I Love Christmas for the Parties

Ya know what I think I love the most about the holidays?


This picture is actually from last Christmas, but you get the idea. Same thing, different Christmas.

There are so many parties around the holidays. Every time I sign into Facebook, my news feed is full of pictures of Christmas parties and I love it. I love looking at pictures of everyone being festive and merry in their Santa hats with Christmas trees, glitter, and lights in the background. It makes me feel excited.

I love any type of party, but I think Christmas parties are my favourite because there is usually a good mix of people, a ton of food, and maybe even some presents :).

Like random White Elephant presents (or Dirty Santa, Thieving Secret Santa, Parcel Pass, whatever you like to call it) that I was really excited for.

Everyone is in a great mood and you get to hang out with people you don’t usually have a lot of extra-curricular activity time with.

Like your fabulous coworkers, who each get you a Christmas card and write beautiful messages so you can feel like you are very popular and loved.

And they might even bring you treats to take home.

And you look forward to those treats every year. (The above chocolate truffles are amazing. Melt in your mouth amazing.)

And maybe your boss will bring you a personalized ginger bread man.

He gets them for all of us every year, and mine always says Princess. I like it.

Christmas parties are also just a good excuse to get together with your friends and take pictures of yourselves.

And ruin your sequined shirt by pouring half of your first glass of red wine down the front of it.

And drink festive drinks and generally be ridiculous.

And of course dress ridiculous.

And eat lots of food!

Yep, I love Christmas for many reasons, but man, I love the parties. Oh how I love the parties.

And that is basically what I’ve been up to for the past several days.

What about you guys? Have you been to any Christmas parties yet this year? Do you love them?


25 responses to “I Love Christmas for the Parties

  1. Ours was last Friday and it was freakin awesome – rooftop at the plaza? (not the New York plaza, lol, although that would have been gorgeous!)

  2. I love parties as well… so much good food and presents. Your makeup in these photos is fabulous!

  3. I have noticed a theme in all my christmas party photos, i’m almost always holding a glass of wine 😛
    Oh and i LOVE the gingerbread girl and christmas cards are of course a clear indication of how popular you are, teheheee 🙂

  4. You look ridiculously cute. Can you stop that please? It’s making the rest of us look bad. And I agree with Steph, make-up in that pic where you’re holding your cards…fab!

  5. I’m a jew so christmas is always semi lonely. Yea, hanukkah is fun and all, but its not the same. i’m so jealous even though i do like being a jew.
    I’d convert for the truffles for like a day, maybe. Cause on hanukkah, we get donuts!

    Yea and like that commenter above me said with that blog name that everyone seems to have, you need to stop being so adorable.

  6. loving your sequined shirt! i want one! i had my annual floozies holiday party this weekend which involves floozies (my friends), tons of booze, food and dancing!

  7. I still laugh at your sweater party. I need to throw one of those next year.

    I went to my first (and only, this year!) Christmas party on Friday. It was a massive squadron party, and everyone was all dolled up. It was a really good time! The food was good…but there weren’t plates of cookies on every table. And I’m going to be honest here…Christmas parties can be GOOD, but they can only be GREAT if there are lots of different cookies and I have to try “just one” of every flavour and then go back for seconds of my favourites. So this was a really GOOD party that only had cheesecake and could have been made GREAT with the addition of cookies. (And I’m only choosing not to delete this long, rambling, pointless comment because I know that you share my love of cookies.)

    • I am also still laughing at the sweater party! I hope to attend one every year.
      I loved your cookie rant and I 100% agree. You can NOT have a decent Christmas party without good cookies. They are absolutely a must. Cheesecake is fine, but I will always pass it up for a good cookie.

  8. I love Christmas parties!! And definitely all the goodies to bring home 😀

    bahahaha, I love the ‘Princess’ gingerwoman from Alligator Arms 😛 so great

  9. I love Christmas parties! Holidays are the best excuse to get completely obliterated and sing together. The red wine will definitely be adorning my clothing this year too. I haven’t been to any parties yet, but I have Christmas eve, Christmas & boxing day then my work party coming up! Going to be a fun week 😀
    I wish my boss got me a gingerwoman. 😦 That’s so cute!

  10. I love Christmas parties too! Sadly though, they are usually just with family because most of my friends are still in school and we don’t have the funds to throw parties yet haha.

  11. We just had our work christmas party tonight. It was a fun buffet, meaning I grabbed whatever caught my eye (so I had pizza, pasta, and potatoes….followed by cake).

  12. LOVE white elephant! Lol one of my guy friends ended up with a shirtless Jacob figurine? doll? action figure? we always knew he was a secret twihard!

  13. Awe, I miss the gift steal and Diana’s plate of treats! Looks like a fun time. I too love Christmas parties for the same reasons as you. Everyone is always in such a good mood and there is always so much good food! Yum! Oh and the treats are always better around Christmas.

    • I can’t remember if I already replied to this. I love Diana’s plate of treats so much, and I truly do look forward to them every year! As well as the princess gingerbread cookie. And the COOKIES are better around Christmas!
      I have a card for you from Brian!

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