Your Sweater is Ugly

Soo last night Ando and I hosted our first ugly Christmas sweater party.

My boss was wearing a sweater yesterday, and he was joking around when I was leaving work and was all “Well, am I invited to your party?” And I said “Of course! You don’t even have to change your sweater!”

I kill myself, honestly.

In hindsight, I probably could have done better (read: uglier) in the sweater department, especially since I was hosting. But it was slim pickins in the second-hand stores and that mustard yellow gem was the best choice I saw. I originally wanted to make my own sweater, but I left it to the last minute and didn’t have time this week. Oh well, next year! I actually ended up liking my sweater quite a lot…

I told Andrew he looked like my grandpa. He just needed to be holding a rye and ginger.

Anyway, the party was a gooooood time. About 20 people showed up and our house was rammed!

It was a good mix of people; some of my high school friends, Ando’s high school friends, and a couple of our friends from college. I find it difficult to host parties where there are a bunch of different groups of friends and some people don’t know each other, but this one worked out pretty well and I feel like everrrrryone is just friends now.

Welp, let’s get to the sweaters.

My friend Fran and her fiance Shawn had absolutely beautiful matching Christmas vests.

I thought they were going to be the ugly sweater winners, until my friends Dawn and Emily showed up…

With these two hooligans in tow…


Corey on the left is no stranger to looking ridiculous, as you may remember from his 30th birthday party. Mark on the right may have trumped him though. His sweater was gorgeous and so masculine.

Corey and Emily were a seriously attractive duo in their sweaters.

But I think the award for the most hideous sweaters go to my friends Candis and Shane…

Shane’s sweater in particular looked like vomit, and the bows were a nice addition.

And we had twin sweaters!

And no sweaters…

But I was just glad they came :).

It was a good ol’ festive sweater time!

Besides the sweaters, we had some other things going on. Like the food table…

I snapped this early in the night, so I didn’t get some of the dips that were brought a bit later, but from left: goat cheese and honey dip, chips, peanut butter cookies, The Big Dipper (sour cream and salsa dip), and my friend Joanna’s caramel dip for apples.

I went to town on the food, I was running around so much after work and getting ready that I didn’t eat dinner! That is a rare occurrence for me. I was starving!

And it was my friend Dawn’s birthday at midnight, so we brought a little cake out for her.

(Bahaha, Emily’s bow)

Dawn was surprised. We are actually celebrating her birthday tonight, so I’m excited for that.

And someone found this flattering picture of me in Grade 2 and put it in the middle of the food table like some sort of shrine.

Yes, those glasses were real, though the lenses were not as thick as they look, just the frames. I do not wear them anymore, although I probably need to…

A fun night fo’ sho’!

Have you guys ever been to or hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party?

Edited to add: Which sweater is your favourite?!


31 responses to “Your Sweater is Ugly

  1. This whole post reminds me of Bridget Jones’ Christmas party when Mark was wearing the reindeer jumper. Hahaha. I have never attended an ugly Christmas sweater party! Yours is pretty ugly… I really like the gravy-coloured sweater look. My favourite goes to Dawn’s (not just because she has the same name, haha) because hers reminds me of something my grade school teacher would wear.
    I also really, seriously and truly want Corey’s snowman hat.

  2. I also really like how Emily’s bow is in a different place in every picture, haha.

  3. This is the first time I actually heard of a that! I’ve never been to a Christmas party, or any Holiday party, as my parents are immigrants and very anti-sociable and know nobody, haha.
    And no wonder your boss fed you molded strawberries, you’re constanly making fun of poor Alligator arms :(! I love his sense of humour.
    Do you know that sweaters are now fashionable? Not the Christmas themed one, but grandpa sweaters nonetheless. I think I’m gonna get one. Yeah, I know 😉
    I agree the bow sweaters are really hideous, but Mark’s sweater is pretty hideous too.
    That picture of you. It’s SO stereotype! Film makers could use it as a ”what-that-tall-popular-sexy-blonde-bombshell-looked-like-when-she-was-younger” picture. Don’t get me wrong, you were cute, but those glasses. Oh, those glasses.

    • I think you should throw an ugly sweater party for your parents!!!
      I know, my boss does have the best sense of humour. It’s great.
      My sweater is totally now fashionable! I may actually seriously wear it some time.

      Yeah, those glasses were the bane of my existence…

  4. I absolutely love this idea. I’ve never been to a themed party!
    My favourite sweater is Mark’s, but Emily’s bow is pretty spectacular as well, haha.

  5. Hahhaa love this… I needed a good laugh today 🙂 I am actually going to my first ugly sweater xmas party next weekend, so I am rather psyched! Mark’s is a pretty good one…

  6. Wow, some of those sweaters are just…wow. I actually think your sweater is nice (but mustard wouldn’t be my choice either…) and so are the twins. Shane’s sweater, on the other hand…is astonishingly hideous!

  7. Omg I LOVE the idea of having a party like that! I’ll probably have to wait til I’m working and have my own place though haha. Everyone did such a good job with their sweaters :). I especially enjoy all of the head pieces! I kind of really like Mark’s sweater!

  8. I bought my first ugly sweater last weekend for an ugly sweater church service!! Except then I actually got compliments on it… I think I need to try harder next time…
    I love the vest, I think it’s hilarious! I was hoping I would find one like that!

  9. Awesome!! I love ugly Christmas sweater parties. I’m going to one next weekend, and we’re having a cookie exchange at the same party 😀

  10. Hey Linds! Looks like the party was a great time!! My fave sweaters of the above pics were your friends’ Fran and Shawn…very authentic! I love the pic of you from grade 2! so cute and you should for sure bust out those glasses inthe future, if you still have them! xoxox

  11. Ugly sweater parties are the best!! The best one I’ve ever seen had a battery pack for real twinkling lights!! I think I like Corey’s the best…especially the penguin hat haha.

  12. I never had partaken in an ugly Christmas sweater party, but would LOVE to….looks so fun! Tough call on the ugliest sweater though…they’re all pretty outstanding!

  13. I dont own any ugly sweaters but I wish I did so I could go to an ugly sweater party. 🙂

  14. How did the guys without sweaters get in? Cheaters haha! And nope, never been, but looks entertaining.

  15. I absolutely love Mark’s sweater – it is so hideously hilarious! Those mini pom poms on the shoulders make that sweater a winner for me. I love seeing what people wear to “ugly” parties. Why is it that I find an ugly piece of clothing so funny?? Corey’s and Mark’s hats are pretty funny too 🙂

    That photo of you with the glasses is so cute. It reminds me of my little one – my youngest has glasses now, but her frames are a little different.

  16. YES!!! Love this post and all the deliciously, ugly sweaters out there. I havent been to any this year bu went to one last year and won the ugliest sweater contest! I am competitive so I was super stoked and went balls to the walls. I bought an ugly Christmas moo moo at the thrift store than bought an ugly Christmas sweater with faux fur around the wrists, it was horrible. The worst part is my sister loved it so I ended up giving her the sweater. Just one of the many reasons I’m dreading getting older.

    • haha, I am totally coming over to check out your blog to see if you have pictures of this fabulous Christmas moo moo. That’s hilarious. I am definitely going all our next year!!!
      You can wear ugly sweaters forever, no worries!

  17. Mark definitely has the best sweater. And the twin sweaters…totally not ugly. I’d rock those sweaters with some jeans and boots. Or maybe they are ugly and no one’s been telling me I dress like crap. So, that might be happening and I need to find out.

  18. I love ugly sweater parties! People are so creative sometimes, I love that Emily’s bow is always in a different position in every picture haha

  19. I’ve definitely been to ugly Christmas sweater events. I used to have a really great Christmas sweater with a Christmas turtleneck to go underneath. It went missing in various moves.
    Sounds like a good time.
    My fav at your party is the couple with the ugly sweater vests.

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