Dexter the Cat’s Big Adventure

If you have a cat, you probably know what I’m talking about when I say cats are very sneaky. I love cats, but they are weird, I will just say.

I have two kitty cats, Winnie and Dexter, who are the best of friends.

But they are very different. Winnie, being 17, is much more lazy now than she is sneaky, and cuddling is her favourite thing in the world.

And her second most favourite thing in the world is probably the Alpine Scratcher.

She loves it a lot.

But at 5 years old, Dexter is still a young kitty and in his crazy and sneaky prime. He does not enjoy cuddling. He enjoys sleeping alone in the dark on the cold floor (preferably cement), and his favourite thing in the world is closets. He is always sneaking into dark spaces. If I open any door in our house that isn’t usually open (closets, storage room, furnace room, etc), Dexter is in there immediately checking it out.

Last night when I went into our usually closed office to grab a DVD, I should have known Dexter was right behind me. I should have known he was going to be all “OMG! I haven’t been in this room for weeks! What is new in here?!”

But I didn’t see him.

And when I left the room with my DVD and shut the door behind me, I didn’t notice that Dexter was in there. I also didn’t notice that Dexter was missing all evening, and neither did Andrew.

If you have dogs, you may think that’s weird. But cats are not all up in your grill all the time the way that dogs are. If Winnie was missing, I would notice pretty quickly because she is constantly around me trying to squeeze in some cuddle action.

But not Dexter. He is usually off somewhere by himself being all sneaky and secretive anyway. If he is around at bedtime I will say goodnight to him, but if not, no big D. He’s probably off being weird somewhere.

This morning I headed straight to the gym after I woke up, so I again did not notice that Dexter wasn’t around. When I got back, Ando and I were hangjng out upstairs and we started to hear a faint meowing. We looked around a bit, calling the kitties’ names, and then realized it was coming from the office downstairs. We discovered Dexter in there. He had been locked in the office for about 12 hours :(.

He was pissed when we let him out.

He was physically fine, and did not have any accidents despite being in the room without a litter box, but his meows sounded a lot more bitchy and whiny than usual, and he ignored us for a good hour afterwards.

We felt so terrible. He must have been so scared. We gave him a treat to try to make it up to him (he is back to his elusive and sneaky self now).

We noticed that he did attempt an escape. He tried to dig himself out through the door to the bathroom.

No dice for Dexy. Poor sneaky kitty. I’ll forgive him for ripping up the carpet.

Annnnd, this marks the second time I have locked a cat in a small space for a prolonged period of time, as you may remember I once accidentally locked my friend’s cat in a suitcase for three days.

Please don’t think I am a horrible person. Cats are just sneaky!

What is the worst thing you have accidentally done to your pet?

This is probably it for me. The suitcase trumps this, but that wasn’t my own pet (not that that is any better).


31 responses to “Dexter the Cat’s Big Adventure

  1. Your cats are adorable. We have locked our cats in the closet for long periods of time and they dug the carpet up too. But of course I can never be mad about the carpet because I’m the one that locked them in there. We have also accidentally locked them out of the laundry room which is where the litter box is. One cat was fine but one cat found somewhere else to do his business. Oops!

  2. One time I accidentally rolled my dogs head up in the car window. I know, it was a freak accident and he is fine, but he is very cautious of car windows now!!

  3. Aw your cats are so cute. I have 3, but have never done anything too crazy to any of them.

  4. Awww poor Dexter. He’s so cute! My mom locks her kitty in closets all the time because she always forgets to check for him haha. I wish that my kitten Zoey would get along with my cat at home right now. She’s so scared of him! So scared in fact that today the other cat got in my room and chased her and she pooped on the floor because of it…poor baby. I don’t know what to do about it!

    • I have some tips for you! I’ll write them on your blog though since I don’t know if you will actually see this. Hm…I guess I am writing this for no one. But if you do read it, don’t worry! That is normal for cats when they are first introduced.

  5. I do a periodic ‘cat count’ to figure out where they are.

  6. OMG! The poor cat. Dexter and my cat Bradley could be brothers. And by that mean they don’t like to cuddle. If I don’t see a cat (we have 3) I get worried. A lot. But we have locked cats in the spare rooms…

  7. I love your captions. Many bloggers do this but yours are actually funny :p
    I noticed that kittens don’t really like/hate to cuddle, but as they grow older they like it.
    My teacher once thought her cat died, and put it in the garbage bag.
    Well, the cat wasn’t dead. I don’t know how long he was in it, but my teacher was like ”thank god the garbage men were late!”.
    Poor Charlie, I can’t imagine being in a suitcase for 3 days :O. What about oxygen???

    • Hey thanks 🙂
      That is true about kittens. Winnie is a freak of nature though, and has loved to cuddle since birth. I’ve never known another kitty like her.
      Annnnd the story about your teacher and her cat just made me feel a lot better about locking Dexter in a room for a day. And even the suitcase! I don’t know about the oxygen thing, I was just thinking the same thing about the garbage bag. I was VERY lucky he was fine!

  8. LOL!! Your captions 😛 poor kitties. I had to read about Charlie in the suitcase, too. At least they’re okay now, haha. Things like that happened to the best of us, and I’m sure Dexter knows you love him 🙂 Charlie seemed pretty chill about it, too. Cats don’t seem to hold grudges. I just about died when I saw Winnie on the alpine scratcher! So cute.
    Mowzers is a lot like Dexter, though she is a big snuggler. She’s almost 8, though, so maybe that’s why she has an in-between personality? I can’t open doors or cupboards without her trying to sneak through them 😛
    I can’t think at the moment of anything I’ve done accidentally to her, but I’m positive there have been times. I mostly remember the “omg, I’m so sorry, Mowzers!” moments. I’ve stepped on her paws and tails by accident 😦 I always feel so bad.

    • Char you leave the best comments on my blog! And I love that your cat’s name is Mowzers!
      Cats are funny, Winnie has been a snuggler since she was a little kitty, but Dexter has always been a little skittish and doesn’t like to be picked up. He does like to be pet, and snuggled if he is laying down on his own, but as soon as you pick him up he’s outta there!
      And yeah, who hasn’t stepped on their own cat…

  9. Bahaha awwwwww.
    The second last picture of melodramatic Dexter killed me.
    Poor kitty 😦
    The only cat I had was named Dorfy (lol) and she was the biggest bitch on the planet. She’d jump and claw my face if I even walked past her. I could have done with locking her in a room, but Dexter is so cute and nonchalant. I bet he was super pissed. You have to make it up with treats or catnip bubbles or something. 😀

  10. HAHAHA poor dexter.
    i love the suitcase story too!
    The worst thing I have done? one time torrance sat down on the couch and sort of sat on konas tail and she yelped a little so he hopped up a little and tried to sit again and she yelped worse. he had sat on her tail while it was sort of sticking up and it has a permanent kink.. been there for years now. poor thing.

  11. Poor Dexy! He probably got hungry!
    I’ve accidentally shut my guy in closets! He starts pawing at the door though! I also have to be careful because he likes to stick his paws into the hinge side of the fridge door when I open it! They’re so attracted to not good things!

  12. last weekend my Mom accidentally locked our Johnny cat in a closet for 2 hours!! he is a loud talker though, so we heard him after a bit! they are sneaky!

  13. Poor Dexter. I accidentally cut the quick of my guinea pigs nails once when I was giving him a manicure. He squealed so loud. I felt so bad. RIP Rick the guinea pig.
    Disclaimer: Guinea pig did not die from me cutting his nails.

  14. One of our cats got locked in my bedroom all day once and when I came home and opened the door she just flew out and kept running. I did later find a poo under my sneakers. I can’t believe that she dragged that shoe up on top of her poo to hide it. She was also a sneaky cat that like to hide in cupboards.

    Thanks again so much for the running post, I loved it and it really has helped me 🙂 I have added it to my favourite posts list so I can find it anytime I need it.

    Your personalised “princess” ginger bread cookie cracked me up, that is so sweet of your boss to do that for everyone. Maybe you could make a special cookie for him with alligator arms? How did your door competition go?

    I would like to wish you, Andy, Dexter and Miss Winnie a very happy new year. I have loved sharing your life with you so much. You always, always brighten my day with all your shenanigans and I can’t wait to follow along in the new year for many more adventures – I like to call them Lindsey Laughs!

    Happy New Year, I hope you have a great one xx

    • Thank you so much for your comment Jane! It is awesome, as always.
      I am definitely getting him an Alligator Arms gingerbread cookie next year, that is a great idea.
      See my next post for information re: the door decorating.

      I hope you and your family have a very happy New Year as well!!! I love that you call them Lindsey laughs! haha

  15. So, my cat id really sneaky but I’ve been lucky and have always been able to spot her before shutting her into someplace she shouldn’t be (closet, bathroom, dishwasher).

    However, she is also sort of uncoordinated, and sometimes instead of trying to prevent her accidents I’ll just sort of…let it happen (provided they are not dangerous obviously). For example, a couple of weeks ago while my husband and I were wrapping presents she managed to get inside of a plastic Target bag we’d left on the table. Apparently she couldn’t figure out that in order to remove herself fro the bag she only needed to turn around and walk out the way she had come in. Instead she just turned the bag itself into a moving object and started wandering aimlessly around the table, completely blind and lacking spacial awareness.

    I’d like to say it was just too late to stop her when I saw her walking dangerously close to the edge… but if I’m being honest, I totally saw it coming and did nothing to prevent her from going straight of the end of the table, plastic bag and all.

    I felt bad and made sure to give her lots of love, but she didn’t really seem fazed. Plus Ben and I both laughed until we cried.

  16. This totally happened to me once, except I locked the cat in my bedroom. It was about 3 months after I first got him so I wasn’t letting him in EVERY room of the house yet. Seven hours later, I came home, and he wasn’t on top of the fridge as per usual (he used to hop up there when the garage door opened). I went upstairs, opened the door to my room, and he was sitting there staring at me. No accidents at all, thankfully.

    He also has this tendency to assume windows are open when I pull the curtain back to look outside, so he’s bashed his head into my living room window a few times trying to jump into it while it’s still closed. I never mean for him to do it, but I can’t open the window without pulling the curtain back, so it’s KINDA both accidental and on purpose? Either way, it’s sort of hilarious.

  17. Man! I am so behind on reading your blog and commenting. Sorry duder. Oh kitties and their sneakiness. Marbles is always being sneaky. She especially loves Hudson’s room. She really likes to go in there when he is sleeping. She was once locked in there for an entire hour of Hudson’s nap and she didn’t even meow it get out. Weird cat. The worst thing I have done to Marbles was make her wear the cone of shame for a week after she was declawed.

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