Switching It Up, Mexican Style

Since I have been mostly eating leftover turkey, ham, and stuffing for the last few days, when my friend Lisa (my Running Date date) asked me yesterday if I wanted to hit up a new Mexican restaurant in her Toronto neighbourhood, I was immediately down. I needed some new flavours in my life.

The restaurant was called Guacamole and was located on St. Clair West.

(pic from their Facebook page)

I love Mexican food, and I make it often for dinner, but for some reason I rarely go out for Mexican. This definitely needs to change. Our lunch was amazing!

We started with complimentary homemade tortilla chips (which were still warm), guacamole and salsa.

We demolished the chips in minutes, and were immediately brought a second round. That guacamole was really garlicky, and really good.

The menu was very informative.

We loved that they included the Wikipedia definition of a taco on their menu, in case anyone is unsure. Very helpful. And do you hear that McDonalds and Tim Hortons (Hourtons)? You are selling tacos!

I ended up ordering the chicken enchiladas, which came with rice and black beans on the side.

Holy mother of all things delicious, those were good. A huge portion for lunch (that would be my only complaint about this place – no lunch menu), and I had planned on packing half of my plate up and saving it for later, but nope. I ate it all. So good.

Lisa ordered the tilapia, which I had a bite of. It was also delicious.

We were really impressed with this place. I’d totally go again. Our server was pretty awesome also.

What is your favourite ethnic food?

I don’t know if I can decide. I really love Japanese, Thai, and Mexican. Oh, and Greek. And Italian!


37 responses to “Switching It Up, Mexican Style

  1. See? That’s what Mexican food does to you. You get served a gigantic burrito, are sure you could never eat the whole thing, and lo and behold, you do. You are welcome, tight pants.
    My fave food is definitely thai. I love me some curry chicken and tom kha gai. Loooove.
    Oh, and I do appreciate the taco definition. My aunt (who lives in Winnipeg, by the way. Hmmm.) did not know what a fajita was and I had to explain to her the different between that and a burrito. Oy!

  2. I really love Greek food. I don’t know what it is, but I love the flavors so much. Lemon, garlic, and feta? Excuse me? Can I just eat you every day?

  3. Yep. Soooo much food at Mexican restaurants. But by the time you pass the halfway mark, you’re like, “Well, this isn’t really enough to take home…” And so you just finish it. And like Paula said, tight pants.

  4. Omg, Mexican is high up there for my favourite ethnic foods! I think it goes sushi (Japanese), Mexican, Indian, and others after. Toronto has the best restaurants, too. Also, I always plan to eat “just half” of my meal…never happens 😀
    I lol’d at the menu description of tacos from Wikipedia. So good. I love the bad grammar mixed with the spelling mistakes. Way to sell tacos 😛

  5. That menu was golden. I loved the other dish that said “oh, and if your server forgets to bring them, make sure to ask for your tortilla wraps!” Hahaha. We gotta go back for sure. Had fun with you!

  6. Hahaha, I love the wikipedia quote as well. They are a lot nicer about it because if someone asked me what a taco was, I think I would have to throw one at their head for asking (or perhaps a burrito or chimichanga would be better?)

    Pegging what my fave ethnic food is tough for me. However if it came down to the wire I would have to say Japanese with Mexican and Thai coming in right behind that. Anyways, I was just thinking today how I really want to go to Canada since I’ve only been once and I think with food like that, you just sealed the deal. Ole!

  7. I LOVE Mexican food as well as Korean food (thanks to living there for a few years).

  8. I haven’t had really good Mexican food in ages. There’s nothing quite like fresh chips and guacamole! re: Tim Hourton’s, I wonder if the writer was american and was trying to be culturally sensitive by using a Canadian spelling. Ha!

    My favourite ethnic cuisines are probably Thai, Indian and Szechuan (except that sometime that last one makes my face numb). I’m still a bit shell-shocked that we moved from Toronto to a little village where the only “ethnic” restaurant serves eggrolls and chicken balls. We’re going to Toronto next week and I wil EAT and EAT and EAT! 🙂

  9. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I’ve gotta say that Mexican is my favorite cuisine to eat. Once I get settled in with a pile of corn chips + salsa, a food baby is inevitable. And that’s even before I get my meal!

    Haha and I love that they included a taco definition in the menu. You should bring that over to McDonalds and fill them in

  10. I probably would have eaten it all too. Those enchiladas look amazing!

  11. Ha wow that is quite an informative menu! Thank you Wikipedia, you make my life so much better 🙂 I kind of in love with your description of enjoying the enchiladas… “holy mother of all things delicious” made me quite literally LOL 😉
    Mexican used to be my favorite when I was younger and I always got the sameeee thing- a taco salad bowl. I LOVED the fried bowl (screw the other stuff in there, well save the cheese actually) and would dip it’s friend deliciousness in guacamole, more cheese, sour cream, etc.
    Now I really enjoy Japanese… aka sushi! I have been trying so many different kinds these last few years and just yum, love em all!

  12. Italian of course! I also love Greek and Mexican!

  13. I’ll say Chinese, but I pretty much like all kinds of food, except maybe Indian. (but I do love the skanopita or whatever this fried pastry with cheese and spinach inside is spelled)
    You live near Toronto?? I went there this summer and OMG, the best restaurants are all here! My recommendations:
    -At Kingston’s market (a hippie town, near Chinatown): King’s Cafe, a vegan place. So good.
    -Starwalk buffet, a chinese buffet where you have illimited amount of sushis and GOOD chinese food! Not americanized. If you go there on friday, it’s Lady Day, so you get a discount.

  14. OH I can not decide what my favorite ethical food is. I love italian, my boyfriend is Italian and his family makes the most delicious meals. Japanese (well sushi) is a new favorite of mine. I never used to like it, the seaweed freaked me out, but I eventually tried a California roll and liked it, and now I am getting more adventurous and curious and trying new rolls.
    I also love thai food! Anything curry and I am happy!
    I think what it comes down to is I just love food!

  15. It’s basically whatever I’m in the mood for, but Indian, Chinese, and Mexican top my favorite ethnic food list..and Mideastern is also yummy.
    My Mexican food experience always begins with me saying I’m not going to load up on tortilla chips and salsa…and I fail at this every time!

  16. Mexican food is BOMB. Both of those lunches look delish!

  17. I think Mexican is my fave. Perhaps I’ll have to check out this place if I’m ever in the area. There’s a pretty good place on Danforth near Pape if you are ever around there too.

  18. I love that the restaurant used Wikipedia in their menu; I mean, Wikipedia does know EVERYTHING.

  19. Those enchiladas look dangerously delicious. I would not have been able to control myself. Mexican food is pretty ridiculous. I’ve never met a taco I didn’t like. ….. there’s a dirty joke in there somewhere I think.
    The menu makes me have a grammar shame attack though.
    I’d have to say my favourite ethnic foods are Japanese, Greek and Thai.

  20. the green stuff is green salsa not guacamole
    (unless you didnt include a pic of the guac)

  21. I love mexican food. This post makes me hungry haha

  22. I love Mexican food and I definitely don’t go out for Mexican enough. I make lots at home too. That is so hard…probably…I don’t know, Japanese, Greek, Thai or Mexican. I love French but never go out for it.

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