Weekday Update


I am a blog slacker (a blacker?). I seem to be getting out of the blogging habit! I’ve been a busy beaver this week and blogging seems to be the first extra curricular activity to fall by the wayside. Also, since I am no longer talking about my daily workouts and eats, posting every day doesn’t seem as important.

But I miss it! I want to get back into the swing of things, and there are some things that are new around here. Time for an update!

First of all, regular season play of Office Boccia is now complete, and we are moving on to the playoffs!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may already know that we play right in our offices at lunchtime against the other Provincial Sport Organizations in my building, and usually have one game a week.

(pic from last season’s Office Boccia)

We had a make-up game this week so we actually had two games.

We lost this game. But it was pretty close!

For the second game, we branched out and played in the hallway outside of our office.

As Team Captain, I made the decision to bench my boss for this game because he wasn’t playing up to par (I’m just kidding ;)), so he was the official measurer of the balls (he is circled wayyyyy down at the end of the hallway). The jack ball was thrown all the way from where I am standing taking this picture, to where my boss is measuring. It was quite a distance. And quite dangerous for people from other offices trying to get to the bathroom with balls flying everywhere.

Sadly, we lost this game too.

Out of 20 games, I think we only won 3, and I’m pretty sure we are in last place in our pool.

But not to worry, everyone makes the playoffs, so we have a chance for a huge comeback! I like to joke that we’ve just been hustling everyone this whole time and we are going to come back and own the playoff round. I want that trophy.

Just a basketball trophy painted to look like boccia balls. Still, you get your name engraved on it and it lives in your office until the next season of Office Boccia. Kind of exciting.

Besides boccia, this week has been filled with lunch dates.

My coworker Lexy (who is on maternity leave) dropped by yesterday with her baby Hudson for a little lunch date with my coworker Beth and I.

Hudson is just getting cuter. I have crazy love bursts for that little guy. He is awesome.

We had to get our token picture in front of our office Christmas tree, as Lexy and I have one of us from every year.

And this is the one of us from two years ago…

Aww, we have grown up :).

Today I had a working lunch date with my communications group, which consists of other employees in my building who are also in the communications marketing role.

We usually meet once a month or so, and today we decided to include a festive lunch to celebrate the holidays.

You may recognize Laura on the far right from my post about the cookie club in our building. She made her amazing double chocolate cranberry cookies AGAIN.

I ate about six of them, and that is no exaggeration. I couldn’t stop. Story of my life with cookies…

And that was after this:

Swiss Chalet festive special! I get this once a year and it includes chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes (or you can get salad or fries, but I like to go all out), and a dinner roll. Quite a lot for lunch, but I rolled with it.

So that’s what’s been going on with me…a lot of lunch dates, and a lot of boccia ball (and some work and also workouts thrown in).

And Ando and I put our Christmas tree up on the weekend.

I feel like we were the last people in the world to do this. But it’s finally up, and I am feeling festive!

So now you are all caught up. I hope you guys have all been having a great week!


16 responses to “Weekday Update

  1. I think we have the same tree! Just a little one but it’s perfect for our apartment. Don’t feel like a slacker – we haven’t put ours up yet either. Between work and the weather I have not been feeling very festive. This weekend though, Christmas is coming to town!

  2. I’m jealous of your office boccia team. I love boccia since playing with my grandparents and I play whenever possible.

  3. Haha I like how your team has a Boccia tournament! Sounds like something I should install at my workplace. 🙂

  4. When I take a blogging break, I always find it hard to get back into the habit. I love your posts about work! I miss working…well, mostly the social aspect. You guys look like you have a lot of fun in your office!

    • I always find it hard to write the first post after a break…like “where did I leave off? How should I start?”
      I only really post about the social aspect of work, because the work part is definitely not as exciting. I’m sure it looks from my blog like we never do any work in our office, but the work part is just not blog-worthy 🙂 It is a ton of fun though!

  5. Your job looks like so much fun! I always love the stories of what you guys do at work.

    I’m even more behind than you on the Christmas tree. I keep bugging Dallas, but he’s resisting 😛 I think we’re getting ours next week, haha

  6. Wow! I love when I make it into your blog. I love the boccia pic where I’m popping out from behind you. Makes me laugh! Good luck in the playoffs. I think we all know why you didn’t do as well this season, you are missing me!
    I love the pic of Hudson. He does get cuter every day! I love how he is cradling Sophie in his arm and holding on to his peacock at the same time. I love that you have love bursts for him.
    We are pretty foxy in our Christmas tree pics. Fun stuff!

  7. Haha I love that you place boccia in your office :D. That game is so fun! And yay for getting up your Christmas tree! I love being festive…we don’t have any decorations at my house here at school so I can’t wait to go home and be bombarded with all of them 😀

  8. What a cool office tradition. I’ve never played boccia ball. But your TREE. BEAUTIFUL! I love it.

  9. why does your job ALWAYS look so much more fun than mine?

  10. Oh my gosh, my dad ran a bocce ball league and we had an offical court and stuff at our house (sort of like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” like our neighbors needed anything extra to know that we are italian, eesh) but i LOVE it and havent played in like 2 years. oh the memories
    And i frickin love your tree with the silver and bronze!

  11. Is it just me, or it seems like every week your team loses???? Haha!

  12. I guess since this is my first year of blogging, I never realized that it would take up so much time!
    And this post just reinforces the answer I gave to the question on your most recent post haha.

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