Holiday Door Decorating

I work in a building with a ton of different organizations, and since we are all involved in amateur sport in some way, we like to do things together as kind of a little community. Like office boccia, office yoga, the Cookie Club, we once went on a group trip to LazerQuest…

It’s a good time.

So every year at Christmas time, we have the office door decorating contest.

Here is our door from last year:

With all of our faces on it.

Actually, I was browsing Pinterest the other day, and I randomly saw our door on the homepage! I hadn’t started my blog yet last year at Christmas, but I did bring up our decorated door once on this blog and post that picture, and I guess someone saw it and Pinned it.

I told all my coworkers today that they are now internet-famous because our faces are on Pinterest, and elementary schools across the nation could possibly be featuring our design on their doors.

They liked it.

Well, my boss said as long as he didn’t have alligator arms in the picture he was fine.

We came in second last year with our door, which I was incredibly happy with because my only goal going into the competition was to beat Ontario Basketball, which we accomplished. They used to win absolutely everything in our building, and someone needed to take them out. They got third 🙂

We also scored a bunch of cookies as one of the prizes, so yes I was a fan.

The judging for the door decorating contest this year is on FRIDAY. It really crept up on me. We haven’t started yet, so this means we have one day to decorate our door.

I would like to continue to hold our organization to a high creative standard, and I don’t want to just slap some wrapping paper and a bow on our door and say it’s a present. So that is my project for tomorrow (not for the entire day, let’s not get too crazy).

We haven’t totally decided what we’re going to do yet, so let me know if you have any ideas you creative cats!


8 responses to “Holiday Door Decorating

  1. Ahhh I love your doors! I’m excited to see the new one you come up with. Hmmm ideas….maybe like a theme from a Christmas song or movie? Like make everyone into characters from The Grinch, or something? I dunno how easy that would be to do, though 😛

  2. Just posted my door at school on my blog (also an idea found on Pinterest).

  3. Ahhh I love that idea! That’s so much fun! We always did that in our homerooms in high school. Sadly my class was never a creative bunch and we didn’t win haha.

  4. I was thinking of Christmas Rice Krispies treats stickied on the door, with the 3 funny characters (Pop, Crunch, Croc?) with their faces photoshoped.

    Yeah, not really realistic…:p

  5. Wow! We’re on the Pintrest homepage! So cool! We are famous! Way to make an awesome door, in turn, making us famous! I hope the door decorating went well. I seem to remember it taking you the whole day last time, and costing alligator arms a lot in supplies. It did get us second place though against some very stiff competition. Worth it!

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