The Christmas Presents I Always Wanted (and never received)

(I am making this post “sticky” today, meaning stick to the top of my page, because I am a) too lazy to write anything new today and b) this is probably my favourite post. So don’t shaft your kids this Christmas. they will remember.)

I saw a tweet yesterday from asking what toys you wanted as a kid for Christmas but never actually got.

First world problems, I know, but I can vividly remember all the toys I wanted from Santa for Christmas and never received. It is interesting reminiscing about them because I thought I was such a tomboy when I was a kid, but most of the hot toys I coveted were Barbie or doll-related. I didn’t mind getting dirty, but I still liked to be a little girly.

Shmanyway, first up:

Barbie Power Wheels Jeep

The present I wanted from Santa more than anything else in the whole world for most of my childhood was this:

The motorized Power Wheels (Pow-Pow-Power Wheels!) Barbie jeep, or the 80s version of it at least, which I can’t find a picture of. I wanted it so, so badly. I pictured myself the zooming around the neighbourhood in it, wind in my hair, not a care in the world.

My neighbour had a Power Wheels jeep and would drive it past my house all the time. I was so ridiculously jealous of him. Sometimes he would let me drive it, but usually I had to be the boring passenger.

I loved anything to do with Barbie (I just love Barbie, and I would probably still play Barbies today if anyone would play with me), and I longed to drive my own, so I wanted that Barbie jeep!

But Santa never brought it for me.

I did get this though:

Which I enjoyed enough…but I couldn’t ride in it.

(Uncle Donny, if you are reading I am just kidding. I seriously loved that dune buggy, and it was a great little vehicle for Pepsi the hamster a few years later.)

But it didn’t matter because I had a pretty bad-ass red tricycle, and then a sweet pink bike.

But hey, guess who did get a Power Wheels jeep for their birthday?

Eric. My brother. Circa 1997.

Fine, it was 10 years later and I’m sure the jeeps had come down a lot in price, but still. He abused it too. His friend Jeffrey also had one, and the two of them would chase each other around the neighbourhood and get into “car accidents”.

I would have appreciated and valued my Barbie jeep. I’m just saying.

Barbie Dream House

In keeping the Barbie dream alive, the next present I really would have liked to own was the Barbie dream house.

Do you know the fun my Barbies could have had in that?! Just looking at the dream house now I am dying. I used to fantasize about all the things my Barbies could do in there. The memories they could have made. They really missed out on some good times. And Skipper on the top right had the dream attic-type room I had always wanted.

I would have taken the dream cottage too.

It may have been a little crowded, but my Barbies would have had some great times at the beach.

No worries though, I made my own “dream house” out of a box and it was awesome. My Barbies made memories just fine, and not getting the ultimate dream house (or cottage) forced me to be creative and use my imagination, so that is a plus. My dream box was just as cool in my own mind.

I also made a Barbie waterbed out of a Ziploc bag :).

Teddy Bear Ruxpin

Next up on my childhood Christmas shaft list we have the talking Teddy Bear Ruxpin.

I would love nothing more, Teddy Ruxpin, than to hear a story from you. Unfortunately I didn’t get you for Christmas.

Teddy Ruxpin was a talking bear that would move its eyes and mouth while reading you stories recorded on a cassette tape that was hidden in its back. I imagined cradling Teddy in my arms while he regaled me with tales of the hardships of being a little bear, and maybe a little about what it was like flying his ship (that he built himself).

Sorry if you haven’t seen The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin (but if you have, you are welcome).

But I did have a teddy bear from my grandma (who died when I was 3) that sang the Teddy Bear Picnic to me when I turned its little crank, and I still cherished it (and I still do).

The She-Ra Castle

Another gift I truly ached for was the She-Ra Princess of Power Castle.


And if you don’t know She-Ra, she is the alter-ego of He-Man. Edit: She-Ra is the female equivalent of He-Man (what I meant but I mixed up my words).

And she is pretty cool.

I had the action-figure, and I had her flying unicorn, but it would have been nice to have somewhere to go after a rough day of flying around and generally being the most powerful woman in the universe.

My She-Ra had to live in a Fisher-Price barn.


But it was fine. She made do.

It’s better not to get everything you ever wanted. When you get everything you want, you are never forced to use your imagination or cherish the things you already own.

But it was fun to get cool toys too, and my parents and “Santa” definitely got some awesome ones that I will save for another post.

What present did you always want for Christmas/birthday but never got?


73 responses to “The Christmas Presents I Always Wanted (and never received)

  1. I had a jeep when I was a kid. I would ride that thing all over my neighborhood. It was so cool.

    I still have my Teddy Ruxpin (and Grubby!!) and his tapes. He isnt very cuddly though. Just heavy and kind of hard.

    I really cant remember anything that I wanted and never got but maybe thats because every year something traumatic would happen to me (broken teeth, nearly sliced off my finger, severe allergic reactions) and I’d get sympathy trips to the toy store. Haha.

  2. I remember Teddy Ruxpin!! I got one and was so happy about it!

    The one gift that that coveted for years was a Cricket doll. After a few years I finally got her but there were a few disappointing Christmas mornings waiting 🙂

  3. I had the same Jeep situation, but with my cousin. Not fair. I’m going to create a charity so that every child can be the proud owner of one of those Jeeps. Do you want me to put you on the list?

  4. I totally had the She-Ra castle and it was as good as you dreamed it would be. Although, honestly, I preferred Catra.

    But I have to say, as much as the concept delights me, She-ra was the female equivalent of He-Man, not his alter-ego. Unless he enjoyed cross-dressing more than he let on. . .

  5. She Ra was awesome, i remember dressing up in a cape around running around my back yard! A lot of my toys were British but Barbie was still top of my list every year 🙂

  6. I snorted tea at the fact that She-Ra lived in the barn. That’s hilarious. I did NOT want Teddy Ruxpin OR My Buddy. Talking dolls scared the crap out of me. They kind of still do. My sister and I asked for an Easybake Oven every year. Even now, when we see one in the store, we trail our fingers over the box and sigh.

    • Ohh I had an Easybake oven. Best thing ever. I used to make the best cakes in that thing.
      The My Buddy doll scared the crap out of me after I watched the Chuckie movie! I had the female version and I hanged her in my closet so she couldn’t kill me.

      • “The My Buddy doll scared the crap out of me after I watched the Chuckie movie! I had the female version and I hanged her in my closet so she couldn’t kill me.”

        This might be my most favorite thing I have ever read, ever.

  7. Okay this is basically one of the greatest throwback posts I have ever read! It’s so funny that you mentioned the powerwheels thing today as my mom and I were just discussing how much I wanted one of those when I was younger too! We just did not have room for it when I was small enough to fit, and when we moved and did have room… well I was too darn large! Curses.
    Oh and YES to Barbie dream house! Didn’t have one though, but my dumb bratty friend did… to say I was jealous would be an understatement.
    My Barbie houses were made out of laundry baskets thank you very much 😀

  8. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Gah! That Barbie jeep was on my wish list too! When I was growing up, they had a “car phone” in them that you could use to call Barbie and ask her where to meet you.

    Now that I think about it, I realllllyyy hope they had good insurance on that little phone. I can only imagine myself trying to high tail it down the freeway in hopes of meeting Barbie at the beach.

  9. Teddy Ruxpin was always a little creepy to me. But then again, so was my Kid Sister. She reminded me of Chucky so I couldn’t keep her in the room I slept in.

    I can’t think of any gifts that I wanted but never got. I do however, VIVIDLY remember how my step mom sold my cabbage patch kid (RIP Nellie Julian) in a garage sale but KEPT HER OWN stupid cabbage patch (Rex Niles). Yeah, I remember both their names. And if I ever see Rex again, he’s GOING DOWN.

    • I wanted Teddy Ruxpin before I watched the movie Chuckie, but if it had been after I probably would have been in the same boat. That movie scared me so badly. See previous comment about hanging my Kid Sister doll in my closet.
      And don’t even get me started on Cabbage Patch Kids. I could not get enough of them. My fave’s name was Cammie 🙂
      I can’t believe your step-mom sold yours and kept her own. Rude.

  10. I forgot about Teddy Ruxpin!! We watched that show all the time.

    I reeaally wanted a Power Wheels, too. My mom first argued that they were too expensive. When I kept asking for it even a couple years later, she then said I was too big for it. #cantwin

    My Dad bought me a Power Wheels Jeep SUV for BARBIE, though. Much like your car, only Barbie could ride around in it. Still, it was pretty cool.

    And Barbie’s dream house!! I wanted that soooo bad!! I wish I had thought of your Ziploc bag waterbed idea! 🙂

  11. i totally had that she-ra castle…and man was it amazing! not to rub it in or anything! but so fun! i totally loved teddy ruxpin and wanted one of those stuffed teddies and never got one…ah well perhaps i will love vicariously through my own kid soon! haha

  12. I never got a Barbie jeep either 😦 or a teddy ruxpin! So don’t feel bad,but I did get a sweet she-ra castle!

  13. We lived a similar life of wanting, make that aching, for the same toys. The only other toy I wanted was an easy bake oven and my mom decided to get it for me when I was a senior in high school. Nice mom, nice.

  14. OMG!!! I always wanted Teddy too!!!!!

    I usually got stuff like Barbies, but never got BIG items like the cars and stuff I wanted…poo


  15. Hahahahaha love you. I once got a lime green Barbie VW Bug and it is still under my bed. Yup.

  16. I always wanted the Barbie Dream House too! And my child-self would have been really jealous of your Power Wheels Jeep.

  17. Easy Bake Oven. That’s what I wanted and never got. I wanted to make funky tasting cupcakes with a light bulb!
    A few months ago I found that there was an Easy Bake Oven app, so now I make myself virtual Easy Bake cupcakes all the time!

  18. Hah alove this post! And i love reading everyone’s responses!
    I remember wanting a FURBY when those were awesome, and i remember never getting one and my dad told me later on they were annoying so NO ! haha dangit. and i also always always wanted an easy bake oven but since both my parents were chef’s they “refused to let me learn to cook with a lightbulb!”
    We actually recently had a discussion about the easy bake oven and i was like “dad who cares if it is a lightbulb? it is the experience of the easy bake oven!” He scoffed at me haha.

  19. I totally wanted the Barbie Jeep! But I think the big thing I wanted and never got was a puppy. My mom is not really a dog person, and in retrospect I can see that her fear that she would end up being the one who actually took care of the puppy was probably well-founded. But, we have a dog now so it all worked out!

  20. Wow I’d forgotten Teddy Ruxpin. Your post took me straight back to the 80’s! I loved she-ra – I remember that castle. And my little bro had that exact farm – that was how I learnt was a silo is haha.

    I was more of a My Little Pony fan – but all I ever had was one sea pony and a couple of sticker books.

  21. Had the same fisher price barn…I liked it for what it was! 😉 And I had the super cool convertible for my barbies…it rocked….but I can’t think of anything I wanted but didn’t get, so I guess I lose at this game!

  22. I remember our car accidents! I wonder what happened to my jeep, I hope it didn’t get thrown away!!

  23. I don’t remember anything I didn’t get. Then again, I’ve never been very good at asking for stuff. I don’t remember She-Ra’s castle at all. If I had seen a commercial for that, I definitely would have wanted it!

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  26. Dudette, I FULLY WANTED A BARBIE JEEP or conververtable. I wasn’t picky. Instead I got Hungry Hungry hippos. WTF.

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  28. Funny stuff! I was a Tom boy too, but all the toys I wanted were girlie. I guess it’s marketing. I wanted the Barbie Hot Wheels SO BADLY! I, of course never got it. Those things must have been seriously expensive in the 80s. I had a regular hot wheels and used to pedal up and down my street for hours.
    I also wanted the Barbie dream house! I too built my own dream house out of a box, a shoe box if I do recall correctly. I think my mom and dad got me a bedroom set of Barbie things so I set up the room in my shoe box.
    Looks again like we had parallel lives or at least we liked the same things.

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  31. Ever see the live action version of Teddy Ruxpin?

  32. Reblogged this on Happy or Hungry and commented:

    I wanted to blog last night and then didn’t get a chance, but I noticed I have some new readers so I don’t want to leave you hanging. So I am again doing the ol’ re-blog. If you haven’t read this, enjoy!

  33. I wanted a power wheels thing! AHH! My husband tells me that when we have a kid, he’s going to buy him or her one no questions asked because that is something he always wanted as a kid too 🙂

  34. I got the barbie power wheels convertible (with car phone) when I was a preschooler. I was too scared to drive it. Instead it sat in my living room and I watched cartoons in it, like my own tiny drive-in theater.

  35. As a kid, i had the Barbie Dream House AND the Barbie Caravan (the car part slid out and was a convertible). However even though i had so much fun with them and they were AMAZING, i still made another house out of a cardboard box because i had more than one Barbie and it got a bit crowded in the Barbie Dream House.
    I kept all of my Barbie stuff until i was 15, when i decided to be generous and give them to my younger cousins even though i secretly wanted to keep them. I found out after i had already given them away that THEY HAD ALREADY OUT GROWN BARBIE. They were like 8 and 10! I was devastated. I still think about how, at 23, i could be playing with all my super, awesome Barbies and accessories. I had like a suitcase worth of Barbie clothes. From casual to evening wear. Sigh.

    • Oh I’m sorry, you made a Barbie dream house out of a box for your OVERFLOW Barbies that probably never got played with anyway? I don’t know if we can be friends. This was such a hurtful comment.
      I gave away all my stuff too! To kids that also didn’t care about Barbie! Who outgrows Barbie? I would still play Barbies today if I still had mine!
      I miss the Barbie accessories. I can still remember my favourite outfits.

      • Oh please can we be friends?! I didn’t mean to hurt you 😦 And i totally would have shared with you, I wasn’t a brat to my friends!
        I did have a lot of Barbies, however they were inherited from my older cousin. She had many and she had made some of them rather unfortunate looking. She cut off one Barbie’s hair to ‘turn her into a Ken doll’. But I still gave them all a turn in the house 🙂

  36. Hahah that was an awesome trip down memory lane. I had the exact same power wheels situation. My brother who is 5 years younger than I am got one by the time I was way too big to ride in in! HHMMMPPPHHHH! The one gift I remember always wanting though and never got was the Barbie camper van! This was early 90’s not 80’s but I did get the Barbie pink corvette which I want a real version of to this day! Hot pink Barbie colour and decal on the side included!

  37. Oh, the memories… I totally wanted one of the motorized Jeeps (not necessarily Barbie) but, alas, they were way too expensive. I also coveted Teddy Ruxpin and an Easy Bake oven, neither of which I ever got. I did, however, have a She-Ra castle and it was awesome. I especially loved throwing open the front doors and making demands of all my Barbies. I think She-Ra and Jem were the best of friends.

    BTW, did you know they are selling Jem at Holt Renfrew for something ridiculous like $125!!!

  38. I knew I loved you for a reason. I TOTALLY made a waterbed for my barbies out of a ziploc bag. On multiple occasions. I thought I was brilliant.

  39. What a great trip down memory lane! I wanted a Barbie dream house but when I was four my dad made one for me, it was the best ever! And no one else had one like it. It even had the carpet and wallpaper from my bedroom.

    I also had the Fischer Price Barn and Silo, lots of fun!

  40. I wanted an American Girl Doll so badly for many, many years. I never got one and now they don’t even MAKE Samantha anymore. ::sobs:: Now I’ll have to buy her on ebay for my future daughter or, barring that, my goddaughter.

  41. My neighbor had that Barbie jeep, and I wanted to figure out how to steal it. Then I would probably get busted though since she was my neighbor. Either way she took me for joy rides around our hood.

  42. I totally wanted the Barbie jeep too !!!!!!!!!!! O.o

    Oh, such is the cruelty of life!!! Woe is me! 😥 sigh…

    But I DID get the Barbie dream house, though! hehe 😀 So I guess I should hold on to THAT good memory. But it’s funny, because I remember pinning after the Barbie jeep for YEARS. lol

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