My Favourite Childhood Christmas Presents

So the other day I wrote a post about the Christmas presents that I always wanted, but never received. And by the way, I died laughing at your comments. A lot of you were with me in wanting a Power Wheels jeep, and way too many of you had She-Ra’s Crystal Castle! I was cursing you all!

Anyway, as fun as it was to reminisce about what I wished I got, it also got me thinking about all the toys I got that I loved. I don’t want you guys to think my parents were total jerks. They did get me a lot of things that I really wanted.

I got many lovely presents over the years, but there are a few that truly stand out in my mind and I will always remember the good times I had playing with them. They may not have been the most awesome presents, but they were the most memorable to me. It is those presents I want to talk about. Maybe some of you cherished the same toys.

WARNING: This post is quite girly and cheesy.

First up:

My Little Pony

I died for My Little Pony (which is kind of funny because I have never geeked out over horses). I played with them for hours and hours. I had a decent pony collection, and eventually donated them all to kids I babysat in high school, but the My Little Pony that I will always remember the most was the first one I ever owned.

Her name was Parasol, and I got her for Christmas when I was about three and I loved the crap out of her. Just look at those eyes! I loved the little glitter umbrellas on her bum, and I loved to comb her shiny rainbow mane and tail. Best little pony ever. When I googled this pic of her, I was so nostalgic that I almost teared up looking at it.

And that is kind of weird and creepy, so I will move on to the next My Little Pony that I distinctly remember loving.

Blueberry Baskets. Another pony that I got for Christmas and adored. If you scratched her bum it smelled like delicious blueberries.

By the way, if you were a My Little Pony fan, check out the Ponyland Press. I found it yesterday and it lists every My Little Pony ever sold. I located all of my old ponies on there. Oh the memories.

Sylvanian Families

Please, someone else tell me they remember these!

Another beautiful Christmas present I received when I was about three or four. I used to love playing with these fuzzy little creatures. I lost all mine a long time ago, and I was trying to find out what they were called for years so I could look them up. I finally found them by googling “fuzzy little bear family from the 80s” yesterday (hey, did I end up on any of your blogs?) and apparently they are making a comeback (and are now called Calico Critters). I had no idea.

I owned a family of bears and bunnies, and the two families lived together in harmony in a little wooden dollhouse I had. Good times for years. The little babies were my favourite.

The Barbies

This is a very important category of presents. I had a LOT of Barbies growing up.

I honestly do remember most of the Barbies I owned, and I cherished them all, but there were a few that really stood out for me.


My Jem Barbie was the coolest. I played with her all the time when I was about four, and what I loved about her the most was that her earrings lit up!

Well, until I accidentally ripped Jem’s head off and pulled all the wires out, and then they didn’t light up anymore. None of my other Barbies had earrings that lit up, so this definitely gave Jem an edge.

What I disliked about Jem was she was bigger than the other Barbies, so she couldn’t date Ken (she was towering over him), and her feet were too big to share my other Barbies’ shoes.

Life was tough when I was four, I know.

There are a few others, like Totally Hair Barbie…

(I loved her dress)

Hollywood Hair Barbie…

(Loved her outfit also.)

Both faves of mine.

I also had some pretty fab Ken dolls.

Jason Priestly Ken

I had exactly three huge celebrity crushes before the age of 10 who I thought I might eventually marry: JTT, Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block, and the beautiful Jason Priestly.

Pretty sure I had that photo signed and framed and hung beside my bed.

Can you imagine my intense excitement when I opened up this beautiful specimen on Christmas morning?

A dream in a box.

I played with that Jason Priestly (well, Brandon Walsh) for hours. He dated every single one of my Barbies, and one of their mom’s. He probably even played a dad to Skipper. My friend Melissa also had a Jason Priestly Barbie, and she would bring it over and we would have Jason Priestly twins. They would double-date.

We actually mixed them up one time and had a big fight over whose Jason Priestly was whose, because one of them had a small spot of hair missing and neither of us wanted the Jason Priestly with the bald spot. We were serious about our Jason Priestly’s. I think she left my house in tears.

But going back to my celebrity crushes, there was another Ken I got for Christmas that stole my heart…

Yep, Joey McIntyre. From New Kids On The Block.

Joey also did the rounds of Barbie dating. Lived in the dream box (slept on the Ziploc waterbed). Drove the dune buggy to concerts. He was a good guy.

I actually got Joey and Jordan Knight (also from New Kids) for the same Christmas.

But Jordan was nowhere near as cool and he never got to date any of the good Barbies. Whenever Joey (and whatever Barbie he was dating at the time) would double with Jordan, Jordan’s date went horribly wrong. Jordan never had a steady girlfriend. I mean, he sang like a girl. And he had a rat tail. And my cat chewed off his feet.

Sorry ’bout ya, Jordan.

Cabbage Patch Kids

I had a couple Cabbage Patch Kids that I treasured (and I will always have a special place in my heart for my very first Cabbage Patch Kid, Cammie), but the talking Cabbage Patch Kid I got for Christmas one year was definitely a step up from the rest.

That is exactly the one I had (I just found that one on eBay). I loved her so much. So I never had a Teddy Ruxpin, but my talking Cabbage Patch Kid may have been just as awesome. When you held her little cup to her mouth she would actually pretend to drink from it. I was amazed by this.

I also had the Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas record (yes, record) and I jammed out to it in my room all year long.

And does anyone remember Cabbage Patch Kids cereal?! That stuff was so good.

Some other notable Christmas gifts include my first big-girl bike, the Easy Bake Oven, Puppy Surprise (!!!), Nintendo, and my Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

I so wish I was a kid again and had nothing to do on Boxing Day but play with my new toys!

What is your most memorable childhood Christmas present?


50 responses to “My Favourite Childhood Christmas Presents

  1. OMG, that Ponyland Press site is addicting. I fear I’ve found another time suck.

  2. OMG!! It’s like you grew up at my house!!

    I loved My Little Pony when I was little.
    I also had Jem and found her height slightly inconvenient!
    I think you might be the only other person to know what the Sullivan Family (now Calico Critters) are! I absolutely loved them too!!
    I had 90210 dolls as a kid but not all of them and remember feeling like you couldn’t only have 3 of 6 and being unreasonably distraught about it.

    Wow I miss being a kid!!! 🙂

  3. The BARBIES. Obviously with the Barbies. 🙂

  4. I STILL love Sylvanian Families, lol. My mum and I collected them all through my childhood, so I still have a huge set of them. Bakery, school, grocery store, etc. My favourite toys of all time. I’m tempted to start buying them anew for my niece, but it’s just not the same quality these days – like most things, she says nostalgically! 🙂

  5. Um, both of the above Sylvanian Family Enthusiast comments were mine – I have no idea why the first one linked to a random blog! 🙂

    • Weird, I fixed it!
      I had no idea Sylvanian families were still around, and bakery, school and grocery store??? Oh man. I wish I knew about those. I am definitely buying them for my kids (one day). And yeah, they don’t look the same anymore 😦

  6. Wait a second. I just saw Puppy Surprise. Sh!t gets real when you open up that dog’s stomach and there are FOUR puppies, and that is what, in fact, happened to me.

  7. Hahaha I love this post :). I totally loved barbies and my american girl dolls!! I was also a big fan of polly pockets!

  8. I was a big my little pony girl too…and somehow my older sister didn’t appreciate it when I decorated our mutual collection with crayons! 😛 Puppy surprise was right there at the top of my list…LOVED that thing, and the excitement of finding out whther I’d have boy or girl puppies, and, as the commercial said, would there be “3 or 4 or 5?”

  9. Have I mentioned how bitter I am about my cabbage patch that my step mom sold in a garage sale without my knowledge? No? I’m typing harder just thinking about it. Grr.
    I had this glow in the dark barbie that was AWEsome, Her dress had stars on it that glowed and her shoes glowed. Pretty much the most awesome thing ever.
    I also loved my Simon. That round thing with the 4 colors and you had to remember the light sequence and repeat them.

  10. Omg the memory you have is crazy, I love hearing about old stories that had left my mind. Love this post had me dying of laughter lol I totally remember that I was pretty upset lol oh the good old days. I remember being very jealous of your collection. I was not interested in them nor did I ever ask for one for a gift till I meet your collection. Then I needed my own had to join in on all the dating fun lol wish giving birth is as easy as I made it seem before lol ouch, ouch oh this hurts lol

  11. Ah, I love Joey McIntyre too, with all of the passion of a pre-pubescent girl. (Have you ever seen the blog ? She’s doing a Donnie Wahlberg action figure giveaway this week!!!!) The very first toy that I bought with my own money was a pony. She was Cherry Jubilee, and she had the coolest curly orange hair. Aaaaah…I miss her. My other favourite toys when I was a kid (aside from Barbies, of course!) were Charmkins. Oh, and Popples.

  12. Oh my gaawd those hair Barbies are ridiculously awesome!!! I remember my first Barbie — she came with hair spray and my parents took the hair spray away shortly after christmas because I was spraying it on the dog haha. My Barbie’s boyfriend was Max Steel. Talk about a real man haha.
    My most memorable Christmas present, aside from hairspray Barbie, would probably be the Barbie jumbo jet. I was obsessed with it and yet I couldn’t make it fly because it weighed about 50 pounds!

  13. Love the trip down memory lane! I had Jem dolls too and always thought it was kind of creepy that their wrists could move but the light-up earrings were definitely the best part.
    Here is where we differ, but it probably means we would have gotten along fabulously as kids since there would have been few fights over who was going to marry who (whom?)
    1. I chose Jonathan Brandis over JTT. I even had a SeaQuest JB action figure. In fact, I still do 🙂
    2. Donnie was my favourite New Kid.
    3. Dylan past, present and always! I was never so lucky as to own his doll but I did have a full size poster and I currently own, and re watch repeatedly, every episode of 90210. I still can’t believe my parents let me watch it when I was young.

    My most memorable toy was the Ewok Village. We were big Star Wars fans and the Ewoks were definitely my favourite so I was excited to see it under the tree!

  14. LOL!! I love the part about you two fighting over your doll mix up 😛 That happened a lot to me and my little sister, but eventually she started to bend. All of the broken and ugly toys were hers…I was a terrible older sister, haha.

    Omg, my Barbie collection and Polly Pockets were definitely the best! We had soooo many different ones. Eventually I was kinda obsessed with Kelly dolls, buying all of her friends and tons of outfits. Oohhh, popples and furbys!! I miss those, too. It’s funny how when you’re a kid, you just want to grow up. When you grow up, you miss being a kid. I’m feeling so nostalgic now 😛

  15. I remember being thrilled when I got a Lite Brite. I used to also separate all the “lights” by color and pretend they were teddy bear food! I think I was 8 or so when I got it!

  16. Cait @ beyond bananas

    I once got a NKOTB sleeping bag and a set of their sheets. It was pretty sweet. I just did a post on Christmas gifts of the past and it was SO fun remembering everybing! Skip it’s, easy bake ovens, giga pets, mall madness…all pretty awesome!

  17. Ahhhh I had SO MANY My Little Ponies… they are all gone now, but I looked through that website for probably an hour, totally lost in nostalgia. I especially loved my sparkle ponies…

    BTW have you seen the new ones? They look creepy – it’s so disappointing 😦 Nothing will ever touch the originals…

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  19. OMG!! This is awesome. I totally loved My little Pony and cabbage patch kids! I remember both fondly, though my cabbage patch kid had short hair and I always wished she had long flowing locks. I had a Jem doll with the light up earrings, so awesome. Just as I was reading about your Brandon 90210 doll, I was thinking about my Joey from NKOTB doll and then you mentioned you had one! Twinsies! I made my Joey go out with all my barbies too. Similar childhoods. I wish we had met years ago. Think of all the extra fun we could have had.

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  22. I’m a little late to the party but I found your blog through running off the reeses and I love it! I definitely had that Jem doll (she was a beast of a barbie and she was crazy flexible), the Sylvanian family… I too had the bears and rabbits, my little ponies- i lived the glittery orange one it was to die for, and I had a cabbage patch baby that smelled like baby powder!

  23. Reblogged this on Happy or Hungry and commented:

    I know, I suck, I’m sorry! This is the last re-blog I promise! I will be back tomorrow with new content. Just wanted to post the follow-up to the presents I wanted and never received.

  24. I got a Pogoball one year. I loved that thing and later on that summer my Dad got a bunch of my friends and I to jump around with our Pogoballs where he wanted to build a shed. Wanted the ground softened up before taking the backhoe to it. We jumped around in that spot for a good 5 minutes like dorks before we realised we been had. Dad thought it was the funniest thing he saw, a bunch of 8 year olds doing this Pogoball conga line.

    It wasn’t so bad though, he took us all to the corner store in and bought us penny candies. (Omg I’m really dating myself here.)

  25. i had the sylvanian bears too. and my parents built me an awesome dollhouse to go with it. but my little bro decided to knock it down with his tool set. i did LOVE my little tikes dollhouse, i was so excited when i got the mini van to drive the family around in!

  26. Is it strange that I kind of want a Sylvanian family for Christmas for this year?

  27. OMG Puppy SUrprise!!! I almost forgot all about those! I loved those and pound puppies! I had the Totally hair barbie also, seemed like a good idea to cut all her totally hair!? lol thanks for posting!

  28. I LOVED the Sylvanian animals. I’ve actually been trying to remember what they were called for like a million years.
    Maybe you can help me remember something else. Do you remember an Australian TV show that had a little girl and a dolphin in it? Any idea?

  29. I was a Hologram for Halloween this year and my best friend was Jem. True story.

  30. Glamour Gals! I loved those little dolls.

  31. Reading about your dog chewing off Jordan’s feet reminded me of the time I got an Ariel (Little Mermaid) doll and my dog chewed on her legs. Being a brat I sobbed for days and so my parents bought me a new one and we gave chewed up Ariel to my baby cousin. We told her a shark had bitten Ariel’s legs. My family has a sick sense of humor.

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