Good ol’ Festive Times

I can’t believe Christmas is over! This weekend was a whirlwind of family, friends, and eating. Lots and lots of eating. I’m pretty sure I am still full from Sunday, and my pants are feeling a little on the snug side. If they could talk, this is what they would be saying:

No worries, they’ll get over it.

Anyway, I have quite a bit to recap!

We headed over to my Dad and stepmom’s early Saturday evening for Christmas Eve dinner, and presents!

That was my Dad’s cat Tweety who was dressed as Santa in my Christmas post.

He is awesome and ginormous. I don’t think he minds playing Santa Claus too much, and he’s probably used to it by now since he was forced into the Santa suit last year as well.

Yeah. He likes it.

Dinner was delicious. I love holiday dinners so much. Christmas and Thanksgiving are the only times during the year that I get turkey!

I cleaned my plate (even the Brussels sprouts – they weren’t bad!) and was pretty stuffed afterwards. Luckily I had some time to digest before dessert, as we opened presents before tackling this spread:

That square cake in the middle of the table is a peanut butter Toblerone cheesecake that my stepbrother Rusty’s girlfriend made. It was amazing, I was dying for it…though it was very rich and I thought I might explode after eating it.

I got a pic of my Dad and I, but it turned out all blurry and weird, so here’s last year’s Christmas pic with my Dad and his favourite presents.

He is a serious Montreal Canadians fan…can you tell?

After my ‘rents celebration we headed to our friend Cameron’s parents house for their annual Christmas Eve ham bun party.

I was still extremely full from dinner, so I skipped on the ham bun, but Cameron’s mom makes a pretty ridiculous cheese ball so I definitely scored some of that.

I look forward to that ball of cheesy awesomeness every year.

And my friend Leah and Cam’s sister Jessica had baked a ton of desserts the day before so I wanted to sample those as well.

We got to the party later than everyone else so I missed the food tables in their prime. Still a decent selection left though!

And then we hijacked Cam’s parents Christmas tree for some festive photos.

And our friends Mike and Bri.


I also hijacked Cameron’s Dad for a festive double-fisting photo.

I was driving, so no double-fisting for me.

Let me just say that I love hanging out with other peoples’ relatives at Christmas parties. I also loved being able to see good friends on Christmas Eve. Such a fun time. We stayed and laughed and were merry for a couple of hours before waddling home to bed.

After doing our own thang Christmas morning, Andrewski and I hit up his parents in the afternoon for Christmas number two with Andy-pop’s fam.

Alejandrew’s four-year-old niece Caitlyn informed me as soon as she got there that she got a Barbie dream house from Santa. Like the one that has three stories and is three feet tall (like the one I always wanted and never got, only better). But whatever, I wasn’t going to be jealous.

Until we started opening presents.

And she got this:

And then this:

And I told her that she better clear her schedule for the next week because I’m coming over every day to play Barbies with her.

But I couldn’t wait, and we broke out the jeep and took Ken and Barbie on a beach date immediately.

Andrew’s nephew Sam got a pretty cool remote-controlled car that was nearly as big as him.

It was surprisingly fast. The cat was not a fan.

The cat is not a fan of anything though. I’m surprised he let me get close enough to take this pic, because he is usually trying to bite my face off. And I am the Cat Whisperer! Rude.

After the present-opening, some break dancing took place on a giant piano.

Sam has serious moves.

New toys were played with…

By the big kids.

And some picture-taking went down.

(The ladies of Andrew’s fam. I am the giant. Also, I had a belt on that shirt to break it up a bit, but I took it off in preparation for face-stuffing.)

And then we sat down to dinner.

I love how the three girls are all looking nice for the camera and the boys are all cramming food into their faces.

Once again a giant plate filled with Christmas dinner goods for me. The only difference from Christmas Eve really was Andreezy’s grandma’s amazing sausage stuffing! And her famous Christmas trifle.

Which includes sponge cake soaked in sherry, berries, and whipped cream.

After a couple more hours of getting festive, Andy-pants and I once again waddled ourselves home. And today was spend in my jim-jams watching movies (Christmas Vacation YES!) and reading. I was thinking about going for a run, but leisuring in my pajamas won out. I will be hitting the gym hard tomorrow, I am feeling very blarg.

Worth it though, so worth it. It was a great Christmas :).

Now a question: Is it better to eat all of your candy all at once and get it over with or spread it out over a week or so?

Lucky for me I am a sucker for homemade treats, so I don’t think staying away will be too much of a prob. But I do have a ton of shortbread cookies left…

I hope you all had a great Christmas with your family if you were celebrating this weekend!


25 responses to “Good ol’ Festive Times

  1. I have no idea how to tackle the candy… we got so much and it’s just sitting there, waiting to be eaten. I kind of DO want to just eat it all now and get sick, and have it overwith. haha. But then there are all the leftovers… : )

  2. Tweety is so damn cute. I love long-haired white cats!!
    And yeah, definitely take off the belt for operation face-stuffing. I remember I once lend my belt to my friend, and she didn’t took it off when we went to eat at a chinese restaurant…when she gave it back to me, it was broken from being too tight.
    Are those pretzels crisps that I see on the pic with the cheese ball? I love those things!
    Andy-pants will get over it. Go hit the gym now! 🙂

  3. Ah, so many parties! It looks like you had such a great time. JP and I were on our own this Christmas, but we still managed to eat a ridiculous amount of food and have a really fun – if somewhat quieter – Christmas.

    And of course you stayed in your jammies all day yesterday. December 26th is Sloth Day, to be celebrated with pyjamas, movies and cookies. And then December 27th marks the beginning of the “fit into those pants again” season. I’m definitely feeling a bit sluggish today!

  4. It looks like you had lots of fun. Tweety is just awesome. I’m not brave enough to attempt clothes on sc cat. That Toblerone cheesecake thing is the sickest thing I’ve ever heard and I am so jealous!
    I’m also jealous of your chance to play with barbie toys…I would totally try to take over in that situation!

  5. Looks like you had a great time! 🙂
    I cant believe Christmas is already went by so fast!

  6. So many good pictures – looks like a fun time. And yes, that cat is super ginormous! At least he’s also super handsome. 🙂

    My pants agree with your pants. I was actually wishing today that I had worn a stretchy pair today. Why can’t I just wear sweats to work?!?

  7. I ate so much too. So much I could barely drink and really, we know there’s something wrong when I don’t want to drink.
    I’m a fan of eating it all and getting it out of the house. Or, bring it to work and leave it in the break room. Make OTHER people’s pants hate them.

  8. great pictures! I am STILL eating too much. It’s bad… really bad.

    Montreal? Meh. Go CANUCKS GO!

  9. looks like you had such a fun holiday! what in gods name is a hambun? i kind of want one….along with that barbie jeep!

  10. Wow, that looks like such a fun time! I would have been that girl hanging by the cheese ball all night, no matter how full I am that’s something I can never refuse!

    I like Cameron’s dads style 🙂

  11. Tweety is adorable as Santa!! lol, I love that you played Barbies with Caitlyn. I probably would have, too 😛 And the food…omg, I know! There has been SO MUCH FOOD!! I love Christmas 😀 Glad you had a good one!

  12. Aw it sounds like you had an awesome Christmas! I love that pic of the cat dressed up as santa haha…my kitty would never let me put clothes on her! And I would probably want to eat all of my candy at once but more likely I’d spread it out so that I could continue to enjoy it for as long as possible 🙂

  13. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas!!

    I think a true sign of a good holiday is how hard it is to button your pants afterwards 🙂

  14. Hahah I would so use that as an excuse to play with barbies! My family doesn’t have any young girls in it and Adam’s family all have baby boys now. 😦
    It looks like you had a great Christmas!
    And coming from a self-diagnosed candy addict, it’s better for me to keep my candy all in one place and trust myself to only take two small handfuls a day. Sometimes, that’s right in the morning though haha.

  15. Hey, my pants had that conversation with me too! I love turkey dinner so much and look forward to it twice a year. I ate SO much turkey. So awesome. Looks like you had a packed Christmas. We have now started a Christmas brunch tradition where we make breakfast at home. It’s perfect because you can eat lots and then are full until dinner, where you can eat lots again. I can’t believe how lucky Andrew’s niece is! I have to say I’m a little jealous.

    • I do too! I love turkey so much!
      We did have a very busy Chrimbo. When I have my own little fam I definitely want to do the Christmas morning at home tradition, followed by a good brunch!
      I would have killed for all those barbie presents when I was her age 🙂

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