The Fruit is Old and Moldy

A tray of fruit that was leftover from a meeting has been sitting in our office fridge since Tuesday.

My boss, trying to be funny or something, opened up the fridge this afternoon and exclaimed (loudly, so that I would know to listen) “I can’t believe this fruit has survived in the fridge for three days with Lindsey around!”

I forgot about the fruit actually, or I would have eaten it.

Anyway, boss was all “I think it’s still good!” and brought the fruit out of the fridge and left it on our main counter.

Later this afternoon I headed out into the main office, and walked by the fruit. Without thinking or really looking at it, I absentmindedly grabbed a strawberry and popped it into my mouth.

Bad idea.

Wait, what?

That is mold. Awesome.

Still jealous of my working environment? Someone is clearly trying to poison me.



21 responses to “The Fruit is Old and Moldy

  1. Oh my lord. this is my worst nightmare!

    I have SUCH a problem when I see perfectly cut, fresh food go moldy! Its like all the labor went to waste! And I think this totally belongs on an episode of “The Office”. 😉

  2. My dad would’ve been so proud of you, he always said…”it’s still good, it’s just some penicillin, I won’t hurt you” It still didn’t make me eat it though.

    I forgot to mention the other day how hilarious I thought your Fence story was, I can’t believe that you actually broke a wooden fence. I can only imagine how painful that must have been, but your only concern was not “being IT” for the rest of the night – that is so, so funny. I am actually laughing again just thinking about it and your drawings crack me up – they are so good, I love them 🙂

  3. Maybe he didn’t appreciate you called him by his Alligator Arm nickname? 😉

  4. Oh my god…I would have gagged haha! Your co-workers sound like such jokesters 🙂

  5. ewwwwww I’ve accidentally eaten mold, and it’s not pleasant :/ sucks that the fruit went to waste.

    and yes…still jealous 😉 though I do love my job

  6. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Ayayay, eating mold is no bueno. This sounds like the perfect scenario for a CSI murder mysteries show with poisoned coworkers!

  7. Gah. Gross. And I can almost taste the mushy yuckiness of the berry.

  8. Oh no! What kind of trick is your boss trying to play on you? 😉 I know how that feels. I once accidentally ate a mushy, moldy strawberry and it literally tasted like garbage.

  9. BLEH. Gross.
    In a related story, someone left a tray of veggies in the fridge at at my school for THREE MONTHS. It was really foul, and nobody would own up to being the one who did it…

  10. Ickk. Even the honeydew looks brown. I hate moldy fruit. Especially when I’ve just bought it.
    I still want to work in that environment, despite the lack of good fruit judgement.

  11. Um, ew. That never would have happened if I was around. Just sayin. Friends don’t let friends eat moldy food.

  12. I gaged reading this….I’m terrified of expirations dates and mold and anything related to that…

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