds really painful!
    Manhunt can be so dangerous. I fell twice playing that game (once in HS and another time in college) and bruised my butt bone both times.

  15. Oh my gosh I forgot all about that game! When I was 14 we played at a friend’s house and I ended up behind the shed with my crush and we ended up making out. Totally better than making it to Home Free.

  16. BUAHAHAHA, I loved that slow motion. I sounded painful, but I can’t help but smile at that! This game is so dangerous.

  17. Had a bit of catching up today, but I am never, ever disappointed. Your stories are the best. I actually get a little anxious after a few days of not reading cause I have to know what you have been up to or what sort of trouble you have gotten yourself into like not paying for your train ticket 🙂

    Your eenie, meenie miny mo has a different ending to mine. We used to end it with ig dig dog sh*t, who trod in it? that person would say someone’s name which was spelt out and then it continued with what colour was it? and that person would say a colour which had to be spelt out as well. I figured this was fun, rude and educational all at the same time.

    I can totally see where your “trailer” came from, it really does look like one, especially with that ramp, it makes it look like a make-shift trailer that has been put together for a special occasion. Your Wikipedia fun was absolutely hilarious, I could not stop laughing, I loved the Santa Claus and drag queen, especially the make up!

    Your poof was pretty impressive, I actually thought it looked good. I haven’t seen Jersey Shore so I don’t really know what that is, but it looks like a lot of fun 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us readers next.

    • Once again Jane, I love your comments!
      That is really funny how eeny meenie miny mo endings vary depending on country. Yours is quite rude yet educational 🙂
      I have been paying for my train tickets recently…but crazy things do tend to happen to me. My friend Beth always tells me it’s because I can take it. I would have to agree with her.

  18. AHAHHAHA. Twinnayyys.

  19. That eenie, minie, mo song is awful. As a mother, I do not like it at all. I would never punch someone in the nose or let someone punch me.
    I can just picture you scheming to not get it.
    So funny! I can also picture you flying over the fence and leaving Lisa for dead. I wish I could have seen that. In fact, I think I would have really enjoyed watching you grow up and do all these story-worthy things!

  20. Pingback: How to Not Hate Running (not that I’m an expert) | Happy or Hungry

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